3 Chapter III: Options Galore

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"Woah," Nathan muttered in amazement as he stared at the options before him. "I can choose from any of these without a catch?! I'm not going crazy, am I?"

There were just so many.


[Combined Synergies: All powers and perks at the very least stack, for example multiple sources of enhanced strength such as from the Supersoldier and Spiderman powers don't result in diminishing returns but at minimum add on top. Special synergies and interactions with output compounding, multiplicative, growth-accelerating, and or weakness-removing effects are also possible. This is most often seen in powers that are both rooted in the same source (serums/injections, the soul, martial arts, mana, ki etc), function (spell casting, crafting, manipulating a unique energy/matter etc), or end effect (superstrength and enhanced body density, future sight and true sight, etc).]


[Body Powers - You gain the unique genetics/procedure/condition of your chosen powers listed below. Depending on the power, your abilities may or may not grow with time, study, practice, conflict, etc. Your power cannot be reproduced, reverse engineered, or copied, as others will lack the unique kaleidoscopic connection you have and also be unable to sense or affect this connection, let alone replicate it. Powers that are explicitly reliant on forces that are not present in worlds you journey to still work regularly, but will be somewhat susceptible to associated external influence. If you don't recognize a power, and or the description isn't enough, then feel free to gain more context on what the power can or cannot do by asking.]


Local Destination Powers | -2 points | Lesser |

This power gives you the guaranteed ability to develop in-universe powers, whether its magic, ki, or the local brand of superpower. That's it though. You will start from zero, having to use in universe techniques to gain and train your power. And while this gives you whatever you need to be able to use those in universe powers, you'll be limited to the average strength of these powers. The powers you develop will not be affected by any protections you have, but will become protected when you leave the world. You can also teach what you've gained to others in other worlds like a Discipline Power, given it can be taught. Mastery Meditation or Supply Drops purchased for this power will instead affect the first power developed/learned.

Without this power, it is pure chance that you can develop a power from the world you go to.

-3 | you become proficient in the local power system, equivalent to someone who has trained in it for 5 years, along with the knowledge of how to efficiently grow your power, if possible. If there are multiple local powers, or if the powers have specialties / individual in nature, choose one when purchasing this. The chosen power can't be stronger than other lesser powers to start out with.

[Greater] -4 | your powers now have the potential to be among some of the best in the world, maybe the best. The previous option is also expanded so that it can equal to greater powers in starting strength.


Super Soldier Serum | Marvel | -2 points | Lesser |

You become a super soldier similar to Steve Rogers having undergone the Erskine Procedure, giving you an enhanced body and mind surpassing the perfected peak of your species, practically making you superhuman. The procedure cures any previous ailments you had and causes your physical appearance to be changed into the best possible version of yourself with an olympian physique fit for every sport. This lets you process information at blinding speeds, grants you an accelerated learning aptitude, enhances your reflexes, enhances metabolism, grants perfect resistance to toxins and pathogens, increases muscle and bone density, maximizes healing, alters your biology, and augments the effects of dopamine, testosterone, adrenaline, and various other endorphins and hormones to beyond the peak of human efficiency in order to further amplify physical and mental performance. You have no recovery period, meaning you can exert yourself at peak performance for hours without fatiguing. Altogether, you are capable of tossing large trees over your head, outpacing vehicles, running down motorbikes on foot, and more. The serum will not have any negative effects on your mind.


Spider Physiology | Spider-Man (Marvel) | -3 points | Lesser |

You gain the proportionate powers of a spider, including numerous mutagenic enhancements, such as their proportionate physical prowess, spider-sense, and wall-crawling. This grants superhuman strength, speed, durability, reflexes, agility, stamina, equilibrium, immune system, and healing. You now possess a set of enhanced and newfound senses that are so sharp and coordinate so well that they are effectively a precognitive danger sense which warns you of potential or immediate danger by the manifestation of a tingling sensation in the back of your skull, and links with your superhuman kinesthetics, enabling you to evade most any attack or accident. You can also stick to objects by controlling the flux of electrostatic force between molecular boundary layers with an upper limit of several tons per finger.

-1 | a pair of new spider traits like electro-shock and camouflage, or claws and organic webbing.

-1 | for innate science skill and understanding in regards to webbing, web-shooters, etc.


Heart Shaped Herb | Marvel | -2 points | Lesser |

You have consumed the vibranium-irradiated plant known as the Heart-shaped herb. Granting strength, agility, resilience, and endurance on par with other kinds of super soldiers, but uniquely granting vastly heightened awareness, coordination, reflexes, and balance far beyond Olympic athletes, gaining natural athletic instincts and reactions similar to the innate grace of a feline to, for example, always land on your feet. You can effortlessly lift a person with one hand, outrun a sprinting zebra, or survive most mundane explosions with minor injuries. Under special circumstances, you can commune with the astral plane and thereby the dead.

-1 | for the black panther suit, the Panther Habit, composed of vibranium that can absorb and release kinetic energy and can be retracted into a necklace.


Radioactively Enhanced Physiology and Daredevil Senses | Marvel | -2 points | Lesser |

Similar to the accident Matt Murdock experienced, your non-sight senses have been enhanced to superhuman levels. Granting you detailed sonar-like perception in a wide range and making you extremely alert to danger, nearly rivaling spider-man. Your hearing is now sharper than a bat, allowing you to detect lies, use echolocation, and clearly hear conversations, heartbeats, and breaths multiple meters away. Your smell can perfectly diagnose things like lung cancer, or track someone based on the smell of their blood. Your taste can detect traces of poisonous elements in the air. Your touch can feel the presence of those around you through vibrations, electroreception, temperature variation, and miniscule changes in air currents or density. Your physical prowess affected by your senses is also enhanced, such as granting superhuman reflexes, balance, direction, equilibrium, coordination, dexterity, and agility, resulting in high levels of acrobatic and gymnastic ability.

Actual Blindness is optional.


Burnstein Treatment | Marvel | -3 points | Lesser |

Similar to Luke Cage, you have undergone an experiment and come out with heightened physical prowess comparable to a supersoldier and truly superhuman strength and durability far beyond human physiology. You have extremely durable bulletproof skin, and to a slightly lesser extent, overall anatomy, allowing you to remain unharmed after a point-blank explosion from an M67 grenade, an entire building falling on you, falling from a height of ninety stories high, extreme temperatures and electrical shocks, and destructive energy attacks. Your skin has a tensile strength comparable to carbyne. Your strength allows you to, with little effort, lift and throw large bulldozers, carry trucks across multiple city blocks, punch through barriers as thick as 4-inch steel plates, break guns in your hands, and create thunderclaps. Your other traits are also enhanced to beyond human limits like a supersoldier, with enhanced speed, agility, jump height, stamina, reflexes and a healing factor that can heal internal injuries such as lethal brain damage in a few hours.


Pyrokinetic | Fire Force | -3 points | Lesser |

You become a Third Generation pyrokinetic, awakening the ability to generate flames, and use them in a unique way; while also sporting higher physical capabilities, being more resilient to damage, and a natural immunity to flames and being burned. However, unlike Second Generation pyrokinetics, you cannot manipulate already existing flames. An Ignition Ability is the unique way in which you use your ability to create flames, such as by generating flames from certain body parts, utilizing your flames in conjunction with a certain type of object, and/or utilizing special variants of fire.

Ignition Abilities partially fuel their abilities from the oxygen in the user's body. Once considerably used, you cannot use your Ignition Abilities until you've regathered more. When you overexert your Ignition Ability, it can cause overheating, being out of breath, and severe dehydration. On purchase, you gain an ignition ability of your own and the other pyrokinetic physical boosts.

-1 | you are both a third and second generation pyrokinetic.

-1 | for additional pyrokinetic skills such as Arthur's plasma blade, or heat induced magnetism. If you purchased both generations, then you can purchase skills like trajectory control.


Ajin | Ajin | -3 points | Lesser |

You become an Ajin, as such you generate endless IBM (Invisible Black Matter) within you, making you effectively immortal as upon death it rapidly replaces lost matter, tissue, and nutrients while reforming your body and mind and erasing any obstructions. You are unable to die under any circumstances, including being completely crushed, decapitated, or even due to malnutrition. An Ajin's body will always return to its original state, no matter the situation.

An Ajin's wounds begin healing immediately after a revival and it only takes a few seconds. However, they only begin to heal after dying, or "resetting", otherwise their injuries will not heal immediately and will only heal at a natural rate. An Ajin uses the largest piece of flesh as a base and collects the smaller pieces for regeneration; pieces that are too far away are not collected, but replaced. Ajin can also use a paralyzing scream that seizes the nervous system, paralyzing everyone in their immediate vicinity. On purchase, you gain the traits of an Ajin. For another point, you have a Black Ghost.

