Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Nanites SON!

A twist of fate, a broken nose, and a lot of cursing. That was how David started his new life, the death of his mother still fresh on his mind, but instead of what he thought would happen. He gained power not even the tech of this world has seen yet. Nanomachines, Son. Has to change the title since Webnovel doesn't have something that allows me to put in what the novel is a fanfic of. ---------------------------- Additional tags Cyberpunk Edgerunners Girls Love More will be added as I need to add them. Yes, Girls love in a harem. Because if you don't like watching another hot girl, eat out a girl while you're rearranging at least one of their guts, we can't be friends.

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Debriefing, The Gig

''Slot the shard kid.'' Maine said, David, taking it and slotting it into his neural slot.

A video started playing, showing a fight between two people.

''Say hello to Arasaka corpsdriver and bodyguard, Maxim.'' Maine started explaining as he also watched the video, as did all of them.

''We're going to swipe the nav data of his limo he rolls around in. We try and take the car, and 'Saka ninjas might be all over us, so the best bet is to take just the data.''

''Maxim enjoys betting on fights, it's one of the few joys in his sad life that he gets to spend all that corpo scratch on, he places a sizable amount on the butcher every week, the big bitch. Everyone does due to the uppercut of hers.''

David gave a mock his of pain as he watched the person fighting her get tossed across the arena like a rag doll after a mean uppercut. Her size was no joke.

''But this fight isn't going to go like the others. We got someone on the inside who's going to use the first round when her guard is lowered to take her out of the fight immediately. One of Dorio's old lifting buddies.''

Dorio gave a nod. ''Aneta, mean right hook.''

''He has a habit of drowning his sorrows in a hole-in-the-wall dive bar called Jacked and Coke, ring a bell?'' Maine asked, looking to David, testing his situational awareness, and his memory.

''Bar across the street from Falco's place, I remember it.'' David nodded, causing Maine to grin and Dorio to just smile, shaking her head.

''That's where we'll make our move, a few drinks in he'll be good and greased, once you get the key, give it to Dorio, she's got a cracker so she can make a copy of it and we can pop the limo.'' After Maine said that, Dorio held up the coder that David had given her earlier.

''Then we'll klip the data while he's out and shitfaced and then all you need to do is returned the chip before he realizes it's gone, sound easy enough?''

David nodded, asking ''What if he wakes up while we're copying the key?''

Maine rubbed his face a bit before he sighed. ''There's a chance his boss might call him, so it's a possibility. Lucy?''

''If he does wake up, we'll scrap that plan and use the key we have to get into his car, and then klip the data directly. Becca's job will be to trip him up in case that happens. We know how you drive worst case, so you will be in the driver's seat, and I'll be in the passenger seat to break the ice wall and get the data directly.''

David raised a brow. ''Can't we just knock him out?''

Kiwi shook her head. ''Can't, if he's harmed in any way, even as much as shorting his circuits in an emp or disabling shock, the whole corp will come down on us.''

David nodded as he focused, thinking of the plan as a whole before he nodded. ''That everything?''

''If plan a is out the window, you'll need to drive the car to this location, where it can be scrapped, we've got a large jammer here so it will give us the ability to escape.'' A map appeared, showing an abandoned location with multiple shipping crates around. David being sent the GPS pin by Lucy.

''You think they'll try and use gangs to get to us first? They may not want to waste company assets.''

Dorio chuckled a bit. ''You're good with your iron, right? Solve that if it happens.''

''Alright, sounds good.''

Maine nodded as he stood up, the shards stopping as they all pulled them out, handing them to Maine who crushed them in his hands and tossed them into the furnace.

''Good, get some rest then, we move early morning, got it?''

David saluted off as he headed to the lounge to land on one of the empty couches, stretching out as he snuggled in for the night, only to feel Rebecca climb onto him and flop onto him to join him, zipping up his jacket around herself and him.

''You didn't tell me you could kit your own irons Davvy.''

''Never came up, but yeah. You like them?''

''Loved them actually, upset that you haven't offered to tune mine up, the whole team could do with a tune-up, Falco's good, but even he admired your work.''

David nodded, his arms behind his head as Pilar came in, seeing the two of them he grinned, letting out a perverted giggle before he slunk back away, there was the sound of something heavy getting hit and Pilar coughing as Dorio walked in, waving at the two of them as she sat down to start watching T.V.

''After the gig, you can tell me what you want during the road trip, I'll let everyone else just send me their weapons and what they want to be improved.''

Rebecca moved her elbows, resting them next to his shoulders as she rested her chin between her hands, holding her cheeks with her hands. Her legs swung behind her. ''Take Lucy with us.''

''I only got two seats, Becca... Guess I could nick some gonk's whe-.''

''Nope, I'll just sit on your lap.'' Rebecca interrupted him, David raising a brow. ''Why do you want to take Lucy with you?''

''She's suffering from caged bird syndrome. Maybe a road trip for a day or two will help her calm down a bit... I've also wanted to put my tongue in her throat for a while, and you're my shortcut.''

David snickered at that, shaking his head. ''Now you're hitting on me? Princess, what would the others think.''

She suddenly leaned forward, head butting him hard, only to pull away as she held her head. ''Fuck, what the hell is your skull made out of?!''

''This may surprise you... But dreams.''

Rebecca groaned and simply snuggled down into him, paying attention to the T.V.

