Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Nanites SON!

A twist of fate, a broken nose, and a lot of cursing. That was how David started his new life, the death of his mother still fresh on his mind, but instead of what he thought would happen. He gained power not even the tech of this world has seen yet. Nanomachines, Son. Has to change the title since Webnovel doesn't have something that allows me to put in what the novel is a fanfic of. ---------------------------- Additional tags Cyberpunk Edgerunners Girls Love More will be added as I need to add them. Yes, Girls love in a harem. Because if you don't like watching another hot girl, eat out a girl while you're rearranging at least one of their guts, we can't be friends.

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Trouble, a new Contact

Remember when David thought about going to go look to get himself into some trouble? He found it.

How, and where? Will it all start on a calm afternoon.

''PUT THE MONEY IN THE FUCKING BAG!'' The masked man screamed at the store clerk, waving a gun around at the poor clerk.

''Yes just... Hold on!'' The clerk responded, their hands shaking as they tried to get the register open, only failing multiple times before finally getting the money out of the register, and handing it off to the masked man, who promptly took off.

That masked man? Had a posse, and when NCPD tried to apprehend him? That didn't go too well.

Not for David either as he got caught in the middle of the crossfire.

He had just been driving around, familiarizing himself with the parts of the city he didn't know, traffic was pretty scarce due to what time it was, and most people were still at work.

Pulling out into a large interstate someone suddenly smashed into the back right of his car. Causing David to whip to the side a bit, growling as he began to reach for his Nue, moving to get out of the car as he saw the person who caused the crash, a masked man currently running across the street.

His lips thinned out into a line as he noticed he was currently being encircled, on one side was the NCPD, only slightly worrying for someone in his line of work, but what the kicker was.

The other side was Maelstrom. David looked between each of the sides, he saw the worry on the NCPD's faces, some of them screaming at him to get out of the way before he nodded. Getting back into Bast, he took a deep breath before sighing. ''Just had to go looking for trouble... Just HAD to be the day Maelstrom decides to have a shoot-out with the cops to assert dominance and start even more rumors about how 'crazy' they are... Fucking great.''

Bullets had already started to fly, some ricocheting off his car as he noticed, a good 9o% of the shots landing were all coming from his left side, the one's the Maelstrom were on. He didn't move for a bit, the bullets not even scratching his paint as he grumbled, revving up his engine and peeling tires around as he circled encirclement, realizing he had no fucking path to get out, he pulled around, bullets still bouncing off his beautiful ride as she proved to be the Goddess she was.

He pulled up to the highest ranking officer, it was a woman with blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail, she ducked behind David's car, as did a few other officers as they realized his car was practically bulletproof.

Opening his car door a bit, he came face to face with the woman, her eyes widening a bit as she saw him, and he just grinned. Handing her a card that he had just made, it had his name on it and his number, a pretty woman like her deserved it. ''Howdy miss, whereas I would love to leave, I refuse to leave my car here in the middle of a firefight, so I've come over with a proposition, let me help you, help me.''

She squinted at him, recognizing him as a Mercenary immediately, the NCPD had a... Blurry relationships with most of them, some were useful since they would help fight the more violent gangs, but there were some willing to shoot at them on-site for fun.

''You want to get yourself involved, for shitty pay, just because you won't leave your car?'' The woman said, snatching the card from him as she flinched as a particularly heavy round bounced off the car, and whereas the sound was loud nothing else happened.

''I mean this in the kindest way beautiful... But I will die in this car before I leave it, because you're outgunned, and by the number of bodies falling, soon to be outnumbered, that would mean the Maelstrom won, and as you can see. My car's a fucking beauty herself, and I would die before letting them get their hands on her.''

One of the male cops looked up to him from across the small clearing between his car, and the other lined up cars. Stars in his eyes as he nodded firmly, David having just one cop over simply because he cared for his ride.

''God, you're one of them...'' The woman sighed before she sent him a request form, which he signed. ''Alright David, you are now considered an Ally to the NCPD for the duration of this fight, what are your rates?''