-1 | for a Black Ghost you can customize.


Conduit Gene | InFamous | -3 points | Lesser |

You become a "prime conduit", a sub-species of humans who possess superhuman abilities afforded to them by the presence of the "Conduit Gene". Conduit abilities provided by this are the elemental variant, which come in the form of the manipulation of certain forms of energy or matter such as electricity, ice, napalm, smoke, neon, concrete, glass, acid, vines, vibrations, etc. A given conduit power can be applied with extreme versatility in regards to its given element/ energy/matter, such as absorbing it, releasing it, controlling it, sensing it, becoming it, etc. Over time, you can develop more and more ingenious applications of your abilities. This is accelerated by active conflict similar to discipline powers.

Aside from the unique superhuman abilities granted, as a byproduct of the protein compound it releases throughout its host's body, prime conduits have an additional set of abilities as part of the molecular restructuring process they undergo. You have enhanced strength, speed, agility, durability, endurance, a healing factor, and basic contact limited particle charge manipulation to perform greater physical feats than the super soldier option. Some other possible enhancements include enhanced senses, or other physical and mental enhancements, depending on the given conduit.

-1 | one additional 'element'. Only one element at a time. Switch elements by absorbing energy from the relevant power source. For example, if you have napalm active but want to use concrete, you must absorb concrete to replace it.


Divine Visual Organs | Kekkai Sensen | -4 points | Lesser |

You gain a set of Divine Visual Organs, known as the All-Seeing Eyes of the Gods. You can see the 'The Truth' of the world, therefore you cannot be fooled by any kind of visual illusion, slight altering effect, disguise, stealth, or transformation, even if they are magical in origin or otherwise. You can see the 'auras of any being, to learn the true name of a being, track them, or assess their condition. You gain beyond exceptional eyesight, allowing you to see a person from great distances with perfect detail, lice on a baby's head, and fast movements normally impossible for human eyes to follow.

Other abilities you can develop include total control over the vision of those around you, despite the targets having no actual visual organs, including mechanical ones, like cameras; seeing what others are seeing, and witnessing past events that they have seen; switching the field of vision of two individuals, and creating powerful hallucinations/visual illusions, or causing an overload of information damaging the eyes of others. There might be other abilities for you to discover and develop, like x-ray vision or future sight. Overusing the Eyes' abilities will damage them, making them temporarily lose their abilities from the overheat and eventually crack. However, if left unused, the eyes will repair themselves. Over time, the limit will increase. On purchase, either you are implanted with these eyes or your current eyes gain their traits.


Shard Power | Worm & Ward | -3 points | Lesser |

You gain a corona pollentia, and a shard, as such you are a parahuman. You can select any 'average' canon parahuman powerset from a natural non 'aberrant' (No Ashbeast, Sleeper, Butcher etc) trigger that has not been second triggered. Examples include Laserdream for Blasters, Aegis for Brutes, and Techton for Tinkers. You also have none of the mental disadvantages parahumans usually suffer, lastly your shard has never-ending energy, but only within the limits of the original powerset.

Once bought, these powers cannot be changed and can only grow stronger within the parameters of the shard acknowledging its host in conflict and therefore easing restrictions, but this has a limit. If World-strider or higher you can use your singular greater power and for -3 you can either select a dead shard such as Path to Victory or Eidolon, alternatively for -3 you can select second triggered powers like Glastig Uaine. The only exception is Skitter's bug control and enhanced multitasking that you can purchase with the base option of -3 points.

[Greater] -3 | you can select eden shards, 'aberrant' triggers, or second trigger power sets.

[Greater] -3 | to "jailbreak" or second trigger a powerset modifying it or making it more powerful or remove the Tinker Blackbox.


EVO Nanites | Generator Rex | -3 points | Lesser |

Hyper-advanced Nanites bond with you on a molecular level, transforming you into an EVO (Exponentially Variegated Organism). You can control these nanites at will, resulting in no unwanted side effects, but they passively provide you with a healing factor that is adaptable, able to neutralize poisons, toxins, and disease. For example, restarting your heart. You can also use your nanites to communicate with, analyze, and control technology. This technopathy interfaces best on contact.

Your Nanites will not spread beyond your body, self-replicate only as needed to maintain your powers, adapt to counteract any foreign control or hacking, and will react explosively to any attempt to reverse engineer them. On purchase you have no other special nanite abilities, but with exposure to extreme physical stress and or advanced technology you can further enhance your physical capabilities eventually to superhuman strength, durability, speed, stamina, reflexes, and agility (slightly below the Super Soldier option) as well as minor resistance to various threats due to your nanites adapting you.

-1 | for the chance to develop a nanite based special ability that exhausts you physically to use, such as sonic blasts, or portal creation alternatively for the same price select Machine Manifestation like Rex Salazar.

-1 | on physical contact with a person, you can temporarily imbue your nanites to heal, revert, or optimize wounds, diseases, & mutations or fix malfunctioning biological/mechanical powers.


Symbiote | Marvel | -3 points | Lesser |

A Klyntar Symbiote is bonded to you, granting enhanced strength, speed, durability, agility, reflexes, senses, 360 degree senses, a healing factor, wall crawling, enhanced tracking, minor telepathic resistance, oxygen generation and filtration, and the ability to shapeshift into clothing a suit, tendrils, melee weapons, etc. Like all Symbiotes, yours will also boost and improve all bodily functions. There are other uses for a symbiote and it can potentially gain new powers tinder the right circumstances.

However, it has a psychological weakness of extreme noises and fire. It also needs a unique supply of food, being phenethylamine, adrenaline, and other hormones. Phenethylamine can be found in both chocolate and human brains. It will also need to consume other things, or you'll need to increase your caloric intake in order to produce the necessary biomass to create its tendrils and if it loses pieces of itself. They will never seek to leave your side or betray you, unless it is trying to protect you or you ask them to. You may choose what kind of personality your Symbiote has to best suit you or have it naturally develop based on your own.

-1 | remove weakness to extreme noise and fire.

-1 | remove the need to consume to maintain itself.

-1 | for enhanced/new traits like camouflage, Carnage's regeneration, Toxin's physical traits, or enhanced tendrils.


Devil Fruit | One Piece | -4 points | Lesser |

You have come into possession of a Devil Fruit. There can only be one of each kind, and even the weakest of powers granted are an incredible boon. There are three types that all fruits fit into, Paramecia, which are Super Powers, Zoans which are Animal Transformations, and Logias which are Elemental Body Transformations. Unfortunately, the price of eating one of these is the loss of your ability to swim as you grow weak when submerged in any body of water bigger than a bathtub and sink like a stone.

Only one may be safely consumed without instant death. With creativity, any fruit can become a massive asset and there is the rare potential to fully awaken the potential of any fruit. On purchase a random Devil Fruit will be given, and there is no special protection for the fruit like with Item powers, so it is recommended you instantly eat it. For another -1 point you can select any devil fruit of choice.

-1 | for a devil fruit of choice.

-1 | for no weakness of water or seastone.

-2 | for an instant awakening of your devil fruit.


Saiyan | Dragon Ball | -7 points | Greater |

You gain the physiology of a saiyan, including the natural affinity to utilize Ki, and martial arts. Saiyans are human-like except possessing the tail of a monkey, having innate physical prowess dozens of times a normal human, and larger appetites (at least four times). By the light of a full moon, unless the tail is cut, they transform into Great Apes. They have massive untapped power and great potential, able to rise even stronger each time they come close to death.

The power of Ki can be applied in boundless ways; basic usage allows them to fly, enhance their physical abilities, detect lifeforms, fire ki blasts, and use powerful techniques like the Kamehameha. As a saiyan, as long as you continue training, learning, experimenting, and confronting powerful opponents, your strength will never stop skyrocketing, to ridiculous levels and further beyond.

-1 | to be able to teach Ki and learn it more efficiently, similar to a discipline power.


Fanalis | Magi | -6 points | Greater |

You become a Fanalis, a tribe of hunters descended from a race of supernatural beasts, gaining their traits of natural senses and sheer physical prowess of dozens if not hundreds of times beyond that of the fittest human. With superhuman strength, speed, stamina, toughness, reflexes, and senses you can send giant monsters or whole groups of people fling with a single kick, break out of steel handcuffs with no effort, jump several stories into the air, and shatter whole cliff sides of solid rock or metal walls with your bare hands. You gain the durability to tank these feats. At your full speed, you could create shockwaves strong enough to create deep cuts on anyone close enough.

With training, you could react fast enough to dodge lightning bolts. Your sense of smell is strong enough for you to track people and detect traps by scent alone, and your touch and sight are similarly superior. You can also shout incredibly loudly to stun foes. With your superhuman senses, you can use this as a form of echolocation. You don't have the usual reduced magical capacity. The distinctive red hair and golden irises are optional.

