Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Nanites SON!

A twist of fate, a broken nose, and a lot of cursing. That was how David started his new life, the death of his mother still fresh on his mind, but instead of what he thought would happen. He gained power not even the tech of this world has seen yet. Nanomachines, Son. Has to change the title since Webnovel doesn't have something that allows me to put in what the novel is a fanfic of. ---------------------------- Additional tags Cyberpunk Edgerunners Girls Love More will be added as I need to add them. Yes, Girls love in a harem. Because if you don't like watching another hot girl, eat out a girl while you're rearranging at least one of their guts, we can't be friends.

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The Crew

Eventually, they finished at the end of the train, getting off.

''Going to call Maine and let him know you passed.'' Lucy said, her eyes lighting up as she called him.

David stood there, having the bag on his shoulder. With all the shards and the chrome, it had gotten a bit heavier so he had asked if he could hold onto it, to help him build muscle.

She was confused since it wasn't that much weight, but she shrugged.

''Alright, he wants us to meet him in a bar not to far from here, said he'll be ten.'' Lucy stated as her eyes dimmed once more, all thought they still seemed to glow a pretty purple.

''Nova, let's go.''

Walking together to a hole in the wall, they entered with a soft bell ring, behind the bar was a man cleaning a glass, with short parted black hair and a nice mustache, he nodded to the both of them as they entered. ''This the new kid?''

Lucy nodded. ''Falco, this is David, David, Falco. He's the wheel expert in the crew.''

Falco offered his normal hand to David who shook it firmly. ''Your poison?''

David spoke up ''Something Alcoholic, nothing fizzy.''

Falco nodded as he didn't even ask Lucy, pulling out a Broseph for her and setting it in front of her as they both say at the bar, sliding a glass of Centzon Tequila to David who took it with a nod.

''Something wrong with fizzy drinks?'' Lucy asked in amusement as she lit a cigarette, Falco sliding an ashtray over to her.

''Can't stand them, don't like carbonation,'' David confirmed as he took a sip of his tequila, giving a-ok sign to Falco who just smiled as he returned to cleaning the cups he had lined up to be cleaned.

Lucy giggled softly before she asked. ''Wait... Like not even soda?''

David shook his head. ''Not even soda, mostly water, or beverages that don't have any.''

Lucy watched him, taking a sip from her beer before the door opened, turning to look David was met with a massive man with a grin.

''Hey Kid! Heard you went above and beyond? If you impressed Lucy of all people, then you can't be all that bad.''

David nodded to the bag on the counter. ''The spoils, and your chrome Choom.''

Maine opened the bag, the large woman walking past him to offer her hand to David who shook it. ''Dorio, Maine's right hand.''

''David, you got workout tips you willing to share?" David asked as he shook her hand, a grin spread across her face at that.

''You and I are going to get along if you're looking to jack up.'' Dorio said as someone suddenly slid up beside her offering his hand. It clicked as his large hand engulfed David's shaking it with a grin. ''Pilar, this here is my si-ugh.''

He was suddenly hit in the gut from the side, causing him to double over onto the ground as he wept, slowly pulling himself away to go take a seat.

Standing before David now was a short stack with green hair pulled in pigtails, and red and green cyber eyes, she was cute. Dressed in a hoodie that hid the bikini she wore beneath.

She grabbed David's hand, shaking it roughly as she grinned. ''Rebecca Choom, you ever ice someone yet?!''

David shook her hand, grinning. ''Not yet, got someone who pissed you off recently?''

Rebecca burst into joyous laughter as she marched off, leaving the last person to stand in front of him, masked up as she looked down at him. ''Kiwi.''

That's all she said as she walked away, sliding into a booth by herself.

Maine came up and pat David on the shoulder. ''You did good kid, and you had a good haul. Leave it with Falco and he'll be sure you get your half.''

''Half?'' David repeated, turning to look at Lucy.

Maine grinned, ruffling David's hair. ''Everyone in the crew gets an even split, since this was just you and Lucy, you get 50%. You need some irons?''

''I do, you got a Nue?'' David asked.

Maine turned to look to Falco who rubbed his chin a bit before he nodded, pulling out one from his own holster beneath his jacket. ''Was planning to get a new one with a few mods anyway kid. I've got two clips here as well.'' He said, passing the clips.

''You know how to shoot?'' Dorio asked as she sat on a stool beside Maine as she also started to drink.

''I have an idea. Few mil-tech training BDs I had to test out.''

Maine's brows went up at that. ''You got mil-tech BDs?''

''Not on me, only got porn and iced off ones right now. But I can get them pretty easily.''

David's eyes flickered slightly as he noticed the deposit into his bank, it was a little under five thousand. He turned to look at Falco who nodded to him as he placed a holster down. ''That's for the shards Lucy was aiming for, the scraps won't be that much but I'll get that to you later.''

Taking off his jacket, he began to holster up, Lucy helping him tighten the holster straps on his back to make sure it was snug before he holsters his new sidearm and the magazines into his jacket as he pulled it back on.

Pilar leaned forward, his fingers drumming along David's shoulders. ''Porn and Flatlines? How much kid.''

''Flatlines top quality, so 800, porn is 200.''

Another deposit, Jesus Christ. His first day as a criminal and he's already made close to 8k edds.

He passed the BDs to Pilar who whooped before he went back to his booth with Rebecca who was eyeing David as he interacted with everyone.

They continued to mingle and chat, getting to know both the crew on a deeper level and David on a deeper level. ''Alright kid, me and Dorio are going to head out, got a date planned. We've got a job in a few days, contact you then.''

David clinked glasses with Maine before the two of them downed their drinks, Maine and Dorio standing as they made their way out.

While they had been talking, David had dismantled the Nue with nanites, learning how the weapon worked, then rebuilding it. He wouldn't modify it now, since he wouldn't be able to explain how he did it.

Instead, he began to familiarize himself with the firearm by dismantling it fully, then putting it back together.

Rebecca looked almost hungry, but no one noticed that.

Lucy leaned over to watch him as he worked. ''Not too bad... Let me know when you get some more mil-tech shards, I could use the practice.''

''I'll have to see the new shipment, I should be getting one in a few days, so depending on when and how fast I can get through them, I'll have some copies ready by the time Maine calls us for the mission.''

Rebecca stood up from her booth with her brother, strutting over to suddenly punch David in the side, surprised at how dense his muscles felt.

David flinched a bit but turned to look down at Rebecca.

''Tomorrow at 10, meet me at this firing range, going to see how you perform with an iron.'' Rebecca stated before she headed outside, Pilar noticed her leave and quickly moved to follow her.

Lucy spoke up next as Kiwi had already left a while ago. ''Alright, going to delta, want to catch a show airing.'' She waved as she left.

David turned to look at Falco. ''Need any help or delivers made before I head back home?''

''You're in Arroyo right?'' Falco rubbed his chin a bit before he nodded, going to the back and coming back with a small package.

''These are the shards, take them to these cords and drop them in Dropbox 5, once I get confirmation I'll throw in a small tip.''

David nodded before he grabbed his stuff and left as well.

He drank quite a bit, but it wasn't affecting him as much as he thought it would. He could feel the haziness but it wasn't bothering him.

So, there began his run back home, deciding he would just run instead of taking the train.

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