Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Nanites SON!

A twist of fate, a broken nose, and a lot of cursing. That was how David started his new life, the death of his mother still fresh on his mind, but instead of what he thought would happen. He gained power not even the tech of this world has seen yet. Nanomachines, Son. Has to change the title since Webnovel doesn't have something that allows me to put in what the novel is a fanfic of. ---------------------------- Additional tags Cyberpunk Edgerunners Girls Love More will be added as I need to add them. Yes, Girls love in a harem. Because if you don't like watching another hot girl, eat out a girl while you're rearranging at least one of their guts, we can't be friends.

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Falco's Request

David swore he would dedicate today to the gains, the absolute grind he wanted, deserved after what he did.

All for it to be foiled right before he could even start.

His hand gripping at the bar of the weights as he shed a quiet, single tear before he answered the call.

<Yes Falco?>

<Dorio is getting itchy, and wanted to get out of the doc's for a bit, Maine is on the road to recovery and should be on his feet in the next few days... But, I've got a job.> F

<Yes, please enthrall me with your idea of a job, I am practically shivering in my pants.>

There was a silence before Falco asked seriously. <Are you even wearing pants?> F

David looked down for a moment, considering how he should answer before he did so the best he could. <No, I'm not, I am currently standing here naked as the day I was born, ready to get all hot and sweaty before you called... Now I'm just hot, not sweaty, and bothered.>

There was a chuckle from Falco before he continued. <It's a physical job, get in quietly, get the data to get out... Though, I doubt it will go that smoothly.> F

<Who's the job coming from?>

<A concerned citizen, a Ripperdoc in the area, apparently he thinks some Scavengers are hanging around the area near the docs in an apartment building, ripping out implants, you know their usual crimes against the world.> F

<Do we got any info on them?>

< They're not expecting a hit, their security is relaxed since they own the entirety of the building, but that doesn't mean they aren't armed. When can you be ready to go?> F

David got sent coordinates to the location, including the meeting point not to far away, sending it to both Rebecca and Lucy, as he heard Rebecca break into laughter, screaming off in the distance.


<Give us 10 minutes.>

<David... I trust your driving, but ten minutes?> F

David chuckled. <That's why I said 10, trafficks is killer this time of day.>

Falco just sighed as the call ended.

David's senses flared, his flex senses, every guy had them, and on instinct he discreetly spread out his toes to get a grip on the floor, letting his legs flex before he followed the muscle all the way up and flexed his butt cheeks, just as a hand reached forward to squeeze it, getting a giggle out of Lucy as she came around to look at him.

''A job?''

''Scav's, concerned citizen, Falco said it was a get in and out.''

David raised his hands to use air quotes to further put his point out. ''Quiet.''

''NO!'' Was all they got as a response from Rebecca as she ran towards the door, having more guns strapped to her than she had clothing to hold it all. A large customized crusher shotgun was in her hands.

David chuckled a bit as he shook his head. ''Dorio was itchin' for some action after sitting for so long, so most likely it will end up us knocking a few teeth in.''

Lucy put her arms around his shoulders loosely as she pulled him in for a kiss. He responded by leaning forward to press his lips to hers, holding it a few moments.

It had been a week since they saved those kids, and most of it had been spent on David either gaining mass, researching into things he wanted to do as he tried to formulate a plan of what he wanted to do in his life, as well as mess around with all the blueprints for tech he had rattling around.

Breaking the kiss he jerked his head. ''Go make sure Rebecca leaves room in Bast for us to sit in while I get dressed.''

Lucy stole another quick kiss before leaving him to get dressed, doing so in his usual outfit, a black shirt, his comfortable pants that could prevent him from getting stabbed, as well as his mother's jacket still as good as new as out of everything, he refused to let this get hurt.

He then got his hidden knife into his boot, strapping his folded Ajax and holstering his Nue as he got everything ready. He had done maintenance on them just fifteen minutes ago so he knew they were ready.

Once he got to the garage he opened the door to Bast to see both Lucy and Rebecca sitting in the seat, Rebecca grinned at him as he noticed the firearms taking the passenger seat. ''You said room so we can sit, you never said where to leave the room!''

''Ah ha, think you're smart, do you? Well, how about this.''

David then began to get in without moving them, opting to try and sit on them instead, fists hitting his back and sides as they tried their best to get him off them.

''NO! I refuse to be squished under your cute man butt, off me you savage, you brute!'' Rebecca leaned in, biting his thick bicep to try and fend off her attacker.

After a few more minutes of getting 'fought' off them, he scooped the both of them, getting in and then returning them to his lap. Was it hard to drive with both of them on his lap? Not really, both of them had small enough waists to be able to reach around them, and despite the play-up, there was plenty of space in Bast.