-1 | ability to temporarily transform into the Red Lion ancestral form, giving an immense boost to Fanalis physical strength and speed, (more than five times) and harder-than-steel like skin, limited duration due to the strain.

-2 (Can be purchased repeatedly) | canon djinn metal vessel of choice.

-1 | magoi manipulation proficiency.


Half-Ghost Shift | Danny Phantom | -5 points | Greater |

You gain a unique physiology as a half-ghost, you can transform between human and ghost at will. This manifests as white rings (transformation rings) extending from your waist, then sweeping across your body. Once transformed, you can use all your ghost powers, and you can switch back to human form at will, and can still access some of your powers like weak ghost rays enhanced durability and intangibility in human form. All ghost powers draw on the user's energy reserves, akin to an Ecto-Pool. Because ghosts are basically living ectoplasm, using too much energy can end with Half-ghosts reverting back into their human selves as they pass out.

In your ghost form you have the potential for superhuman strength, durability, stamina, speed, flight, invisibility, energy blasts or waves, energy constructs, energy infused blows, possession (overshadowing), interaction with other ghosts/incorporeal entities, duplicate creation, observing and influencing dreams, breathing underwater, resisting the vacuum of space, and having a healing factor. Initially, you will have only a few of these abilities, but with time, experience, and training you can gain them all and develop more, such as cryokinesis.


Servant Power | Type-Moon | -5 points | Greater |

You gain the skills, memories, physical prowess, magical abilities, and noble phantasms of a servant, and you can even look like the chosen servant. Servants that can use thaumaturgy can do so without taking such apprentice powers, however you can't teach anyone, nor can you advance your skills. On purchase, you can select, at maximum, "above average or High-tier" servants such as King Arthur, Iskandar, and Chu Chulainn. Top tier/unique servants such as Gilgamesh, Karna, or Emiya require an additional -2 points.

-2 | for top tier/unique servants.

-3 | to be able to learn and teach thaumaturgy like a discipline power.


Exaltation | Exalted | -5 points | Greater |

You are exalted, given an exaltation of whatever flavor you favor, without the great curse and without age limits (though your essence and charm loadout are still restricted by the usual character creation rules). Choose your caste, choose your initial handful of charms, distribute your skills and attributes if those you currently have are less than what the given exalt usually gets at character creation. You will be able to respire essence in any setting you go to, but some areas (such as the Warhammer 40K Warp) may result in reduced essence gain, much like being in a shadowland.

-2 | you start out with the equivalent of 20 additional xp per times this is bought (Can be Bought Multiple Times).


Asgardian | MCU | -5 points | Greater |

You are an Aesir, gaining strength to easily bend steel, durability making most human weapons ineffective, and regenerative healing to comfortably live for a few millennia and recover from intense battle without scars in a single night's sleep. Your bones, tissue, and skin are denser than humans, and your stamina, speed, agility, reflexes, and coordination are beyond two times peak human. Gain an affinity for languages, melee weaponry, and magic. With about 1 year of training and combat experience, your physical prowess will grow to be comparable to Valkyrie, Heimdall or Sif.

-2 | you are a royal asgardian. Your physical prowess is comparable to Thor or Hela, and you have power over a single fundamental domain, such as Thunder or Dealing Death.


Speed Force Conduit | DC (Post-Crisis) | -11 points | Supreme |

You've become a conduit to an extra-dimensional source of energy known as the Speed Force, which allows you to access various abilities, most natural among them immense super-speed. You are able to move at dozens of times the speed of sound, and this speed will only grow with time and practice. The speed-force lets you easily handle the rigors of speed; you can resist high-level friction, inertia, air pressure, reduced oxygen, & kinetic impact. This can be extended to others in contact. You have the reactions and agility to keep up with that speed, even when not moving at your full speed, and those combined with your speed allow you to run over water, walls or even the ceiling. Your incredible speed allows you to heal from wounds at a much faster rate, including fully healing bullet wounds in just hours.

When using the Speed Force, you'll be able to control your own momentum, allowing you to create vacuums and tornadoes, or generate incredibly powerful blows when moving at high speeds yet also being able to stop on a dime and avoid any negative side effects of moving at the speeds that you do. This momentum control is also accompanied by control over vibrations, which allows you to disrupt the molecular stability of yourself or other things to make yourself go intangible, among other uses. The speed force also allows you to generate electricity with your speed and while it will take practice, you can learn to utilize and even weaponise this electricity generating power. When you gain enough speed, you're able to pierce through the time barrier, space barrier, & dimensional barrier. You are also protected from certain time, space, and dimensional effects and attacks, such as the consequences of time travel.


Neo Planeswalker Spark | Magic: The Gathering | -12 points | Supreme |

You become a Planeswalker, capable of interdimensional travel (within bounds of the mission) and are now capable of, and have high talent and potential in, land magic whereby you bond to certain types of land to source colors of mana that can be applied and combined for various effects (Spells, summoning creatures you have a connection with etc). These colors being Black, White, Blue, Green, and Red each coming from certain lands and aligning with certain ideals, effects, and creatures. Passively, you also gain perfect language understanding & mundane disease resistance/transmission immunity.

-5 | pre-mending Planeswalker Spark, your physical form is now a projection of will granting indefinite lifespan, near invincibility, vast shapeshifting, and instant regeneration. Perform Plane creation with intense effort. With time and research, you are capable of shaking universes and are stronger than most gods.


[Discipline Powers - You have the abilities of a beginner in one of the disciplines listed below. Your abilities increase slowly with experience, study, and practice, but using the ability to resolve problems and conflict can speed this growth. You can gain mastery of any discipline and its basic uses in roughly two decades if you study and practice while fully avoiding conflict and much sooner if you don't, or depending on the discipline.

You can teach others any discipline you know, and your abilities cannot be learned, reproduced, reverse engineered, or copied without your attention, teaching, and willingness. The time and difficulty to teach powers is roughly based on their point cost. Powers that are explicitly reliant on forces that are not present in worlds you journey to still work regularly, but will be somewhat susceptible to associated external influence. If you don't recognize a power, and or the description isn't enough, then feel free to gain more context on what the power can or cannot do by asking.]


Aura | RWBY | -2 points | Lesser |

Your "aura" is unlocked, as such you can manifest the light of your soul, your "aura" for a wide range of abilities, however the strength of an "aura" degrades with continual use. Common usage of aura is as a full-body protective shield, environmental protection, infusion into weapons, boosting striking power, enhancing physical strength and speed, minor healing, sharpened senses, activating and controlling dust, etc. The specific abilities and their strengths differ from individual to individual and are dependent on a number of factors, such as experience, training, and innate skill. Once purchased, you can develop an active power called a semblance, which is a personal expression of your soul in tangible power.

-1 | for expanded aura reserves rivalling Jaune.


The Force | Star Wars | -3 points | Lesser |

You are force-sensitive, have the mental discipline to use it, and are capable of wielding the Force for a variety of purposes through a conscious sense of it. Harness it, accessing various Force powers. Common force powers include various psychic abilities, such as telekinesis, and the ability to mind-trick, sedate, or induce sleep. Fast reflexes are the more immediate effects of Force-sensitive precognitive senses. Physical abilities include enhanced physical vitality, strength, mobility, and resilience augmented by the Force, allowing you to crush objects with your bare hands, jump great distances, levitate or survive injuries that would cripple and kill normal beings, and deflect blaster projectiles. You start at the padawan level and can improve through study and practice. No risk of the Force influencing you or events.

-1 | for a custom lightsaber.

-2 | for the sheer force talent of Anakin Skywalker.

-2 | Star Wars Legends versatility, possible techniques like Sith Alchemy, and potential raw power.


Alchemy | Fullmetal Alchemist | -2 points | Lesser |

You are capable of Alchemy, the ancient metaphysical science/mystical art of manipulating and altering matter by using natural energy. This act is known as "Transmutation" and it is limited by the laws of alchemy, which is firstly equivalent exchange. From there, one can comprehend, deconstruct, and reconstruct physical matter into different forms. There are many ways to apply alchemy, transmuting flame, ice, stone, metal, etc. If you purchase this, you gain an innate ability to comprehend chemistry, analyze materials, and learn or discover alchemical symbols and arrays. However, you require alchemical circles and arrays to transmute anything. For an additional 1 point, you can transmute with a motion like those who opened the Gate. For an additional 1 point you gain Alkhestry with the dragon's pulse.

-1 | for alchemy with only a clapping motion.

-1 | for the Dragon's Pulse and Alkhestry.


