Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Nanites SON!

A twist of fate, a broken nose, and a lot of cursing. That was how David started his new life, the death of his mother still fresh on his mind, but instead of what he thought would happen. He gained power not even the tech of this world has seen yet. Nanomachines, Son. Has to change the title since Webnovel doesn't have something that allows me to put in what the novel is a fanfic of. ---------------------------- Additional tags Cyberpunk Edgerunners Girls Love More will be added as I need to add them. Yes, Girls love in a harem. Because if you don't like watching another hot girl, eat out a girl while you're rearranging at least one of their guts, we can't be friends.

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Time waits for no Man

It had been 4 months since he and Rebecca had decided to inspect each other's irons, and it have been a frequent occurrence for them to do a bit of fooling around, only having done it on a mission once.

David and Lucy were taking time to build up the relationship however since not everyone could move as fast as Rebecca, in fact, Lucy appreciated it, not feeling pressured to need to hurry into anything since David's 'Needs' were quite well solved by Rebecca.

They did have a few dates, but none of the ones that David had promised her he would take her first time in. She had almost found the plans for it once, and David locked all information away about it on his personal shard, refusing to let her peek at his 'Big Date' plan.

It... Made her feel warm that he seemed to be putting so much thought into it, occasionally even disappearing for a few days sometimes to 'Work' on something that he refused to elaborate on exactly what he was doing.

What was he doing? Actually, he already had a date spot and everything planned out, even having gone as far as to begin studying the stars and moon for that 'Perfect' opportunity. It would be in another few months because of everything planned, but while he was out there, he had a thought. Just a funny, single thought.

What if he created something to begin clearing the atmosphere? Not only would it begin to make the air a lot more breathable around the city, but it would also begin to clear the thick smoke clouds... It would take time, but why not?

So that's what he had been doing, just for fun and for something different to discover, sneaking off to an abandoned facility, using nanites to take massive chunks out of the massive piles of trash around the city to help him complete his secret base, tunnels included of course.

Then he began to do the research he needed to complete this task and at that. Make it so no one would notice a random machine suddenly appearing, scrubbing the atmosphere and air of pollution...

This was easy when you have an infinite seemingly 'magical' source of nanites, if he used some, more would simply appear, and even if they didn't he knew how to make more, would it be annoying without the nanites to do it with? Yes, but the information he had originally got with his package came with the knowledge to make more of them, not that it seemed he would ever need to worry about.

Maybe they self replicated, or simply used waste resources to create more of themselves? Either way, for now, he could use nanites to create a field of tech that would make it impossible to notice what was going on in the factory, and it was too far from Night city, bordering the outer limits of the city for people to care about it.

In fact, it didn't take him long to reinforce the factory and to fix the machines there, it seemed to be an old assembly line for large transports, AVs, Military grade plating, and stuff like that.

David was actually able to pull some info from the servers once he fixed them and got them back on. This was the factory of a small-time military contract, one of the many that had tried to raise up in the world, only to be quickly dismantled by a Large Corpo...

It sad story, but it meant David got a five-finger discount on a factory meant to mass produce military grade things, and the plating that was left over being rust-proof, and extremely durable helped in the ongoing 'Companion' project.

He had just finished getting the large vent fans to begin working again, opting to do more with his bare hands than just use his nanites for anything, feeling accomplished as something came to plan.

He had monitoring equipment around, even with the nanite field that made peeking at the factory impossible, it didn't mean someone couldn't just accidentally walk into the factory.

Earlier that day, Bast had driven away from the factory, since Rebecca had requested her to get involved in a street face inside the city. David had no reason to refuse so he let her take her for a spin, Rebecca wasn't the 'Best' driver, but Bast could take it, the girl was tough.

Using some scraps laying around, as well as some of the military platings he began to use nanites to construct a bike for himself. He needed something that could handle both off-road and city terrain with ease so he needed something fancy.

Instead of trying to balance the two, he began to use the base of a Yaiba Kusanagi CT-3X, boasted as one of the 'Fastest' bikes currently manufactured...

Which wasn't wrong, but David would break that record.

Keeping the sleek performance of the bike and its overall look the same, its insides were different, including tired that could shift from 'Off road' to 'On Road' modes, which would allow a smooth transition between the two.

(I know nothing about science, mechanic, or anything like that. Whereas I would love to be able to put that kind of detail in ANYTHING, I just can't. The bikes fast, that's all that I can say, and because it's David, it's safe to use.)

After he had it built, he sat onto the seat, leaning forward as he laid over the bike, it supported him just right and as he did a few tests leans, he felt great.

Zipping up his Jacket, the collar tightened around his throat until it became skin tight not to cause his jacket to freak out while he drove.

As he started it up, the engine purring to life beneath him, an idea struck him, as if a divine hand reached down and touched the back of his skull.

