Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Nanites SON!

A twist of fate, a broken nose, and a lot of cursing. That was how David started his new life, the death of his mother still fresh on his mind, but instead of what he thought would happen. He gained power not even the tech of this world has seen yet. Nanomachines, Son. Has to change the title since Webnovel doesn't have something that allows me to put in what the novel is a fanfic of. ---------------------------- Additional tags Cyberpunk Edgerunners Girls Love More will be added as I need to add them. Yes, Girls love in a harem. Because if you don't like watching another hot girl, eat out a girl while you're rearranging at least one of their guts, we can't be friends.

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Lucy's Dream, Sexy Chrome

After about midnight Rebecca yawned, leaning back and flopping herself against David as she tilted her head back, swinging her legs. ''Ehh Davvy~ Let's go to your place.''

David raised a brow before he checked the time, realising how late it was he stood up, setting her onto her feet as he did. ''Sure, you can help me move my clothes.''

Lucy stood as well, stretching with a soft groan.

Rebecca looked at him. ''Move your clothes?''

''Yeah, all I really own is my clothes, and what's in my trunk. I planned to move apartments, up to one of the fancy ones on the top floor of the Mega building I'm in, they got bigger beds and it smells better up there. You two can help me break the new apartment in.''

Rebecca threw her hands into the air. ''Then can't I just move in with you?''

David watched her a moment, raising a hand to lift his shirt and scratch at his abs a bit before he shrugged. ''Don't see why not, but I thought you were tired?''

''That was before something exciting happen, let's go!''

Rebecca started to push David and Lucy away, before turning around and screaming.



Damn, Rebecca's got great aim, able to throw a table at Pillar and hit him directly in the face.

He snickered a bit before they all piled into the car, Rebecca on David's lap again while Lucy took the passenger seat so she could stretch out as they headed to Rebecca's place first.

Of course, most of the things she owned were guns, but there was plenty of room for all her guns since the new apartment would have a gun closet in it to store all their weapons.

Along with her clothing, and a large comforter she refused to leave without it, it was as they were finishing grabbing everything Lucy got David's attention by pulling on his sleeve.

''Let's stop by my place, grab my stuff too.''

''I mean, sure. We'll need to stop and drop things off though...'' David said scratching the back of his head since the gar was already full.

''No, I just need to grab a few things that I can carry in a bag,'' Lucy said, David, nodding as they once more pile into the car.

Once they got to Lucy's place, she ran to grab a few things, the BD close to her heart, a tablet she used, and a pillow along with her bathroom supplies and clothes. After she packed her bag she headed out as well, putting in the request for her apartment to be cleaned ut, she hadn't been staying here for long anyway.

Once they got everything together, they headed back to David's apartment, it took them just thirty minutes to move everything to the new apartment, the rights already being transferred over as David had cleared all evidence of him being her.

The last thing to be moved was the Urn with his mother in it. His thumb rubbed across her picture a bit as he carried it as he smiled softly to himself. Carrying it to the elevator as he headed to the top floor where the new apartment was, Lucy and Rebecca already waiting on him inside as they rearranged the room and such, making themselves comfortable.

Rebecca giggled as she saw all the room and tools for gun tomfoolery and Lucy was typing away at the terminal, already upgrading the security of the room by many folds as David gently set the Urn next to the window, where his Mother could watch the sunrise each morning, and feel the warmth of the sun, like she so often used to in the mornings with a cup of coffee.

Softly moving with the sunbeam as it moved along with the rising sun, at least now she could see over the buildings around, and see it directly.

After watching the city for a moment, David began to take his clothes off, tossing them into the washer and dryer combo, Rebecca doing the same.

Lucy didn't even notice David was naked until he was behind her, lifting her away from the terminal. ''It's late, it'll be there when you wake up in the morning to continue. Come participate in a naked bonding session in the shower.''

''A shower? That sounds good actually... I hope their hot water works here.''

David grinned mysteriously, and five minutes later while all three of them were in the shower, sitting on the bench on the wall. Both Rebecca and Lucy made quite suggestive noises as they sat beneath the water.

Oh yeah, if this building had one thing going for it. The water was pure, and it could get just under the skin at boiling temperatures, the way it seemed the girls liked it.

David didn't mind, he enjoyed both hot showers and cold showers, it just depends on how he felt, and tonight? Tonight was a hot shower night as he relaxed in the water.

Inadvertently, did they learn something about David they didn't expect?

His hands were like miracle workers when it came to helping them wash their hair and backs. The way his fingers dug into their scalp and massaged as almost surgically aimed to make them relax the most, Rebecca groaned out.

''Oh fuck, how are you so good at this?''