Breathing Style | Kimetsu no Yaiba | -2 points | Lesser |

Sword styles that make use of esoteric breathing techniques to allow for inhuman combat prowess, physics bending attacks, and limited self-biology control. They generally mimic a concept and replicate it with the user's techniques (5-16). Total Concentration Breathing is a technique where a user inhales the maximum amount of oxygen within a specific breath pattern to raise their physical and mental prowess to their utmost limits and even further beyond into superhuman strength and speed for a technique. (Attacks are also longer ranged shockwaves or air pressure). These techniques also allow for some focused breaths, providing minor utility like slowing circulation of poisons, clotting wounds, etc.

On purchase, you can select any style other than Breath of the Sun. You can learn total concentration: constant to maintain the enhanced combat prowess permanently, and from there you can awaken a demon slayer mark (without the lifespan deduction) and thereby access the transparent world.

-1 (Can be repeatedly purchased)| for every style after the first, including Sun breathing/Dance of the Fire God.

-1 | a physical mutation such as Tanjirou's (smell), Zenitsu (hearing), Tsuyuri (eyes), or Mitsuri (dense muscles), etc.


Haki | One Piece | -2 points | Lesser |

You gain access to a power dormant within each living individual, Haki, a power that allows the user to utilize their own spiritual energy for various purposes. It can be used to sense people's spiritual energy and thereby predict their actions among other sensory powers (Busoshoku Observation Hak), to give the user a protective and offensive coating of spiritual energy (Kenbunshoku/Armament Haki), and, for a certain group of "chosen ones", overpower the willpower of others (Haoshoku/Conqueror's Haki).

Haki can be depleted from overuse, rendering the user unable to use it for a set period while it regenerates. On purchase you receive only either armament or observation initially, however after the first purchase the other types, including Conqueror's haki, can be purchased as well for 1 point. If you gain the physical potential, you can learn the Six Powers, the Sword Styles, and other bizarre physical skills.

-1 | for every other type after the first, including Conqueror's Haki.

-2 | for the physical potential of One Piece Natives.


Nen | Hunter x Hunter | -3 points | Lesser |

You gain aura nodes which are opened, as such you can sense and see your own and other's life energy, and thereby use Nen, which is a technique that allows a living being to harness and deploy their own life energy (known as aura). It has basic and advanced techniques that can be universally learned and applied for enhanced offensive, movement, defensive, utility, and sensory purposes. You can also discover your nen type and develop a hatsu that applies your aura in a unique and powerful way based on the nen types. Nen is derived from your lifeforce and so overuse of Nen will lead to exhaustion and unconsciousness. There are many intricacies to the Nen art form. For the base purchase, you have the same amount of talent as Gon and Killua, and you start already capable of maintaining Ten. For another point you can have a guardian spirit nen beast.

-1 | for a guardian spirit nen beast.

-1 | unlocked physical potential to reach Hunter levels of speed, strength, perception, and stamina.

-2 | gain sheer aura output, reserves, & talent of Meruem


Magecraft | Type-Moon | -3 points | Lesser |

You gain 20 magic circuits, each of the highest quality (similar to Blue Blood and Touko Aozaki's). These circuits are used to control both Od and Mana, internal and external magical energy, thereby prana, allowing the use of magecraft. Also, gain a rudimentary understanding of magecraft in Reinforcement, Gradation Air, Hypnosis, and Formalcraft.

-1 (Can be repeatably purchased) | add another 30 circuits of identical quality.

-1 | for circuits on par with Aoko Aozaki in terms of extraordinary rotational speed, structural durability, quality of output, and fuel efficiency.

-1 (Can be repeatably purchased) | 'Average' specialties like Tohsaka Gem magic, etc.

-2 | for 'peak level/very unique' specialties such as alchemy, mystic eyes, runes, Wodime's astromancy, etc. or things like a family crest and or a reality marble.

[Greater] -5 | True Magic like Zeltretch's Kaleidoscope.

[Supreme] -8 | for Shiki Ryougi's Mystic Eyes of Death Perception.


PSI | Psyren | -3 points | Lesser |

Through abnormal means, your mind has had its 'limiter' removed. As such, you can utilize and see PSI and are thus a psionist. PSI is the power of one's thoughts, released when all the cells in the brain are functioning at full capacity, overtaxing their mind to actualize PSI waves that result in various abilities. There are three different types of PSI waves, with a secret fourth type. Trance gives the user access to various mind and perception-based abilities, such as mind control, scanning areas, and mind reading. Burst is the ability to control one's surroundings, shaping them at will, typically matter or energy manipulation such as telekinesis. Rise focuses on enhancing one's physical capabilities, such as strength, speed, durability, senses, reflexes, coordination and healing ability.

In environments with moderate magic or higher, all PSI abilities experience an overall quintupling of effectiveness. With the base purchase, you will easily grasp basic telekinesis, basic telepathy, and limited self-reinforcement, but from there your Psi will define itself into one or two major expressions.

-1 | for Nova, the hidden fourth type that is a temporary transformation granting immense power.


Allomancy | Mistborn | -2 points | Lesser |

You become able to use one of the Metallic Arts, called Allomancy. Allomancers may consume specific kinds of metal, "burning" it to fuel a specific effect, such as physical and mental enhancements or other abilities, depending on the type of metal burned. Allomantic metals are destroyed when burned, forcing allomancers to replenish their metals regularly. For an additional burst of power, allomancers can burn their metal quicker (or "flare"), consuming it faster but also gaining far greater benefits in return.

There are sixteen metals Allomancers can use: 8 basic metals (4 base, 4 alloys) and 8 higher metals (4 base, 4 alloys); there are also God Metals that sit outside the main 16. The metals come in four groupings of four metals: physical, mental, temporal, and Enhancement. Each of these 4 groupings has 2 base metals and their corresponding alloys. Each metal produces an "Internal" or an "External"; a "Push" or a "Pull" All these metals must be pure when ingested, while the alloys need to be mixed in specific proportions; if the metals are impure or the alloys are mixed incorrectly, the Allomancer could become ill or even die. On purchase you are a Misting who can only burn a single metal, you may choose which kind.

-2 | to be Mistborn.

-2 | to be a Ferring of a single metal, if purchased with another.

-2 | you are a Full Feruchemist.

-3 [Greater] | for Hemalurgy.


Jujutsu Sorcery | Jujutsu Kaisen | -3 points | Lesser |

You become capable of seeing cursed energy (and other forms of magic) and controlling your own cursed energy, and thereby use jujutsu sorcery. Cursed energy is the manifestation of energy from the soul released as a result of negative emotions. Harnessing it is deploying one's own negativity. You can apply cursed energy in a variety of ways, enhancing physical attacks, protecting your body from physical and mystical damage, reinforcing weapons, enhancing strength and speed, interaction with incorporeal entities, healing wounds poisons and fatigue, defending the soul, binding vows, barrier techniques, controlling simple shikigami, etc. You can sense cursed energy to detect, track, and predict magical effects and entities. Cursed energy can be depleted with use. This does not grant a cursed technique.

-1 | for cursed energy reserves comparable to Yuta.

-1 (requires previous modifier) | for cursed energy reserves comparable to Sukuna

-1| for a random cursed technique.

-2| for a cursed technique of your choice or design. If it is Limitless, you will not have the Six Eyes unless you pay an additional point.


Mystic Arts | MCU | -4 points | Lesser |

You gain skill, knowledge and proficiency in the eldritch variant of magic taught at Kamar-Taj, whereby one draws energy from other dimensions to enact magic. Your prowess is equivalent to a full disciple, such as the initial Karl Mordo or head librarian Wong. You understand the language of the Mystic Arts, and have had the experiences and training to see beyond sight and channel these energies for various spells and practices which often require physical gestures, including astral projection; energy construct whips, swords, and shields; the manipulation of the mirror dimension; using conjuration to store small handheld objects, create simple objects like umbrella stands, or call eldritch monsters; transmutation to change outfits or refill drinks and more; telekinesis to pull, push, move, disassemble and assemble objects; and pyrokinesis to create small fires.

Depending on your further study and usage of mystic artifacts and relics, you may learn and access more spells such as portal creation with a Sling Ring.

-2 | Chaos Magic similar to Wanda. Initial abilities include telekinesis, telepathy, and energy blasts, but continued practice grants a vast boost to your sheer magic output in addition to limited reality warping.


Asgardian Sorcery (Loki Variant) | MCU | -3 points | Lesser |

You gain access to the mystical practices and insight of Asgardians such as Loki, and Frigga giving you access to useful, Witch based applications of magic, primarily over external and internal illusions, disguises, decoys, stealth, mental influence, but also minor conjuration, transmutation, and telekinesis. You can generate detailed images from outside yourself, which are perceptible in the external world, possibly projected across entire rooms, usually with a gesture. You can also alter your own or someone else's physical appearance, as well as voice and clothing, in order to resemble another person or animal and or appear to be missing a hand, for example.