He didn't want to wear a helmet, but he did need to make it so he could keep his eyes open at high speeds and not need to worry about dust and everything... So he used inspiration from a game he had played in his old life, a game that even existed in the Cyberpunk universe, but was far too old for people to care.

Deus Ex, a game about Augs and their difficulties, the life of Adam Jenson... As David got stuck on the road of nostalgia for a bit, something was built beside his eyes before suddenly dark glasses ejected from these new devices on the sides of his face, creating shades.

(Adam Jenson's glasses, just black... Not sure what I want David's main color scheme to be if any at all.)

Actually, as he began to rev up the engine... There was a lot of inspiration he could take from the game, but he would need to look into it later, which mean making one of the old systems and scrounging the game from somewhere to play it again... That sounded like a good pass time, play old games.

Revving up the engine he grinned as it purred beneath him, Lucy would be jealous the moment she saw the new bike.

Leaning forward, he kicked off the ground a bit as he took off down the dirt road heading back towards night city. His legs were tucked in once he got used to the feeling of the bike beneath him as he just aimed to go faster.

About 3/4 of his way back to night city, his holo lit up as he opened up the line.

A screen appeared to the left of him, showing off Lucy's face, she looked distressed but seeing David seemed to relax her a bit as she noticed the scene passing by them quickly.

Something else he had worked on recently, making 'Vid calling' a thing for the three of them.

She was distracted by the shades for only a moment before focusing.

<David... It's Maine.> Lucy


<His doctor had warned him apparently that adding the Sandy would push him over the limit since he has been barely managing to control the current load. It happened away from anyone, just because he wanted to show off after Rebecca one the race. A single activation sent him over the edge and he went into a frenzy, Dorio was able to knock him out before he got too far, only Pilar got hurt, he'll need some stitches but that's it.> L

<I'll be there soon, keep him under... Guess now is as good a time as any to steal from Arasaka. Once I get there I'll administer a shot, it'll be the nanites along with something to keep him under for much longer. The nanites will begin to repair him and the damage while he sleeps... Tell Dorio I've got a plan, as long as she trusts me.>

Lucy nodded, looking around a bit before sending him a kiss which caused him to smile. The call ended shortly after as he hugged himself to the bike.

Time waited for no one it seemed, since he needed to get there as quickly as possible, he let the nanites help him with driving at higher speeds. He needed to get himself a Sandy install, he just needed to find a time when he could do it without questions being asked, it was too annoying to answer too many.


''GET OFF ME DAMNIT!'' Maine swung wildly, a large right hook over Lucy's head as she ducked, Dorio delivering a nasty straight to the side of his face as his face barely moved. Weaving backward as another fist missed her as she hit him with another straight then a hook, this time it seemed to reach through him as he stumbled a bit, they were trying not to harm him...

Even now as Dorio was bleeding from the side of her head and missing a tooth she was putting everything she had onto David, Lucy said to trust him, which she didn't need to. Over these last few months, She and David had gotten close since he helped her work out, and she helped him work out, glad to see someone as dedicated as David put time into his organic body as well, it also felt nice to have a workout buddy.

David had already been pretty built when he joined, but he shot up four inches over the span of four months and added almost an extra 60 pounds of muscle. She wanted to know his secret, and he admitted that he was cheating.

'Cheating' Dorio scoffed as she dodged another left hook, trying to sweep Maine's legs out from under him without much effect other than causing him to stumble.

David had made nutrition bars that Dorio herself loved to take as well, and she had noticed that despite not having taken them for long, she was starting to break her PRs, slowly, but surely.

David had also hit a sudden growth spurt, bringing him to the second tallest of the crew at 6' 6'', a very, very thin hair taller than Kiwi. (AN 1)

He was like a not-so-little brother to her, even if he was younger than her.

Suddenly Maine took a heavy hit to his abdomen, hearing the familiar hiss of air that David's gorilla arms released when he activated that neat extra effect they had.

It would definitely leave a bruise but it caused Maine to double over, allowing David to wrap his arms that had recently been decorated with tattoo's around Maine thick neck and pulling him further down, injecting the back of his neck next to the Sandy with something.

Dorio caught one of Maine's arms as he tried to punch David off, Falco who already had a bloodied lip suddenly lept forward along with Pilar and took the other arm as the four of them forced Maine down to his knees, it gets easier after a few seconds before Maine seemed to pass out.

As he slumped to the ground David sighed heavily as he helped everyone lay him back down. ''Alright... That should keep him under for at least a full day, and if it doesn't.''

He handed multiple more stims to Dorio, when she noticed the brand and quality, her brows shot up. This was top-shelf stuff, the kind of stuff that could cost half a mil for certain things.

''Davi-.'' Dorio began before David shook his head, closing her hands around the stims.