''Mom was a paramedic, remember? Her major was knowing a lot about the body. While I was growing up she would teach me how to massage others and myself, I continued to improve my skills with her help, she used to joke if it wasn't for my skills in massages, she would've never made it through some of the much longer shifts.'' David chuckled as they all rinsed off, once the water cleared the dryers kicked on and they basically stood in a wind vortex for a while before it finished.

After brushing their hair they all got into bed, not even caring that David chose to sleep naked while Lucy wore a large nightgown and Rebecca slept in an overside t-shirt, stolen from David.

Once they flopped onto the bed, Lucy spoke up. ''I want to show you guys something... The both of you.''

When she pulled out three BD headsets David raised a brow but he didn't say anything as he began to fix his onto his head over his eyes as did Rebecca and Lucy, using the tablet she had, she loaded up the BD while connecting the three of them together for a shared experience.

When it all loaded, David raised a hand, blocking the ways of the sun as he adjusted to the scene around him, the warmth of the sun enveloping him as he looked around. They were on the moon, his eyes widening a bit as Rebecca burst into giggles and jumped past him, sailing through the air.

David only momentarily thought about the fact he was naked on the moon, but that was the beauty of BD's.

He watched as Lucy and Rebecca began to play in the air, David using the lowered gravity and its feelings to get used to it. Jumping into the air he began to see how the gravity felt as he slowly moved, continuing to enjoy themselves as they sailed through the air, soon heading to what looked like a large station. Watching people work about their lives below.

David got laughs from the two as he stood on the AV in his full nude glory and began to preach to the projections, saying how good it felt, to be rid of a space suit, and to let it all hang low, or in this case, float in the nonexistent wind.

As they continued traveling the moon, the moment Rebecca saw a moon buggy, she took off, cracking like a witch as she landed inside it, Lucy showing her how to shift into gear as David just hung on tightly.

For good reason, as the moment Rebecca found out what pedal was the 'Go fast' pedal, she practically kicked it to the floor, peeling tired off as they began to drive.

When David noticed that despite the low gravity of the moon, the buggy hugged the ground and was able to accelerate so fast he began to explore the buggies, until he found something absolutely beautiful.

Gravity shifters, the entire buggy had a gravity shifter that allowed it to remain to the ground, and he was more than happy to notice that the tech used? Was from Arasaka.

David just gained another reason to fuck up the corpo's, as he took a mental note to get his nanites into the building and hunt their technology.

If he was able to create a gravity harness, not only would it increase his gains, but he could show off by jumping hundreds of meters into the air, or being able to throw himself up sides of buildings.

There were plenty of ways to make this technology useful.

Rebecca enjoyed it all the way up into she flipped the buggy, and despite the laughs, David had to pull her out of it as the jumped away from it, watching it tumble along the ground.

They came across space Helmets.

David put one on and both Lucy and Rebecca burst into laughter because of it, and when he saw what he looked like through their visor, he had to laugh as well. Seemed a naked man in a space helmet was a funny as-shit sight. Lucy tossed a drink packet to Rebecca, it was a 'Free Bubbly' something David had no interest in, and after some loud lip smacks Rebecca admitted her thoughts on its taste.

''Honestly taste like shit,'' Rebecca said, tossing it as hard as she could to watch it sail through space, causing Lucy to laugh.

''Yeah, it does...'' Lucy smiled as she watched the packet off in the distance.

''I can see why you want to come to the moon... Just as I can see why Mom was so interested in it as well.'' David said as he stared up to the earth from where they were, taking off the helmet.

The girls did as well, letting them fall to the ground

''It's fun up here, that's for sure... It feels good to be able to let loose and be free from the city for sure. ''Rebecca said, causing Lucy to smile. ''That's why I why to leave the earth behind. Move to the moon.''

David watched the Earth. ''Sounds like a good goal to me... Let's do it then.''

''What?'' Lucy asked, looking over at him.

''Let's score big, get tickets to the moon, and then live up here. Maybe even become a moon mercenary.''

Lucy watched him for a few minutes before she giggled before she nodded. ''Sure, and I'll help you spread your mother's ashes on the moon.''

Rebecca through her hands into the air, floating by them. ''I'm coming as well! I like this weightless feeling, makes me feel like I can eat as many burgers, and carry the biggest fucking guns and not need to worry about it.''

''Careful, fire to big a gun and you'll end up flying away,'' David said, shaking his head.

Rebecca stared at him like he was stupid before simply saying. ''Then I'll just, fire it again and send me back to the moon?''

David opened his mouth, before closing it since he wasn't sure if that would work or not, it was not like he could argue the point, so he simply nodded. ''Alright, you win that one, I'll give it to you.''

There was a soft ringing as David picked up the holo. His eyes glowed softly.

