Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Nanites SON!

A twist of fate, a broken nose, and a lot of cursing. That was how David started his new life, the death of his mother still fresh on his mind, but instead of what he thought would happen. He gained power not even the tech of this world has seen yet. Nanomachines, Son. Has to change the title since Webnovel doesn't have something that allows me to put in what the novel is a fanfic of. ---------------------------- Additional tags Cyberpunk Edgerunners Girls Love More will be added as I need to add them. Yes, Girls love in a harem. Because if you don't like watching another hot girl, eat out a girl while you're rearranging at least one of their guts, we can't be friends.

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A Look into the Past

''Bravo Squad, status?'' There was a soft crackle to the voice over the radio, the connection wasn't the best but it was holding.

''Bravo here, we're inside. Found evidence of a rebel holdout, some military-grade equipment here.'' David said, holding the button on his vest that transmitted his voice automatically, his squad was fresh, still green. So he was broken off from his last squad to take charge of this one to make sure they didn't get themselves killed.

''Roger Bravo, continue moving.''

David raised his hand, pointing his finger up and circling the air as his squad moved from the edges of the room to him. He felt someone pat his back and he lifted his M4, stalking forward slowly and surely. The base was supposed to be empty, that was what the intel said but they were still careful.

Clearing each room they came across, raising a fist David halted his squad as he raised a hand, pointing to his ear.

His squad focused in, and very quietly they could hear the sounds of someone talking, Foreign.

He shifted to his left, letting someone move past him quietly. They pulled out what looked to be a small camera, and positioned it under the door. Once he finished he began to signal.

Adult. Female

Kid. Male. Armed.

Putting up an O.K. hand for a message received he turned to the others, a few looked pale, and David wanted to sigh but he kept quiet.

David watched his squad for a moment before he signaled to breach and hold. Two took to the side of the door while David took position to the left of the door out of its opening path. The rest of his squad was ready to move as he nodded.

The door was suddenly busted open as David moved forward, speaking in the foreign tongue of this country.

''Hands up! Don't move!'' The woman looked up in shock, seeing them her hands moved up instantly, stepping back from the small boy in the room.

The boy was holding an RPG, it wasn't primed. David positioned himself in such a way that made it clear to his squad that he could handle it alone.

''Put down the weapon and step back!'' David commanded once more in their tongue, the woman trying to usher the child. She knew the colors of the people before her.

'The Night Squad.' Because they came during the night and left before the sun rose.

Others called them the 'Dream Team' since if they showed up, you would be sent to the eternal dream.

Cute sounding nicknames, but they brought fear into the normal populace. Terror to those who knew the meaning behind the names.

The boy watched at them, a flare of anger crossing his face as he lifted the RPG towards them, the woman screaming as she tried to take it from the boy only for him to turn around and hit her.

Once the woman fell to the ground the boy turned back around, fumbling with the primer.

''LAST WARNING!" David roared, once more in the tongue he knew they understood since they were speaking the same tongue as him now.

''Fuck you, American sc-.'' The boy said as he lifted the RPG up toward them


A body hit the floor and the woman screamed, tears freely falling quickly as she rushed to her son.

Clutching his head in her arms as she screamed, continuing to ask him to open his eyes, to come back to her. The dreams weren't safe anymore.

Then, with grief across her face, she lifted her face, hatred filling her eyes as she began to reach for the RPG.

David waited until she had it in her hands and he was sure, then he pulled the trigger once more.


He heard someone in his squad gag, stumbling a bit as David entered the room, instantly followed by two others as they swept the room. David moved forward to use his foot to push the launcher away from the woman. Another one of his team moved forward to unprime it and unload the rocket.

(I am not sure unloading an RPG is possible, I tried looking it up but found nothing, but if someone is wondering, it would be an RPG-7, if you feel like giving me some info.)

He felt one of his squad mates move, stumbling into the room before quickly leaving to vomit. David marked in his mind to take James off the team, he wouldn't last in it.