You can also render yourself and others unseen and unheard to whomever you want. This effect could be achieved both through holographic illusions and affecting the target's mind. You can even mask your presence from enemies with farsight capabilities like Heimdall. You can create illusory decoys of yourself, to confuse others, or communicate from afar. With close contact, you can subtly influence the minds of others, and cause them to repeat your words and thoughts as if they were his own, or form vivid visions in the target's mind. Using Conjuration you can cause objects to appear or disappear according to your will, to store weapons like daggers and even infinity stones. You can influence objects and move matter with mere gestures and focus. Though your power output can at most move normal shelves and cabinets.

-3 [Greater] | you gain the tremendous sensory capabilities of Heimdall. To, at will, see and hear multiple locations at once over universal distances. This isn't disorienting.


Tao | Hell's Paradise | -3 points | Lesser |

You awaken Tao, the life force energy that can be found in every living and non-living thing, and as such can sense it, and apply your own for various abilities. It can be manifested and used to increase a given being's various abilities, giving them powers similar to that of gods once fully mastered. Example basic abilities include enhancing physical offensive and defensive ability, perceiving one's surroundings, suppressing one's presence. More advanced abilities include telekinetically manipulating inanimate objects, creating lightning, projecting illusions, walking on air, and forming Tao into invisible projectiles or armor. More techniques can be discovered or developed.

The usage of Tao acts as a double-edge sword. Since Tao is basically the user's life force, using too much of it can cause great strain to the user's body and improper usage can cause death. On purchase, you are a beginner with only Tao sensing, and reinforcement and therein can train your usage and improve your reserves through the five training methods.

-1 | for flower Tao.

-1 | for ninjutsu physical prowess, skills, training, and techniques such as Ascetic Blaze.


Bending | Avatar: The Last Airbender | -2 points | Lesser |

You gain the innate ability to control an element, becoming a bender of either fire, air, water, or earth with the potential to master the element and access its specialized and advanced techniques. You also gain 'Chi' within your body that facilitates your abilities. Through bending, you can move, shape, and sculpt that element with your body and will. Using Bending to its fullest requires the performance of specialized martial arts and spiritual awakening. Without extreme measures, psychic bending will elude you.

-1 | for chi-blocking skill and knowledge.

-1 | for every element after the first, you can only bend a single element at once.

[Requires Purchase of All Elements] -2 | to be a Pseudo Avatar, allowing you to bend multiple elements at once and use the Avatar state.

-1 [Requires Pseudo Avatar] | for Energybending, allowing you to grant and take away bending, or impart knowledge, but this is risky to one's soul.


The instant Nathan saw the bending option and its unexpected modifiers, he lost all semblance of self-control. Before he even knew it, his screen tapped the screen seven times.

Five seconds later, he only had 15 points left, but he had no regrets. A grin of absolute thrill was plastered on his face and he had a difficult time containing his excitement.

He even let out small, maniacal giggles uncontrollably for a bit.

"Now I've really done it. Whoo. Calm down, me. Now I'm really hoping this isn't a dream." Nathan forcefully rubbed his cheeks and took multiple deep breaths in an attempt to wipe the stupid grin off his face. But even after a full minute, his smile wouldn't go away. "Holy shit. I can actually make it so that I can bend all four elements? I take back all my complaints from earlier. If this really does work, I might even stick around for a few more worlds...!"

Airbending, Firebending, Waterbending, and Earthbending, plus being able to use all four at once? In addition to being able to use the Avatar state?

He could just leave right now and he wouldn't be mad.

Ignoring all the higher tier Discipline Powers, he went back to the Body Powers screen. He wasn't familiar with some of them, like the Shard Power and Exaltation, so he just ignored those. After a small debate with himself, he selected the 'Super Soldier Serum' without the modifier. This would grant him the physical and mental enhancements while leaving him with 13 points to spend.

While the other Body Powers were awesome as well, among all of them, he thought the Super Soldier Serum was the best in terms of cost-to-benefit ratio. Enhanced physical and mental capabilities? Hell yes.

And if he was right, it might even synergise with the Bending discipline, making his max potential even better than the greatest benders he knew from the show. Hell, it might even work with some other Disciplines Powers and would definitely synergize well with other Body Powers. With all of that added up, it certainly wouldn't hurt to get.

Plus, if he did get any of the stronger Body Powers, there'd be no point in training his bending when he could just blitz everyone or ignore all incoming damage. Rather than that, he preferred having a challenge.

And if he remembered correctly, powerful humans in Avatar were actually far stronger than even the most fit and built people from his world. Aang, a pre-pubescent kid, could carry a small boulder and walk with it on his back during his earth bending training. Other characters were also durable enough to mostly shrug off getting hit by flying rocks or falling from incredible heights and also possessed fast enough reaction times where they could react to lightning bending and combustion bending. If possessing chi and the ability to bend wouldn't grant him those qualities, then he was going to really need the serum.

Still, having the potential capability of Avatar-like feats and power alone would already be enough to place him at the tippy top of the verse if he excluded spirits.

"Now, let's see what's in the last powers section."


[Item Powers - You gain the item/tool/object of power listed below, no one but you and those you allow can wield your item, if anyone not permitted attempts to use it in any capacity, it will be extremely burdensome, and they will not be able to activate any of its special properties. However, your allies will be able to lift and carry it if you so choose. External technology based items can be used by allies. At will, your item powers will reform within a week if destroyed, shattered, lost, stolen, etc. You can choose for this to not occur.

Your item cannot be reproduced, reverse engineered, or copied without your non-coerced willingness and full awareness. Powers that are explicitly reliant on forces that are not present in worlds you journey to still work regularly, but will be susceptible to associated external influence. If you don't recognize a power, and or the description isn't enough, then feel free to gain more context on what the power can or cannot do by asking.]


Sonic Screwdriver | Doctor Who | -2 points | Lesser |

You receive a sonic screwdriver, a multifunctional tool of incredible versatility in the right hands. It can effectively manipulate nearly any technology, for purposes such as computer hacking, but also as mechanisms like locks and hinges for lockpicking, hot-wire alarm systems, but not wood. It's also a Hyper-advanced supercomputer, geolocator, sensor, and scanner with medical applications that can provide detailed scans of something's molecular structure.

Additionally, it can be used to project sound to—for example—cause harm to anything particularly vulnerable to ultrasonic frequencies, detonate objects, and fry circuitry. The tool can create powerful frequencies and signals, and of course it can drive screws, turn bolts, and otherwise do almost anything a mundane tool kit could do. Comes with knowledge of how to use it. In addition, you can fit almost any sort of technology into it as a personal mod, even some that have no business being this small. Your screwdriver comes with isomorphic controls so it can only be used by you and people you give access to.

-1 | for green sonic energy stun gun and incapacitation functionality.


Portal Gun | Portal 1 & 2 | -2 points | Lesser |

You receive an Aperture Science Handheld Portal Device, aka a fully functioning portal gun. It iss a hand-held device which has the ability to manufacture two linked portals. No matter the distance between them, any object which passes through one portal will emerge from the other and vice versa instantaneously. Momentum and energy is conserved, etc. It has two triggers, each shooting a portal connected to the other one. The portals can be placed on any surface which is large enough to accommodate them, but moving objects, or certain types of surfaces, will prevent the formation of a portal.

When the ASHPD is fired, a burst of colored energy is emitted from the barrel, corresponding to the colored portal it is intended to create. Upon striking the targeted surface, a portal is formed, surrounded by a colored ring. The device can only create two portals at a time. If a third is fired, the other of its type will be automatically closed and a new link will be formed. On purchase, the portals fired by the ASHPD each have a distinct color you can choose.

-1 | for long fall boots.


Yaka Arrow | MCU | -1 point | Lesser |

You own a Yaka Arrow, aerial weapons which respond to a specific range of high-pitch sonic frequencies and thereby initiate the material's reactive behavior, with self-propelling and extremely modulated anti-gravitational technology, allowing the arrows to defy gravity and move freely through the air at great speeds while being highly durable and sharp, allowing them to pierce through most targets, including the hull of a spacecraft. Changes in the users' whistling rapidly and fluidly directs the arrow and causes it to gain both speed and momentum or suddenly stop at will. Skilled users can guide an arrow to swiftly traverse back and forth, striking multiple targets across a battlefield before they have a chance to respond, and then returning to your side. You don't require the head control attachment and can instinctually control it by whistling.