<Hey kid, seen that you're pretty much all organic, should get yourself some cyberware... Do you need me to recommend you a ripper?> M

<Maine? No, I know one. I know a cheap one to get the parts, and I know a cheap but trustworthy one to install them.>

<You know what you're going to get?> M

<Some Gorilla arms, plus maybe a better hacking shard and some daemons if I can afford it.>

<Gorilla arms? That's some good shit, will definitely help when we can't be as loud as he wants, let me know if you need any extra eddies, I'm alright to spot you some to get you better-kitted... Well, I called you just to warn you that there won't be any big missions soon, going to install the Sandevistan, and take some time to get used to it before I take another gig, you good with that?> M

<Don't worry about us Maine, we'll find some jobs to keep us satisfied while you get used to your hip replacement old man.>

<You little sh-.> M

David ended the call with a smirk.

''What was that about?'' Lucy asked, having moved to softly use her toes to bounce slowly in the air in front of him, Rebecca using David's head to float sideways above him.

''Maine called me, talked about me getting some chrome, warned me he was going to install the sandy so we won't have a big gig for awhile.''

Rebecca said from above them. ''That's fine, we can find some trouble to get into while we wait.''

David raised a hand, pulling her down. ''That's what I told him... Alright, it's already 3 am, let's get some sleep. I want to at least try to be up before noon tomorrow.''

Lucy nodded before the BD shut down, all of them taking their headsets off.

The comforter Rebecca had brought was huge, easily able to cover all three of them, despite Lucy having brought the pillow, David was the one using it as the two used his shoulder as a pillow.

As Lucy snuggled into David's side, she felt relaxed, for once. She didn't feel like a caged bird, not as much as before.

Rebecca was just glad to snuggle someone, she would never admit it out loud, but she slept better when with somebody. Sometimes she and Pilar would sleep in the same bed if she was having a particularly rough night, as despite their outward appearances, when it was behind closed doors they were two very caring siblings that loved each other, only wishing the best for each other.

Despite what David had originally wanted, they didn't even leave the apartment until well after 2 PM, Rebecca headed off saying she was going to go to a few places to big up some leads, and Lucy did the same, also saying she needed to get a few things to get Netrunner equipment set up so she could be even more useful.

They had a ton of room in the new apartment so David didn't mind.

Walking down the block, he came to a door of the ripper doc, it opened automatically to see him using a Mr-Handy to jack himself off while he was watching an interface, a cheap VR replica.

''David, that you boy? Holy shit, haven't seen you in forever, look at you all kitted up and strapped, you here for some cyberwear?''

''Gorilla arms, cheapest you got.''

The ripper doc cackled a bit as he stopped the interface, pointing to the wall of different types of gorilla arms. ''You want me to install them?''

''No, I only have enough to buy them for now, I'll need to come back to install them later,'' David said as he walked over, grabbing one of the sizes that would fit him as he walked over.

''15k, no less.''

David was being up charged, not that he cared that much about money. Since if he really needed any, he could use his nanites to get some.

''Fuck... That's a bit more than I thought but alright. Here you go.''

The doctor waved as David left cackling. ''Good doing business with you choom, remember to take your meds... Oh wait, you can't afford them! Hahaha!''

David just chuckled as he left, once he was in the alley and he confirmed no one would see him, he dismantled the arms with the nanites.

Letting the information spread through his senses, he began to focus on what he wanted, the nanites moving, learning from each other and what they got from the gorilla arms before they confirmed the blueprint he wanted to, and got to work.

Did he activate them right there? Yes, because the sooner the better, he had also used his nanites while he was inside the docs to see if he had any blueprints, only able to find a smart link, still useful since it would allow him to directly connect with his guns and other equipment to see how much ammo he had left, and the predicted explosion radius of grenades when he used them.

It took a little under an hour for the nanites to finish, they took their time really because he wanted it to be flawless work. As well as because of them taking their time, he was able to activate them immediately, getting a feel for them.

They were sleek and sexy. Flexings his fingers a bit and watching them move he grinned. He could feel the slow build-up of kinetic energy even as he did the small movements, so he moved to a place he couldn't be spotted and began to punch a wall.

He continued to punch at the wall, his fist embedding into the stone before he felt he reached the first stage.

He had three stages for his kinetic implants, the first being the 'Speed' stage, which expelled the kinetic force in a burst of air from his elbow that allowed him to move his arms far faster.

The second stage is the 'Power' stage, which would expel the kinetic energy using a piece of dispersing equipment at his knuckles.

The final stage simply combined both of these stages, producing a powerful, and very fast devastating punch.

It also offered the same benefits that any Gorilla arm would, sure that now he could force his way into most normal doors, and some secured once he tried.

Waiting until he had the second stage built up, he activated only the first stage, his fist blurring as it suddenly rocketed forward as he felt the air disperse behind him as his fist sunk into the wall an inch deeper than before.