''I didn't even buy them, I stole them. But as Maine once said. ''It's not a waste of money if it's to make yourself stronger, or your crew stronger.''... Keeping Maine alive will make us stronger, as soon as I get back.''

Falco spoke up. ''Sounds like you got a plan David, mind sharing with the class?''

David sat up. ''Going to raid Arasaka tower, get to their labs... They've got to have a way of controlling Adam Smasher, right? Guys not even organic anymore.''

Kiwi's brows went up from where she stood, she had countless times to try and knock out Maine with quick hacks, but it only stopped him for a few moments and had gotten harder to do as the systems got crazier.

Falco spoke first, Dorio already looking at him like he was crazy. ''You're going to storm into Arasaka Tower, steal something most likely highly valuable, and highly guarded... Just so you can MAYBE save Maine?''

''Maybe's better than nothing... Worst case, we'll have to keep him under while we begin pulling his chrome, reduce his load, get him into proper therapy... It will make him unable to use anything but his most basic systems, and he might become a shell of his former self, at least this way we might be able to completely remove the chance of this happening, and no matter how small that chance is, I'm willing to take it.''

Pilar scratched his head. ''Kid's right Dorio... And you know how he gets when he's like this, so we can only ask how he plans to break into Arasaka.''

David tilted his head back towards Lucy who was sitting on the ground catching her breath. ''I'm only going to take Lucy, going to get at their systems from the inside, find what we can, narrow it down as far as we can. Then once we're ready to move, we'll move in, steal what we need, then get out as fast as possible, Falco, can you be in Bast and be prepared to grab us when we get out?''

''Ain't even got to ask Partner, I'll be your driver always.'' Falco nodded from where he sat.

''When do you plan to do it?'' Dorio looked at him, looking up from the syringes she had in her hand.

''I'd do it right now... But I need to prepare some before I'm willing to take on Arasaka if it comes down to it, so three days, no more. If you don't hear anything after 24 hours from me, assume I'm dead and proceed to plan B.''

Dorio frowned at his words but nodded.

As David helped Lucy stand up, they walked to Bast, where Rebecca was waiting on the hood of the car, frowning softly.

Once they got into Bast and began to drive off, the both of them in his lap as the cut on Lucy's cheek began to repair at a visible rate. Rebecca spoke up. ''So what's the actual plan?''

''Install a Sandy for myself after upgrading it, just in case I need its speed. Reinforce my spine, legs, and a few other things as well so my body can keep up with it better. Get in, use nanites to prevent their systems from seeing me, take my time stealing any info useful, maybe steal some materials, get out.''

''Do you plan to mimic any injuries?'' Lucy asked, poking at his new shades.

''Nah... It would be a stealth mission, make it a miracle of an event. I hate to lie to them about it, but they'll find out eventually, later down the road when I'm ready.''

Rebecca apparently had a bit of Goblin energy left in her for the day, as she was chewing on David's hand instead of letting him hold her like usual.

''I sometimes feel bad about it, but then something like this happens, where Maine stupidly does something that puts himself and others in danger, then I realize it's already a miracle you don't go full cyber Jesus on people and go into the world domination.''

David chuckled at Rebecca's statement, leaning forward to kiss her forehead. ''Well, if I did go cyber Jesus on everyone, think of all the wars I could cause across the country, pointless bloodshed, new and improved weapons releasing on either side as it becomes a crude game we gods play on all the little mortals.''

Lucy looked up at him kissing his cheek before simply shaking her head as Rebecca got really excited at the idea


1 (David had started out as 6' 2'' because whereas I don't mind short kings, I am not one. The original David in the anime was only 5' 6'' before the time skip, and Maine was 7 ft 4 in. Rebecca was 5 feet in the anime, but I made her 5' 5'' so I could reasonably add more meat to her without it looking weird, and whereas I love Rebecca and her character, I do not like the fact she was made as a ''Loli'', that is why this 'World' is AU, it's small changes, the biggest one being this is actually about 10-12 years before the canon of Cyberpunk 2077.)

Another note 2 is, yes Maine was already overloaded with the Sandy, it was by PURE luck it took months for the first incident to happen, everyone who watched the anime saw how bad his fall was, it happened at smaller intervals over time, and this was finally the 'snap.'

Thankfully he wasn't around any firearms when it happened.

The time skip WAS a bit sudden, I know but I'm still not as good at character interaction and build-up as I want to be, so this lets me be more.. 'Comfortable' with characters, since David has been around longer by now, they all trust him better.

To those who are wondering. Kiwi is a part of the harem, is what she did in the anime a sting on all of us? Sure, but that doesn't make her any less hot.

And since the anime didn't go much into anyone's backstory, it allows me to give an actual reason as to why Kiwi might consider such a thing as stabbing them all in the back.

Also... There's some information I'm willing to offer you guys, the kind of information not even Patreon knows just yet... Guess we'll see how many stones we get before I decide what I want to do with it.

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