Iron Man Armor | Iron Man (MCU) | -3 points | Lesser |

You gain iron man armor, a suit which grants advanced protection capable of shrugging off tank blasts, anti-material rifle shots, and flamethrowers; provides sufficient strength to lift a ton; flight at an easy cruising speed of mach 2-3 (able to stretch to Mach 5 in bursts); a swiss army knife of ranged weapons, both lethal and nonlethal; and a fancy user interface, with a helpful Al to assist you. The cybernetic suit fluidly follows your movements without slowing you down and is powered by an arc reactor, so it won't run out of power in your lifetime unless it takes critical damage. It comes with knowledge of how to maintain and repair it, but not the materials or components required.

If you're persistent, you might be able to figure out how to upgrade it or even build more. The suit is very intuitive and it can remove itself from you or be put back on in less than twenty seconds and is equipped with a useful array of combat-situation sensors.

-2 | for the latest nanotech suit that can lift up to ten tons, has other upgraded specs, and can collapse into a chest piece or hip module.


Ant Man Suit | MCU | -3 points | Lesser |

You gain a suit with Pym particles technology, allowing its wearer to decrease or increase their scale and mass, alongside control of nearby insects. The suit allows the user to shrink themselves to approximately the size of an ant, if not smaller to potentially quantum dimensions, magnifying the user's strength and durability during shrinking. It can also grow the user to giant sizes as well, about small building sizes, this function puts a large amount of strain on the user quickly, and can't be used for long periods of time. This comes with a regenerating supply of pym particles. The user will not suffer adverse long-term health effects.


Magic Grimoire | Black Clover | -4 points | Lesser |

You receive a magic grimoire that enhances your magical potential and sensitivity, grants the ability to utilize mana of a specific attribute (fire, water, stone, wind etc), and overtime gives access to various spells which function above your normal capabilities overtime as you develop as a person, and or confront life or death circumstances. Mana is a form of energy that exists in nature and within people. It is the source of all magic. Each mage's mana possesses a certain element that they are naturally inclined/ attributed towards e.g. Wind, Sand, Blood, Lava, etc. When used to cast a spell, it changes into a certain form, e.g. Wind Healing Magic, Blood Creation Magic, etc.

When someone uses all of their mana, it could cause them severe exhaustion, or render them unconscious. Basic mana control, regardless of attribute used by most mages, is Mana Skin to unconsciously increase strength, speed, durability, magic resistance and environmental protection, this can also be actively used for more potency. Advanced forms of universal mana control are rune arrays to instruct magic or those that allow use of external mana, such as mana zone (manipulation of natural mana in an area around the user) or mana method (whereby you shape rune arrays from natural mana). On purchase you receive a grimoire attribute that is semi random and semi influenced by your personality, for -1 point you can choose the mana attribute.

-1 | for a magic attribute of choice.

-1 | for Ki sensing or an elemental spirit (Sylph, etc).

-1 | for mana comparable to Yuno or Noelle.

[Requires previous mana upgrade] -1 | for elf like mana.

[Requires previous mana upgrades] - 1 | devil like mana (Zenon levels).

-2 | for very rare/powerful magic attribute of choice, such as space, time, etc.

-3 | for Supreme Devil powers, heart, and alt-form.


Djinn Metal Vessel | Magi | -5 points | Greater |

You have a djinn (an entity of vast magical power who supports you), and a metal vessel (weapons, jewelry, accessories, etc.) to contain it, allowing you to channel a specific element by - fueling your life energy (magoi) through it, and when mastered equip the weapon and body of the djinn. The Djinn are based on the 72 demons of King Solomon's grimoire. As opposed to accessing a wide variety of magic, Metal Vessels grant, focus and amplify only one type of magic, such as fire, lightning, gravity, force, wind, portals, healing, sound, etc. Since the wielder's powers are amplified, they only have to give a little life energy.

The metal vessel can also be used to absorb the associated element not created by the metal vessel to recover lost life energy. You can perform a Djinn Weapon Equip, reshaping the vessel into the djinn's weapon, and eventually a Full Body Djinn Equip, gaining their full power in your body. When one is currently within a Full Body Djinn Equip, they are able to use an attack called Extreme Magic. Depending on the Djinn, different powerful effects occur. The vessel of the djinn is switched overtime to whatever the user is most comfortable with and keeps near them. This will happen even if the prior vessel is broken.

On purchase, select one of the following to harbor your Djinn: a basic metal weapon or accessory for free such as a dagger or hair clip, one of your other items that you brought with you from your origin world, or another item power.

-3 | for another djinn metal vessel after the first.

-1 | magoi manipulation proficiency.


Wizard Wand | Harry Potter | -3 points | Lesser |

You are a wizard/witch with a wand suited to you that allows you to cast magic. You have the skills of an average 7 years Hogwarts graduate, but you can improve similarly to a discipline power. Without your wand, you are not much better than a muggle. You can replace your wand in the right circumstance. More unique or rare forms of magic will not be usable without more study, research, and practice, and even then not all.

-2 to be on par with Dumbledore in terms of experience and power and enable wandless casting in a pinch.

-2 mastery in rare/unique/many faceted magic disciplines like legilimency, herbology, and crafting magical objects (any canon object) or potions (Snape level).


Techbase Knowledge | Various | -5 points |

You receive the scientific knowledge, skills, and understanding to build and control technology from a particular work of science fiction's universe. At first you can only build the more basic tech the universe offers, but the quality of technology you can make improves with time, experience, tools, and materials. Despite the verse you're present in not having the physics to support your advanced technology, it still functions due to your Root of Realities connection. Examples include Star Wars, Warhammer 40K, DOOM, Star Trek, Mass Effect, etc.


Keyblade | Kingdom Hearts | -5 points | Greater |

You become a wielder of a Keyblade, a magical weapon that reflects your emotional heart, grants various perks, and the potential for many bizarre abilities. The Keyblade comes in many sizes and shapes, with some having unique traits, but each having the same core powers. A Keyblade is a weapon capable of cutting regardless of its apparent suitability as a weapon. It can be used to magically open and close most mundane locks, and a good deal of magical locks, too. It can be summoned into your empty hands with a flash of light until dismissed, or can be called upon to temporarily replace the weapon you're holding, which returns to your hands when you dismiss the Keyblade.

They also act as a magical focus in place of other such items, and can boost the power of spells cast with it. Keyblades often awaken strange but useful physical talents in their welders such as high jumping, lock on, enhanced durability, inhuman reflexes, dodge rolling, wall running, etc. With Keyblade training and or experience you'll be able to pull off physics bending moves like Sonic Raid, or extend its blade with light. Keyblades also provide utility, such as being a universal translator. The weapon itself cannot be stolen or destroyed without extreme measures. Your Keyblade may even have the potential for, or under the right circumstance might attain perks such as transformations, drives, summons, new keyblades, etc.


Zanpakuto | Bleach | -5 points | Greater |

You receive an Asauchi, a blank vessel soul in the shape of a sword that is bonded to you; it grows in power alongside you, awakens your full spiritual potential, perception, & pressure (in turn enhancing physical capabilities), and grants unique states. It will adopt a shape that best suits you, and grants you the potential to achieve Shikai & Bankai. Wielding it is as natural as moving one's own arms.

It will quickly (Hours become a full Zanpakuto with a spirit & inner world, to train you to wield the sword (battle/ introspection). It starts in its sealed state, but you can unlock and use Shikai, giving access to unique powers, and beyond that Bankai the third and final stage where the powers activated in Shikai are magnified five or ten times with new functions. Optionally, an item you already own instead gains the traits of your Asauchi. Choose a canon pair of shikai and Bankai or develop your own.

-1 | individual, useful techniques and basic proficiency such as Getsuga Tenshou, spirit sensing, Hoho (Shunpo), Hado, Kaido (Healing Kido), Bakudo (Barriers & Seals), etc.

-2 | potent artforms, Shunko, or advanced versions of already purchased skills above.


Mjolnir | MCU | -5 points | Greater |

You receive Mjolnir, a powerful enchanted war-hammer that has the elemental powers of a storm; and are worthy regardless of its criteria, granting you the powers of Thor. It can be used for summoning, generating, and directing lightning both from itself and the sky. Mjolnir's enchantment allowed only its worthy wielders to swing it nearly effortlessly, yet to anyone else it is impossibly heavy. When hurled, Mjolnir can fly at high speeds without slowing down as well as perform melee strikes with a massive concussive force equal to at least that of a grenade. It can also be used as a focus for momentum fueled flight. Additionally, when wielded Mjolnir greatly enhances its wielder physical abilities such as strength and durability to the level of a royal asgardian if not higher.

It is extremely durable, and returns to you whenever you throw it or summon it. Mjolnir is able to conjure armor onto its user or change their combat attire into something more casual. Additionally, the hammer can transform and disguise itself to an extent, for example, appearing as an umbrella and then back again. On purchase, you can choose the criteria of being "worthy" or make it so that only you will ever be recognized as such. You can select it to be a War Axe like Stormbreaker instead.