''Bravo Team, shots have been confirmed. Is everything alright?''

David raised his hand, gripping the button again as he spoke.

''Encountered two civilians, mother, and child. Turned hostile.'' That was all David needed to say, the voice taking a moment to respond before it finally did, the voice a bit more mellowed out than before.

''I understand... Continue your mission Bravo, Smooth is Fast.''

''Fast is Smooth.'' David released the button as they continued.


David raised his fist and then brought it down. Punching through the metal exoskeleton face of the Maelstrom two times before the body went limp beneath him. Clicking his tongue before he got off the body, blood, and gore around him as he brushed his shirt off.

''Maine?'' David asked, Maine was across the room from the blood and gore, having just finished reloading his crusher shotgun.

David lifted his Carnage from the ground and slung it back over his back, it was already loaded, not that David needed to reload it since he didn't use a round from it.

''Rooms cleared, Kiwi?''

<Coms cleared, ten minutes.> K.

Lucy called from the other room. ''Found it!''

On that, both David and Maine moved into the next few rooms, more cyberwear and blood around them, bodies of Maelstrom all around them as they made their way into the office where Lucy and Rebecca were lifting what looked to be a large equipment case.

Lucy then jacked into the case's screen, starting to break into it before there was a hiss before it opened.

Maine looked in side, his and David's optics glowing as they looked at the tech. It looked like a beating mechanical heart. Rebecca whistled as she looked at it.

''That's some fancy tech right there... David?'' Rebecca turned to look at him.

''That's it, can't get a read on it exactly, but that is what was in the mission brief.'' David closed the case as Lucy's jack slipped back into her hand. He already had nanites scan the equipment before he lifted it up off the table.

<Falco?> David looked up as they all began to head out.

<We're here, exit C.> F

Everyone nodded as they all heard him, moving to the back door they all exited calmly, making their way into the van as they all loaded up. Once they were clear David looked to Maine. ''How are you feeling?''

Maine flexed his large hands a few times before he nodded. ''I feel fine, great even. Slightly tired from activating the Sandy, but it feels like I can do two more before I need to rest.''

Dorio spoke up from the front seat, Kiwi somewhat sandwiched between the passenger seat and David, needing to lift he leg onto David's so she could actually sit comfortably.

''You won't need to activate it anymore today... Are you sure this is what the contact wanted?''

Lucy nodded. ''ICE was high-grade, just liked they said it would be, everything matches.''

Kiwi groaned. ''Please hurry... I want to get the new Van as soon as possible.''

Falco quipped from the driver seat, his southern twang making it only slightly more annoying.

''Ah, don't act like being squeezed up against David is all that bad.''

''When he doesn't smell like Maelstrom's guts, no. But right now, he stinks in it, all of you do damnit! Not even Rebecca is near him!''

Rebecca looked away, whistling. Causing Maine to laugh at the response as David turned to Lucy, opening his hands to her.

''You still love me, right?'' David began to lean forward a bit only to get a boot to the chest that pushed him back.

''Nuh-uh, social distancing. You're covered.'' Lucy stated, David, acting like it was a shot to the heart, gripping his chest, only to need to pull a bit of flesh from his jacket, before doing it again.

(Complete side note. His nanites aren't 'Based' off anything, the source is I made them the fuck up. That doesn't mean I don't add the occasional reference from games or other sources of nanites. But when I meant 'Bullshit Comic level.' I really meant 'Bullshit nanite tech jesus.'. There is no 'limitations' to what he can do unless I decide they exist. As of now, his ONLY limitations, which are as loose as a towel in an ecchi anime. Is he needs to 'Scan' new tech to make it, and he 'Needs' materials for 'some' of the things he creates since not everything could be made out of trash... Even if 'Technically' I have a way of explaining how he could make anything he wanted from trash, but we don't talk about that.)

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