Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Nanites SON!

A twist of fate, a broken nose, and a lot of cursing. That was how David started his new life, the death of his mother still fresh on his mind, but instead of what he thought would happen. He gained power not even the tech of this world has seen yet. Nanomachines, Son. Has to change the title since Webnovel doesn't have something that allows me to put in what the novel is a fanfic of. ---------------------------- Additional tags Cyberpunk Edgerunners Girls Love More will be added as I need to add them. Yes, Girls love in a harem. Because if you don't like watching another hot girl, eat out a girl while you're rearranging at least one of their guts, we can't be friends.

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David Wick

''Alright Davvy, we're going to go through a few firearms, and if I like what I see, I'll take you out on a personal mission of mine, eddies to be made, assholes to kill, and all that.''

They stood behind a barrier made of tires, multiple targets set up on the field expanding further and further.

''I've got enough ammo here to set off another fourth of July, so go crazy, let's see what you can do with your piece.''

David suddenly pulled without entering a stand, holding it sideways as he fired multiple rounds. After each blast was a loud 'Ting'.

David shifted his stance, straightening the gun as he entered a proper firing stand with his feet matching his shoulders and his body leaned forward a bit into the recoil as he continued to fire.

When he needed to reload he ejected the mag, quickly reloading it before he continued to fire, hitting further and further. Only when he ran out of that clip did he eject the mag, being sure to clear the chamber and then set the pistol down.

Rebecca was staring out at the field, slowly turning to look up at him with a fever in her eyes. ''You just hit a man-sized target at 200 yards... Three times, all at least a lethal shot.''

''Have a talent with shooting, dad was a cop. Taught me how to shoot at a young age, Mom hated it BECAUSE I was good at it.''

Rebecca thrust an assault rifle into his hands, practically panting by the time she spoke next. ''Again, two mags only. 3 round bursts.''

Returning to his stance he lined up the targets once more and began to fire, once more showing off his skills as this time, he was able to hit a target at 500 yards, needing to actually use his eyes for this one.

As Rebecca saw him nail multiple targets she pulled the assault rifle from him, and then thrust a sniper into his hand. By this point her nipples were poking out from the black bikini she wore beneath her hoody, her chest heaving as she spoke again.

''Standing, Crouching, prone.''

David chambered a round since it was a bolt action SPT32 Grad, he pulled it up, waiting a few moments as he seemed to calculate his shot.

The first round down range was a hit at a thousand yards.

Crouching down and securing the bipod properly, this shot was two thousand, another hit.

He then moved to go prone next to the tired. Adjusting his position a bit until he was comfortable, and taking a minute to look through the scope.

He didn't see any targets past 2k, so he slowly shifted the barrel and his stance a little to aim for a sign he saw off in the distance.

The scope said it was 4521 yards away... This was a good whole two thousand above his previous record in his old life.

After lining the shot up, and taking his time. He fired, holding his breath as he watched through the scope.

It took 11 seconds for the bullet to hit, and it blew apart the sign. It was a hit.

He took a breath before he turned his body over to look at Rebecca, only to see her jumping onto him. Her legs straddled his waist as she grabbed his shirt and pulled him into a kiss.

There was no tongue involved, but her lips mashed against his and he simply rested his hands on her thighs, responding to the kiss by doing what a man would do in his situation, kissing back.

It lasted many long seconds before she broke it, pushing him away so she could look at him, her eyes sparkling. ''I think I get why princesses fall in love at first sight now.''

David raised a brow before he nodded, speaking up as if he had two wires spark. ''Ah, that's why you looked so familiar, you were a princess.''

Rebecca stared at him, not seeming to understand what he was saying for a moment before her cheeks darkened she suddenly hit him in the chest hard. Standing up as she stomped away. ''Meet me in the car! You owe me lunch!''

David chuckled as he stood, collecting all the weapons including his own he put them all back, as well as refilled his mags and holstered his Nue. By the time he got back to his car, he noticed Rebecca closing his trunk and then getting into the passenger seat.

David called out to the garage. ''See you, Falco!''

Falco called out, David could only see his legs at this point. ''Bye David!''

Sliding into the driver's seat after dusting himself off a bit, he leaned back in his seat. ''So, what do you feel like eating?''

''I always eat a good burger when I'm about to kill someone, so head down the road, it'll take us about fifteen minutes to get there, but the burgers are to kill for.''

''Fifteen minutes? I swore I told you I was going to show you what she could do.''

''She?'' Rebecca asked, looking at him.

David grinned as the car suddenly roared to life, because the window was down he heard a thump and then a loud curse from the garage. ''Every man's baby needs a name, mine just happens to be a girl, and named Bast, goddess of pleasure.''

Suddenly, David was roaring out of the garage, able to see Falco in the rearview, looking as if someone just ran away with the love of his life.

He chuckled a bit as he simply sent a message to him, telling him to check his Terminal.


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