-1 | for Bifrost access like Stormbreaker.


Beetle Scarab | DC | -7 points | Greater |

A beetle scarab created with advanced alien technology bonds to your spine, granting various passive and active powers and telepathic communication with its artificial intelligence. At will, or when necessary, the scarab forms a distinctive suit of armor that can be quickly retracted. The armor provides protection, superhuman strength, superhuman agility, and can reconfigure itself into a wide array of tools and weapons, including an energy cannon, swords, shields, a grappling hook, energy blasters, flight capable wings, etc. You can manifest parts of the armor without having to form the whole suit. The scarab can manipulate energy it generates and stores for a variety of effects, including shield bubbles, sonic blasts, small scale solid constructs, and 3-D holograms.

It can adapt to foes such as using kryptonite radiation against a kryptonian. It has utility functions, including a universal translator, waste disposal, healing and modifying your body to an extent, two-way communication, creating temporary clothes, concealing itself from 21st century technology, shutting off nearby cameras and microphones. By shifting you out of phase with the universe, it can also make you invisible and intangible, or attain instantaneous transportation. Lastly, the scarab can track anything that produces any significant form of energy and anyone you've met since it bonds to you from at least seventy miles. It can also scan and identify people you encounter, informing you of physical conditions, detect empowered people and relatives from genetic analysis. You select the Scarab's color and personality. By default, it's sociopathic, but will always be loyal to only you.


Pokemon Team | Pokemon | -5 points | Greater |

You receive a team of six Pokémon with their accompanying Pokéballs. They trust you and are familiar with you as if you completed an entire journey through a region with them. Additionally, you gain the memories, knowledge, and skills to train them, provide for them, and battle with them, as if you had become a league champion of a region after a journey. Note that more ridiculous Pokédex entries are toned down. Your Pokémon know more than four moves and are fully trained and experienced. They come in standard pokéballs. You can select any six non-legendary, non-mythical pokemon for your team.


Omnitrix | Ben 10 | 12 points | Supreme |

You receive the Omnitrix, a database of alien DNA that allows the user to transform into a copy of that very same species, with all the strengths and weaknesses therein, before changing back to normal or another alien. The device is both insanely versatile and capable, with features such as the following, but some of these features may not be immediately available, such as a two-way communicator, holographic display, a digital watch, DNA repair of others, matter and energy generation storage and reconstitution, a calculator, timer, alarm, artificial intelligence, a map, GPS, transformation knowledge dump, Master Control, Life-form lock, security measures, a universal Translator, ultimate aliens, and the Biomnitrix.

The Watch provides extra equipment needed for any species to survive in its current environment and modesty. You may semi randomly gain new aliens in response to solving conflict. The watch adjusts the alien sample to be a prime version. The watch theoretically gives access to all 1000000+ aliens. That's only considering those already within the database, as it can scan alien DNA on contact or at a distance. The omnitrix has multiple failsafes and safeguards, and it cannot be removed from you under any circumstances. If you would take lethal damage, it will automatically change into the requisite alien to preserve your life, and it is practically indestructible. On purchase, you will start with 10 different aliens suitable for a variety of situations.


'These are all really, really cool, but... I don't think they'll fit the set of powers I'll have,' thought Nathan. None of the options gave him the same excitement as Bending did. 'Still... The Iron Man Armor, Wizard Wand, the Omnitrix, and a few others are extremely attractive options. Who wouldn't want any of those? But I don't want to waste the points I could use for perks.'

He looked at the 'Perks' screen.


[Perks (Pick any number category, but each can only be taken once unless otherwise stated)]

[Supplementations - These will provide an add-on to any power this is purchased for. They each can be purchased for all powers, current and future, at once for a Greater option (-5 points).]

Master Meditation | -1 point (Lesser powers), -2 points (Greater powers) |

You can intermittently achieve a meditative state where you enter a mental world. Within this world, you can train and practice the power this is purchased for; have an artificial entity with knowledge, skill, and teaching methods for the power; and an archive of techniques and knowledge for that power. The entity will usually be an iconic or powerful character from the Verse the power is taken from or is a former user, but is not them in truth. Rather, they are a simulation with their personality but are lacking their soul.

Despite time passing in the simulation, little to no time passes in the real world. However, you can only spend so much time in the simulation at once, usually around 1-6 hours and thereafter you must solve problems and engage in conflict to enter again, or wait a week (temporal effects etc, not counting). Physical improvements like muscle growth are retained. The teacher generally won't respond to unrelated things.

With these sessions, you will rapidly grasp the fundamentals of the power, can more quickly progress, and will have a higher chance of accessing very complex/advanced techniques. As an example, if you selected The Force, you might meet Obi-Wan Kenobi in a Jedi Temple simulacrum.

For simpler powers with a lot of crossover, like melee combat with most body powers, the sessions will allow composite training. If you select multiple Mastery Meditations, they can be combined into a single mental world where you can practice synergizing powers.


Supply Drops | -2 points (Any Power) |

You can intermittently call a supply drop of necessary and supplementary materials and items related to a power from thin air. The supplies are packaged cleanly and neatly and cannot be called in any combat scenarios or the like. Once called, a supply drop cannot be called again until you have used your powers to resolve non-manufactured problems and conflicts, or over a week of time passes (temporal effects etc not counting).

The quantity and quality of the supplies are also based on these factors. However, if you fully avoid conflict over a long enough period of time, you will still receive the rare/valuable materials and items, albeit infrequently. Supplies will usually be what is required to optimally use your powers or reach their full potential. However, nothing received can by itself reach the power or versatility of a Lesser power. You can never know for sure what you will receive from the supplies before you get it.

For example, if you purchased Mystic Arts, you will very likely receive a Sling Ring.


[Protections - These provide resistance to common non-direct methods of threat in many Verses and will protect you in the present, past, future, alternate timelines, etc For all of them, you can selectively allow certain effects to work on you with your own conscious non-coerced permission, this includes your own powers.]

Blind Spot (-1 point) — You are immune to magical, psychic, fate based, supernatural, advanced technological and other such effects of otherwise impossible analysis, detection, tracking, identification, remote viewing, predictions, calculations, scanning, modeling, precognition, alternate timeline viewing, post-cognition, etc. This also protects against watching for blind spots. Powers, tech and such designed to gather info about you provide no results. This works both on a grand scale that would take you into account, and specifically targeted on you to discern your identity, motives, alternate selves, abilities, status, weakness, location, and your actions past, present, and future, etc.

Invictus (-1 point) — Your mind, will, soul etc are immune to any form of mind control, mental attack, memory removal, soul manipulation, forced sleep, emotional alteration, madness inducement, hypnotism, possession, etc. Attempts to control your senses such as directly mind affecting illusions and anything that would unnaturally override or influence your behavior likewise fail. You also have a mind incredibly resistant to pain, trauma, or suffering and most other psychological conditions. You still feel emotions, but the weighted stress of living for a thousand years is unlikely to destroy your will, nor will experiencing extreme or long periods of discomfort like torture or isolation.

Inviolate (-1 point) — Your existence is unaffected by any effect that directly targets your internals/stability, or works inside out, such as a telefrag, a portal cut, telekinetic spine severing, time warping, gravity alteration, creating items inside your body, physics distortion, biology control, forced teleportation, matter erasure, instant death, etc. You also resist any hostile transformation, transmutation, or polymorph and the like. You are also immune to any form of poison, toxin, corruption, virus, disease, etc. But you can still die of natural old age.

Singularity (-1 point) — Your existence, and powers, rely on yourself and nothing else. Any attempt to copy, mimic, steal, drain, suppress, negate, nullify, weaken, control, reproduce, etc your powers by an external source fails automatically. You also resist curses, plot armor, prophecies, and the manipulation of fate, luck, concepts, causality, plot, probability, etc. You maintain independence from all verses, granting your resistance to certain reality-altering phenomena, such as wish granting, timeline changes and destruction, temporal paradoxes, vacuum decay, big crunches, and reality destroying events such as multiversal epoxies and causal retcons of the Meta narrative.

(Bonus Feature: If you purchase 2 or more of the protections, you can grant them to other individuals with a few seconds of concentrated contact. This requires your own conscious, non-coerced intent, and you can only grant protections you yourself have. Also, their versions are not as absolute as your own, and your own powers will work on them as normal. You can also take it away anytime you wish. There is a maximum number of individuals granted at a time based on how many protections you have: 1 (protections you own) = 0 (others), 2=2, 3=4, and all 4= as many as you wish.)


[Selections - These provide bonuses in the forms of augmentations, or one-off items.]

