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A twist of fate, a broken nose, and a lot of cursing. That was how David started his new life, the death of his mother still fresh on his mind, but instead of what he thought would happen. He gained power not even the tech of this world has seen yet. Nanomachines, Son. Has to change the title since Webnovel doesn't have something that allows me to put in what the novel is a fanfic of. ---------------------------- Additional tags Cyberpunk Edgerunners Girls Love More will be added as I need to add them. Yes, Girls love in a harem. Because if you don't like watching another hot girl, eat out a girl while you're rearranging at least one of their guts, we can't be friends.

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An Understanding, a Promise, and Celebration

He had taken a long way around, to help clear the air and spend some time in silence with the two women, though he caught the continuous smug looks Rebecca was sending Lucy's way every time she would look at them.

Apparently, Lucy had enough as in a moment of bravery, she crossed the middle console to join onto David's lap.

As he had Rebecca on his left lap, his arm around her slender waist to hold the steering wheel as he drove, and he now had his right hand around Lucy's waist.

''You know, this is technically illegal, and dangerous right?'' David questioned, despite him doing so, he had a shit-eating grin on his face, a grin that anyone else would see, with two different types of beauties on his lap, which might make them feel rage.

''Yes, because murder isn't illegal? I trust your driving... I think you might be the only other person in his life that Falco might be 'willing' to let drive his own wheels.'' Rebecca scoffed, only huffing at the loss of her advantage over Lucy.

Lucy was blushing a storm, having not thought this far, she just hated how smug Rebecca was being about it. But the fact she didn't feel any tension from David and seemed to be rubbing at her waist gently to help her relax she finally spoke up.

''Are you angry at me?'' Lucy asked, her voice low.

''Angry?... Honestly? Maybe a little bit, I don't like losing control like that, at least not with my emotions... But I needed to get it off my chest, I'm just mad you brought up my Mother is all.''

"I..." David took a deep breath, needing a moment to collect his thoughts again. ''Take out my sidearm.''

Rebecca, the gun goblin was already moving by the time he said 'side' as she drew his Nue, only stopping as she took notice of the handle of his pistol.

Behind the grip of the pistol was a picture of Gloria Martinez, a beautiful woman with red hair pulled up in a bun, smiling a dazzling smile that attracted attention purely by its radiance.

Rebecca stopped as she rubbed at the image, noticing that when her fingers swiped the grip, the picture changed. Both Lucy and Rebecca spent some time in silence as they took the pictures in.

''She's... Beautiful... So this is your Mother?'' Lucy whispered, Rebecca, chewed at her lip, even more, upset now that she didn't get the chance to meet someone as beautiful as her.

''Yeah, an actual Angel. One of the few left, I'm not mad at you, because I understand. No one in this crew has lived a good life, no one had a great childhood, we're in Night City after all, right?''

David then chuckled, lighting up the mood gently as he joked. ''And, I'm too good to be true, aren't I? Good at shooting, driving, hacking, fighting, and thinking on my feet. I've got connections, I can kit my own irons, and even my jacket has been customized to be able to take a few bullets. Hell, I can even cook.''

Lucy smiled softly as she held David's gun in her hand, noticing that if she didn't swipe it, after a while it would do so automatically.

Rebecca elbowed him in the gut, not getting much a reaction other than a soft 'Ow' and flinch to appease her.

''I'm not saying I don't have my own secrets, we all do... But I can assure you that no matter what, I am not looking to turn on this crew, nor am I willing to. No amount of money could change that...''

David sat there in silence, deciding now it was a good time to start heading to the Celebration place, apparently the spot they always went t after a successful job, having gotten a text from Dorio, asking how long they'd be.

Sending a text back saying they'd be 10 at the least, 20 at the most Dorio sent back a thumbs up, then a winking emoji and said she'd make sure the beers were chilled for when they got there.

''My offer still stands by the way,'' David stated after a few quiet minutes, Lucy having returned his Nue back to his holster now, as they both simply enjoyed leaning into him as he drove, the smooth way he drove helping them relax on his lap.

The two of them looked up to him, both with looks of confusion. ''Your offer?'' Lucy asked.

''I'm still willing to let you Hard-Wire in,'' David stated bluntly, causing Rebecca to push his jaw upwards to close his mouth, Lucy rapidly shaking her head. ''No!''

Lucy took a moment before her hand reached down to grip the hand around her waist. ''I'm going to believe in you... I don't know why, but I feel like I need to, for my own good.''

David chuckled a bit, shaking his head. ''Sounds like something we would be warned about by Kiwi.''

''Fuck that uptight bitch!'' Rebecca cursed, harumphing.

Lucy laughed, a clear and beautiful laugh. Rebecca smirked in a win since she got Lucy to laugh properly.

''Yeah, Kiwi is a bit uptight, but let's be perfectly honest...'' David began only to be stopped as Rebecca barked out.

''She got a nice pair of tits! ACTUALLY! So does Dorio... And Lucy...''

Rebecca deflated. ''David, do you like small tits?''