David grinned, the woman not liking the feeling she was getting, only to be fooled as he asked for something she didn't realize he would. ''Your name, and a date?''

She stared at him for a moment, completely blank as she simply nodded, causing David to chuckle.

''And you said it would be shitty pay?'' He closed his door, the cops backing away from the car as he suddenly took off once more.

David put his hands onto the dash, rubbing at her as he whispered, with the care he would a lover. ''I'm sorry Bast, I promise I'll clean you up real good... I'll even add a few new bells and whistles, just the kind you deserve.''

David then suddenly drifted to the side, using the back of the car to tail whip a few maelstroms, kicking it into reverse as he felt the feeling of a head getting crushed beneath a tire.

He backed up directly into one of the trucks holding a maelstrom-mounted gun, pulling the shotgun from the back of the passenger seat he turned, aiming towards the back window as it suddenly lowered, allowing David to dump a round into the mounted gun, destroying its frame as most guns weren't meant to take a direct hit that closes with buckshot. The window went up immediately afterward as he racked another round, always keeping a hand on the wheel as he pulled forward, building up speed as he went around the circle a bit before slamming into the side of a car, causing it to skid on its wheels and slam into a group of maelstrom hiding behind it.

Crushing at least two of them between another car as he backed up once more, spinning the car around as he continued to do what he did best in the middle of a fire fire.

Cause absolute chaos.

There was a soft ring in his ear as he picked up the holo.

<David, that better be you in Bast, or I'm going to put a round directly through it's engine.> Falco

<Falco? Where are you?>

<Above, was nearby, seen the news about a shootout, came over to see if they needed help to get some extra cash because I'm trying to get a new pair of tires, low and behold I see the Demon of the road himself doing his absolute best to piss off the Maelstrom.> F

Suddenly, even with his closed windows he heard the thunderous sound of a boom as a massive round pierced through one of the Maelstrom's cars, and after a moment there was a detonation, then the car exploded.

<Jesus christ Falco, what are you firing, rockets?!>

<Nope, penetrative HE rounds from a custom Grad, I like to call her the 'Looming Sun.' Because you know... The explosive rounds.> F

<Jesus christ, thanks for the assist then I guess, glad none of them are using something like that.>

<Know what's stronger then thanks, David?> F

Another round fired, like a crack of thunder echoing against the buildings.

<H.E. ... And eddies... We'll say 200 a round?> F

David chuckled, shaking his head. <Sure, but if you miss and hit Bast, you're going to be the first person I test my new arms on.>

There was a chuckle over the holo, before in that southern accent Falco stated something.

<I don't miss my shots.> F

The call ended and David rolled his eyes just as he slammed into a particularly ballsy Maelstrom, turning him into red paste, even needing to turn on the windshield wipers to get a piece of flesh out of David's way.


It had taken another ten minutes, but the NCPD had come out on top, David wiring Falco 4800 eddies since he had used 24 rounds. David had counted them.

After the last Maelstrom was dead, David pulled up to the NCPD in front of the woman from before who was holding her side, looked like she had caught a graze.

David rolled down his window, letting her lean against his car as he smiled up at her.

''I'm sorry officer for speeding, but there was this hot woman in uniform that promised me her name and number.''

She chuckled a bit, wincing softly before she started to speak. ''My name is Samus Aran, was it your friend who was firing from above? Sounded like they was using something a bit above the allowed limits for carrying.''

''What? No, don't know him, since it was such a high caliber I thought it was you guys, glad he didn't aim for me.'' David said without breaking his smile.

''How'd you know it was a 'he'?'' Samus asked as she watched him, all though seeing his face not break from its smile she sighed. ''Alright, here's my number... Please don't bother me too often, and if you find it in your heart, delete my phone number.'' She sighed as she pushed off his car, calling out to the others.

''Someone let him out!''

It took a moment for someone to get into an SUV and pull out of the way to let Bast through, David winking as he passed. ''Bye Lieutenant~!''

(Why Samus Aran? Because why not man, I couldn't think of a name, and this just means their's another hot girl running around in David's life, amen.)

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