He then continued punching at the wall, actually pulling out pieces of concrete at this point before he suddenly punched the wall and activated the dispersing equipment.

When the kinetic energy that had built up was expelled from his knuckles, the entire wall shook as multiple spider web cracks appeared in a large radius around the wall.

After getting the third stage ready.

He activated it only for him to punch through the wall, the wall coming down around his fist. ''Whoops.''

David then left the scene quickly before anyone saw him there when they went to investigate the noise or the fact an entire wall just came down.

His holo started to ring so he accepted the call.

<Hey David, are you free right now?> Dorio

<Yeah, what do you need?>

<Got a package for Pilar that just arrived at the headquarters, could you stop by and deliver it to him? I should be hearing from the doc soon about Maine.> D

<Got it, I'll come by.>

<Thank you... Oh shit, that's him now, see you later David.> D

The call hung up.

David decided to get some lunch now from a street vendor, the food was... passable, as long as he had a heavy drink with it afterward. Using the time while he was eating to call for his wheels, letting the onboard auto system drive towards him as he stayed near the road.

It wasn't five minutes later that Bast purred up to him, the driver's door sliding open as he got in. He was about to drive off before there was a knock on the window.

Looking to the window to see a face he wasn't expecting to see. Katsuo Tanaka, the blue-haired brat from school.

David had to suppress the almost feral grin that spread across his face before he rolled the window down, smiling at his old school friend. Not having even realized he was in that area right now.

''Katsuo, what a pleasure, what can I do for you?''

''Nice ride David... Why haven't I seen you around in the last few days? No more BDs to sell me?''

Katsuo watched David as he seemed to think before coming to a sudden realization as he turned, rummaging around in the back of the seat. ''Yeah actually, I was just heading to the school to give you one. You'll like this one, the one I gave you last time was nova, but this one? This one is as realistic as you'll get, the closest experience to the real thing.''

David turned around, setting the new tactician Rebecca had left in his car last night, having made sure it was loaded and already chambered with a slug when he turned.

He had also used that time to make sure that every camera, everywhere that could see them just so happened to lose the last five minutes of footage, only for an entirely similar thing to happen to all of them, making it look normal.

When Katsuo saw the shotgun, his eyes began to widen, only to hear David simply say. ''See? The most realistic experience... Dying.''

Pulling the trigger, he didn't flinch as Katsuo turned into minced meat, scattering the street and sidewalk with his brain matter and guts. Needing to use a few nanites to clean his car and gun he put it back behind the passenger seat.

The nanites not only emptied the funds from the now-dead student's personal account but also did the same to the footage that was in it that happened to the cameras around.

David was never there, nor was his car.

To any of the cameras, including the ones in Katsuo, no audio was picked up.

Just what looked to be him knocking on the air, and then suddenly getting eviscerated.

Once David was sure he got everything, he simply chuckled as he drove away, if Katsou hadn't chosen now to do it, he may have survived, but the street had been practically empty, with no eyes on him, and even the vendor had turned away to tend to the grill. No witnesses, no evidence, just death.

Wonder how Tanaka would feel about that?

Not that David cared exactly, having left nanites with Katsou's corpse, that would attach to his father when he got close, and then... Would attach it to the Arasaka building, and then let David know once that happened.

David really wanted those gravity shifter blueprints after all, and when an opportunity as golden as that appears, one takes the initiative.

Driving away he eventually arrived at HQ and getting the package he then headed back to Pilar's place, knowing the route to it because him stopping there last night to get Rebecca's stuff.

Knocking on the door he called out. ''Pilar, it's David, got a delivery!''

''PREEM!'' He heard yelled from the bedroom before rapid footsteps as he threw the door open, ripping the packages up to show the golden hands. ''When I heard he was going to get his sandy on, I didn't think I'd see them until I headed down there myself, thanks, David... Ah... Can I uhh... Give you an IOU? I spent all my cash on getting these after all...''

David laughed, shaking his head. ''Call it charity work Pilar, I had nothing to do anyway.''

''Thanks, man... Hey, how was she?''

David looked up to Pilar, who for a strange moment seemed somber and nostalgic. Watching a moment before he smiled. ''She slept like a baby, snugged to me all night. She's currently out searching for leads for work.''

''Thanks, man... And David, treat her right alright? I've got a good feeling about you... I can't explain it, but it's like when you joined, I felt our fate change or something... Like luck was on our side, I know it's stupid, but Falco said he felt a similar thing, so maybe? Ahh, whatever. See you, David, I'm going to take these babies for a spin.''

"See you later Pilar, I'll let you know if Rebecca or Lucy turn up with some leads.'' David waved as he headed off, looking to go see if he could get himself into any trouble.

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