''Abso-Fucking-Lutely.'' David stated, with such a conviction that it surprised the both of them. Lifting the hand from Lucy's waist, he gripped it tightly as he began to speak, his tone formal like he was giving a well-rehearsed speech.

''Small titties, no titties, big titties, medium titties, it matters not in the eyes of a true degenerate.''

Rebecca stared at him, stars in her eyes while Lucy responded. ''Degenerate? If you were one, you'd have a Mr. Handy.''

''No my fair, beautiful sweet lady. A TRUE Degenerate, is one who can be a pervert, but get the girls to be perverts with.''

After a few moments of silence, David decided to add on. ''I'm an ass man anyway.''

Both women burst into laughter, it dying off a few minutes later before Rebecca spoke, a bit of hesitation in her voice. ''David... The people who... You know, your Mother?''

The both of them felt it, the spike of anger as his fist clenched tighter. The wheel squeaked softly as his grip tightened around it as well, his muscles flexing as he growled out.

''I burned their faces into my head, I've got their fucking names on my list... I'll make sure it's not fast either...''

Rebecca nodded, feeling a bit of anger herself, as did Lucy.

Soon they arrived at the party location, David parking as Lucy raised her hands, pulling David's cheeks towards her as she leaned up, placing a long, and soft kiss on his lips.

Holding him there for a moment before she spoke. ''Thank you... For being able to not only face my worries head-on but to also help me through them... I had a gun pointed at your head, but you still helped me through them... I'm not saying it's going to be easy, but I feel like with time, and effort, we can help each other... Through all the trauma I mean.''

Rebecca got huffy as she sat up, pulling David to look at her as she kissed him, her kiss however had the fires of passion in it as her tongue openly mingled with David's, only pulling away as she spoke bluntly. ''We've been a part of Maine's crew for a while now Lucy... But this right here? This is something different, we trust each other, 100%. Alright? Because... Fuck, damnit... I got a lot of trauma too, and I hate it... But if it's you two, I can work through it.''

David had kissed back each time, however now he chuckled, simply hugging the both of them tightly for a moment as he spoke. ''We'll work on it, we'll build up trust, properly, build up ourselves as people, and we'll all work through the trauma because, at this point, all three of us have a lot... Now let's go fucking party because we just clipped an Arasaka limo, and only a few things went wrong.''

This got a laugh out of them as they all got out. Immediately after Dorio wolf whistled loudly as she noticed, as did others that all three of them got out of the driver's side. Maine waved David over as Lucy and Rebecca moved to go mingle at the party and get drinks.

David got to Maine, fist-bumping the man as he grinned. ''Good job on your first job kid, handled like a dream... A rocky one, but eeeh.''

His pay got sent to him, a decent chunk of eddies. ''You... You three together now or?'' Maine asked, deciding to just bluntly ask since he wasn't the best at relationships, surprised to this day Dorio still put up with him at times.

''Somewhat? Yeah, I think it's more about still getting to know each other, and building that trust.'' David said, Maine, being glad that David didn't seem bothered by the crude question.

''Then you and Lucy... You two good now?''

''We're Preem, I can understand the reason she had a worry, and I'm sure there is more to it than what she admitted, but I'm not going to get angry at something I would be feeling in her shoes as well.'' David took a beer from one of the wondering joy toys that had been hired.

He didn't need to worry about poison, shorting, or even being roofied because of the nanites, so he could eat and drink even clearly poisoned food without a care in the world.

''That's good to hear, honestly... I like you kid, and I'd hate to see you have a falling out like that after your first mission.'' Maine admitted, sipping from his own bear.

''I'm saying this now, whereas I'm open to multiple inputs, I am not the kind of guy to be looking for an output, even if I was Maine, I'd want mine to be a bit prettier.''

Dorio snickered from beside them, fist-bumping David at that joke as Maine just laughed, slapping his back. ''See! This is why I like you kid, you're a badass, and funny to keep around!''

David saluted them off as he moved, going to go mingle a bit with Falco and Pilar as well, as well as the few other Mercenaries around, to build up connections and all. After a bit, while he was sitting beside Lucy with Rebecca on his lap, did someone pull up in a fancy car.

As the man got out of it, he took a long look, his eyes focusing on David's for a moment before Maine stood, gaining his attention as he walked over to them, he didn't hear the conversation, but Lucy leaned back a bit, whispering behind him, out of sight. ''There the Fixer who landed us the gig for Arasaka.''

David had already pulled up information on the man, Faraday, the go-to Fixer for Pacifica, as well as having hands and locations in Santo Domingo. David sipped his bear as he examined the information, something about the man... He hated.

It was something in his gut that told them to take his money, but to keep him at the end of a barrel, the barrel of something powerful.

He noticed someone else was browsing the information, understanding it was Kiwi as she gave him a nod from across the way.

Some tense words were shared between Maine and Faraday, most likely because of how the job went, Faraday hated mistakes, and hated variables even more.

As Faraday left, David took another swig of his beer as he watched the car leave, leaving nanites on the man's person. Just in case he ever needed to activate them.

For now, after a certain point, they would be out of his detection range, only passively. The man could be on the moon, and as long as David focused on them, he could find him.

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