David turned to look at the T.V. only to catch Dorio's expression, one twisted in a grin as she gave him two thumbs up, before her brows wiggled as she bumped them together.

David chuckled, causing Rebecca to bounce on him slightly, earning him her hand in his face as she tried to push his head back deeper into the couch to get him to shut up.


Once the morning came around, David showered, joined by Rebecca to save time as it was a massive shower, Maine and Dorio showered together, but it took slightly longer, and when the two of them left, they looked more relaxed than they did when they entered.

Everyone else got ready as David did his stretches and morning workout, being joined by Falco, Maine, and Dorio, Dorio honestly impressed how much his slender body could lift, and told him to show the guns.

When he took off his shirt and showed off, all three of them whistled, David caught Lucy watching from a window but seemed to have a strange expression.

''Man, you've definitely put in the effort, I bet your flexibility and motor control functions are crazy,'' Dorio said, poking along his arms, when she felt how dense his arms were she raised her brows a bit. ''Definitely natural but... Their dense.''

''Yeah, it's my body type.''

Dorio looked at him for a moment before realization seemed to strike. ''That's right, I didn't pay attention to it, but everyone is supposed to have a certain body type, some are better at gaining muscle, some are better at losing weight, some have stronger bones, denser muscles, and natural light on their feet.''

''Bingo, I'm actually a bit heavier than I look.''

''Arms out then kid.'' Dorio said, grinning.

David knew what was about to happen, and he just sighed. Putting his arms out resulted in him getting picked up by her.

After weighing him a bit she nodded. ''You're right, pretty hefty for a runt.''

She set him back down, Maine laughing softly as he watched as Falco simply focused on his own workout.

Once they all finished and got warmed up, they all head to the bar, parking a bit away as they got everything set up.

They got everything set up, Dorio leaned on the counter in the corner, resting her head in her arms, and Rebecca made herself look all cute and proper as she started to drink fruit drinks. At times David could see the break in the character of her frowning due to it which caused him to laugh.

David chose a booth, 'passing' out into it.

Pilar, Maine, and Kiwi were all in the van while Lucy stayed nearby in case she was needed.

Almost right on time did Maxim come in, in a huff and puff as he sat down. The bartender being used to it simply started to pour him drinks, drink after drink, after drink.

It took forty minutes for him to get hammered and pass out, David has already started to move and was able to get the chip and get it back to Dorio in a fluid moment.

The device started to work and David crouched a bit, hand ready to grab the chip as he used Dorio's frame to hide behind.

<Shit, his boss is calling.> K

<On his day off? Damnit!> M

<David, Lucy go! Rebecca, trip him up!> M

David pulled the chip and moved quickly across the bar while he had the chance and made his way to the car, Lucy was already able to get into it as David got into the driver's seat, taking a moment to look around the interior as he scoffed slightly. ''Rich assholes, it's not even comfortable in here.''

''David, quiet I need to focus.''

<You guys need to hurry, the guys a quick shot!> R

<Hold on, just a few more seconds.> L

David turned to look at the bar, seeing the guy starting to run towards them, already drawing his pistol.

''Got it, let's go.''

David reached for the door, when he pulled the handle he didn't say anything, instead using the holo to talk as he started the car and took off, bullets flying by and a few impacting the windows. They were bulletproof thank the gods.

<We're stuck in here, proceeding to plan B>

<Got it, we're right behind you. Come here you beauty.> M

Maine upset they had to resort to this plan, was NOT upset that he was able to get behind the wheel of Bast, Rebecca jumped into the passenger seat as they all gunned it out as began to follow them.

David's skills in driving began to show themselves as he easily made it around corners and onto the bridge, only for more rounds to begin ricocheting off the car.

<Damnit! They've got a bounty on the car already!> K

David hearing that suddenly changed his direction from the right side to the left, Lucy screaming at that. ''You Shorting out David? This is the oncoming lane!''

''It's 10:29, around this time the right side gets congested with traffic as they're trying to head into Japantown!''

<Kid's right, traffics bad here, kid we can't support you.> M

David removed his seat belt and started to use one hand to drive, pulling out his Ajax. ''Lucy, can you get a window open?''

''A window... Yeah.'' It took her a moment, but the back right window rolled down, the sudden whooshing of air announcing that as multiple bikes began to catch up to them.

''Take the wheel.'' David said as he suddenly let it go, getting into the back seat as he fully extended the Ajax out.

Lucy squalled as she leaned over to grab the wheel to keep it steady, she wasn't the best driver, but avoiding hitting cars in the oncoming lane, couldn't be hard... Right?

David grabbed the roof of the car and pulled himself out, having turned his jacket around so it covered most of his chest as locked his foot into the headrest of the driver's seat and secured his left foot by jamming it between the back of the seat and the cushion.

He took a deep breath as bullets whizzed past him before he raised the Ajax up and began to return fire, the first burst took out the first driver, along with the second burst taking out the tire of the second and causing him to suddenly lose control.

When he went for the third burst and pulled the trigger the car suddenly jerked as Lucy dodged another car, he heard her scream out. ''SORRY!''

He snickered as he took aim once more and in another burst fire he tore through the third.

Once he finished he pulled himself back into the car, letting Lucy slide back into the passenger seat as he took the wheel once more. ''Reload my rifle will you?''

Lucy stared at him, her eyes clouding more before she moved to reload his rifle, suppressing whatever emotion she had been feeling

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