Almost like how if you sat on a bus, you can't reach the other side by just stretching out your arm, but you could with a car... Strange how it all stays in one lane, hm?

''You've got seven minutes David... Think you can perform?'' Lucy asked, smirking at him.

''You know... Other girls want us to last longer than seven minutes, but I'll show you what I can do in five.''

Ah, if only David decided to record the faces of people as he drove between cars on only two wheels... Oh, wait.

He did.

''Annnd... He's late.'' Falco stated, watching his watch, only to jump as he looked to his left and saw David leaning against the van.

''Jesus Christ, how can you be so quiet when Rebeccas is with you?'' Dorio asked, leaning to look past Falco to David which caused him to get a view of her breast, not that Dorio cared at all, unlike some people. David wouldn't try anything.

''That's the trick if you're trying to do something quiet. Don't bring Rebecca.'' He jerked his head over across the street, where you could see Rebecca jamming out to the music playing inside of Bast, using a shotgun as an air guitar.

''You're good at dealing with those two already, good on you David.'' Dorio responded with a thumbs up, causing David to chuckle.

''Sorry it took me so long to get here, five minutes was cutting it close.'' David responded, scratching at his chin as he leaned down, looking through the passenger window down the street to the building.

''Five? You said ten minutes.'' Falco responded, causing David to sigh as he slowly leaned back, looking to the sky. ''I did, didn't I?... I'm sorry, the traffic was just that bad, performance issues and all that.''

Falco looked confused as David didn't elaborate further and walked to the back of the van. Opening it up he joined Kiwi in the back as she messed around with her vidboard*. ''Any civilians?''

Kiwi shook her head, turning the board around and handing it to David. ''None and they just brought a fresh batch in, this would be the best time to hit, right while they're pulling scraps out.''

David nodded as he read the vidboard, scrolling through it a bit before he nodded. ''Pilar not here?''

''Another mission, said he would get here as soon as possible, but most likely won't arrive until dawn to back in the after party.'' Dorio responded from the front seat, David nodding as he handed the board back to Kiwi who set it down as they all began to leave the van.

Seeing this Rebecca had Bast shut off, getting out as Lucy leaned up from the back of the car, having been enjoying a lollipop.

Walking as a group down the street before they began to break off into the alleyways, behind buildings, and such. They all had an entry point, and it would do better if they were split up, and not altogether if they planned to infiltrate.

David and Lucy had the entry point on the fourth floor, where the terminal they were trying to connect to was.

Lucy was able to use her Mono wire as David was able to scale the side of the building with ease, the secure line opening as they all became connected.

<Team Lucid Dream, in place.> L

The call name caught a chuckle from David, it was simply because it started with L and D, for Lucy and David.

<Code names, really?> D

David smiled, chuckling over the holo. <Not my fault, she liked it.>

<I like it, maybe we should come up with a team name...> F

<A team name? Like what, the uncool Adams Family?> Kiwi snorted

<The mighty eight?> Falco mentioned.

<Nine, Mom may not be proud of what I'm doing, but she's still with me.>

<The Mighty Nine then? Oh god, I can hear Maine now... ''The Mighty Nine, lead by the Might Maine.''> Dorio sighed over the holo before she spoke.

<the rest of us are in position, what we looking at LD?> R

<Three scavs, on is idling, walking around, one's behind the terminal looking at born, and there's one on the couch passed out.> L

<Kiwi, there's a camera, can you get the optics of the one behind the terminal on my go?>

<Of course.> K

David began to slowly get the window open, before with a soft woosh it opened as Lucy jumped in first, wrapping her manowire around the sleeping man's throat


The man behind the terminal had begun to reach for his gun, trying to pull up his pants only for him to drop the gun, setting it off as it fired.

Not a second later David was on him, sending a crushing blow to the head with his fist. Just as the person patrolling rapidly came in with his bat, only to be blown to actual smithereens as the heavy, and loud crash of a crusher was heard.

The door blew to pieces, Rebecca having used the optics from both David and Lucy to aim her shot, eliminating two of her targets with one shot. The door, and the meat door.

Rebecca practically purred as she was able to rack another shell, was it strange how a girl her size was able to handle a crusher? Not when you take into consideration that Rebecca already had implants that increased her strength, David's upgrade had only made it better, meaning she could now handle large weapons. The Crusher had also been customized for her.

David pulled the guy off the chair for Kiwi as she got to work quickly. David pulled out his Ajax, lowering his stance he took a knee next to the desk. His gun raised as he aimed at the people pulling out the cyberwear in another room, both of their hands going up before he dropped the both of them with a headshot each.

Dorio suddenly broke through a flimsy wall behind Rebecca as she straight-bodied two poor guys to the floor as they all moved into the room, waiting for Kiwi to finish.

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