[Adaptation (-1 point) (Repeat purchase allowed with a maximum of five. You can purchase more after surviving one verse.) — You receive positive mutations, useful alterations, or particular skills, these mutations don't have to be externally visible and can provide physical improvements and mundane knowledge. The potential benefits cannot reach the power or versatility of a lesser power and grant only two to three related bonuses or a thematic skill set such as 'Universe Class Space Pilot', or the 'Photographic Reflexes' of Task Master. Detailed examples are below.]

Babel Jack: Understand and communicate with most sapient creatures/some animals, despite language and psychological barriers through 'feeling' and gestures alone; can naturally learn to speak, read, and write most languages rapidly (conversational in less than 1 day) through exposure and or studying.

Comic Book Pretty: You gain a supermodel-like appearance as a 10/10 version of yourself, and could include being set to a younger age such as twenty-five or eighteen. You always look photogenic and airbrushed even under extreme conditions.

Clarity of Mind: Eidetic memory, improved focus, and quickened learning of most skills (a quarter of the time than normal).

Rejuvenator: Upon reaching a sufficiently old age (50+), you can enter a metamorphic like state where over the course of a month you can regress to a younger prime version of yourself (age 18-25) with most forms of physical infirmity and ailment cured. However, during this time, you are vulnerable, cannot be woken up and will be unable to use your powers.

Legendary Lover: You possess an innate mastery of the sexual arts and excel in the art of giving pleasure. You instinctively understand your partner's/partners' needs and boundaries, their most sensitive erogenous zones, and their sexual preferences. Your overall skill in bed will be such that you have complete control over when you ejaculate, can induce consecutive mind-blowing orgasms with just your hands and mouth, and will naturally know how to give the most pleasure at all times, physically and verbally.

Motion Memory: You can almost instantly imitate most complex movements/motor skills after seeing them performed once, such as martial arts, and with a little more practice or more observation you can both reproduce them at almost the same level, and fully adopt the muscle memory. Your overall coordination, spatial awareness, dynamic visual acuity, and reflexes are heightened to roughly peak human capacity.

Charisma Check: Become naturally charismatic and likable; have social skills improved to a professional diplomat skilled in befriending, placating, persuading, and recruiting people; can give awe-inspiring speeches; and at will alter your voice, posture, body language, and overall presence, to invoke the maximum possible fear in others.

Veteran Operative: You gain a particular set of skills, as a world-class modern soldier, small unit commander, and overall combatant. This includes knowledge and experience in firearm marksmanship, safety, and handling, CQC takedowns, knife combat, first aid, small unit tactics, urban stealth, survival training, etc.

Charles Atlas: Your physical health and fitness are improved to olympian levels in multiple areas at once, giving you professional athlete level strength, speed, and agility; you can also maintain your physique with no training, and all physical ailments such as nearsightedness are cured.

Mastermind: You have a perfect poker face; are exceedingly competent at strategy, politics, management, intrigue, administration, espionage, and bureaucracy; and can confidently cold read others and manipulate them.

Perpetuance: You require a tenth of the water and food you otherwise would and a fourth the sleep. Over a few days, you can naturally slowly recover from mundane disease, injury, or illness not normally possible (bones moving into place, etc.). This includes aging (limited immortality).


[Additions — Special options that modify others.]

Convenience Combination (-1) (Repeat Purchase Allowed): You combine two of any Item powers or supplemental Body Powers (Example: Panther Habit) into a tool greater than the sum of its parts that can transform between the source equipment and has a fusion form, for example Iron Man Armor and the Ant Man suit.

Portable Serum (-1 + -X) (Repeat Purchase Allowed): Any lesser body power or adaptation can be obtained as an easily administered serum, with the normal cost plus one.

Shattered Limiter (-3): The factors that keep all your powers' growth and abilities in check are completely erased. Your powers' growth and potential skyrockets, with your powers receiving a massive boost every ten years, even if you do nothing but live a normal life. Fighting, training, and experimenting using your powers on a regular basis drops this down to half the amount of time or less. The stronger the power, the more effort is required to improve, making it up to four times as long for most Greater powers, and difficult to estimate for Supreme powers.


[Companion/s (Variable Points) — You can enter a verse with a loyal ally. You must offer the proposition to the candidate, and if they accept, they will be able to join you. Be careful, as these companions can turn against you if you treat them poorly. The companion can fill out the choices, or you fill out for them. It is also possible for them to simply join you without the choices, if that is what you desire. If you do desire the previous two choices, their points depend on the option selected here. They do not select difficulty, destination, or drawbacks. (Maximum three companions unless you chose World Breaker)

Level 1: [-3 points (Point cost for you)] = [+2 points (Allotted points for them)], and they can only select Lesser powers.

Level 2: [-5 points] = [+4 points], and they can only select Lesser powers.

Level 3: [-10 points] = [+8 points], and they can only select a single Greater power, all other Lesser powers. (Requires World-Changer)

Level 4: [-15 points] = [+12 points], and they can select any Lesser or Greater powers (Requires World Breaker)


Points left: [13]

'My eyes and head are starting to hurt with all this reading...'

Nathan groaned and massaged the sides of his forehead.

'So much information. Couldn't they have made this more user-friendly?' he mentally complained.

Though he did have one question. "Are there more powers? With how many different realities there are, I expected these to be an almost endless list."

With all the powers listed, he at least expected the titan shift ability from Attack on Titan and other powers/items from other franchises he knew, but they were completely absent from the lists.

[An additional set of Powers and other upgrades will be added after you survive in three destinations.]

"Three? Dayum. I'll probably be close to 30 years old by then," Nathan muttered to himself. It was a shame that there weren't more right now, but even the choices he currently had were quite extensive.

After thinking and debating with himself for a good thirty minutes, Nathan made his mind up.

He'd skip getting any of the Item Powers and will instead spend it on getting the Bending option for Meditation Mastery. After this investment, it would leave him with 12 points to spend.

Nathan would then immediately spend 4 points on each 'Protection' perk. They were too good to pass up. Each one could come in clutch in multiple worst-case scenarios and for situations he wouldn't expect.

Following those, he'd purchase Shattered Limiter. Boosted growth and potential? Yes, please. He'd be an idiot not to get that.

Finally, he'd spend the last of his points on Babel Jack, Legendary Lover, Clarity of Mind, Motion Memory, and Perpetuance. Babel Jack was an obvious pick. It would eliminate any hassle involved in communication issues and learning new languages, which will be mightily helpful when going to the Avatar world where the main writing system was Mandarin or a version of it, from what he remembered.

Nathan's face turned rosy red when he looked at the Legendary Lover option.

While he would like to lie and say he didn't care much about girls, he really did care to a great extent, just like a lot of guys his age. However, he did have a problem that's been getting worse and worse since he turned 9. He didn't know if it was puberty or something else, but the amount of times he'd masturbate every day since first learning how to do it would probably make a doctor worry for his health. Hentai and porn being easy to access didn't help.

But hypotheticallyIF he ever found a girlfriend, and IF they ever do the deed, wouldn't it be a real shame if he didn't have the perk?

With that flimsy reasoning circulating in his head, Nathan buried his shame and horniness into the back of his head and into a maximum security safe as he solidified his decision. He looked at the next perk, his cheeks still slightly pink.

Clarity of Mind's memory related benefits would definitely be redundant because of the Super Soldier Serum, but the improved focus and faster skill learning would probably stack or synergise with it.

Similar to his reasons for picking Clarity of Mind, Motion Memory might stack or synergise with the Super Soldier Serum's accelerated learning aptitude. And from what he remembered, Captain America couldn't just straight up copy someone's movements with one look like Taskmaster.

Finally, he picked Perpetuance because if it applied in real situations as advertised, he would barely need to eat, drink, or sleep at all, and if he was ever in a situation where resources were very scarce, this perk would definitely save him a lot of trouble.

While the other perks he didn't choose could be useful as well, most of the ones he chose provided superior long-term benefits. Some of the unchosen perks' benefits can simply be learned with sufficient time and investment, or by finding a suitable teacher. Lastly, he had no doubt that with the Super Soldier Serum, learning and improving most new skills will be far easier. 

Also, he enjoyed the process of learning new skills and getting better at them. It was a big part of why he didn't complain when his father made him learn seven types of martial arts for the UFC.

Having solidified his decision, Nathan began to spend points. With each confirmation, his remaining points went from 13, to 12, to 8, to 5, and then 0.

[Comic Book Pretty has been selected. Would you like to reduce your age?]

Nathan tapped 'No'. He was only thirteen. Being even younger wouldn't help his situation.

As soon as he finished, screens popped up, one after another.

[Points have reached 0. Beginning Power and Perk integration process.]

[Synergies found.]

[Inducing deep sleep.]

'Wait. Come to think of it, it didn't let me decide where or when I'll be dropped off—!'

Before he could ask, Nathan blacked out.


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