Cyberpunk Edgerunners: Nanites SON!

A twist of fate, a broken nose, and a lot of cursing. That was how David started his new life, the death of his mother still fresh on his mind, but instead of what he thought would happen. He gained power not even the tech of this world has seen yet. Nanomachines, Son. Has to change the title since Webnovel doesn't have something that allows me to put in what the novel is a fanfic of. ---------------------------- Additional tags Cyberpunk Edgerunners Girls Love More will be added as I need to add them. Yes, Girls love in a harem. Because if you don't like watching another hot girl, eat out a girl while you're rearranging at least one of their guts, we can't be friends.

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'Gun' Cleaning R-18

As the kiss became more and more intense, Rebecca jumped softly as she felt the heat of David's member press up against her.

His hands moved up her thighs, coming around to grip her plump ass as he pulled her forward more, the kiss going further as Rebecca rotated her hips, rocking against the dick now pressing up into her cunt.

Her hips pulling up as she pushed her ass further down, causing it to grind hard between the lips of her womanhood then against her clit as she had it moved from below her to against her.

Able to freely grind her clit against his member, moans slipping into the kiss as David's hands began to wander.

Slowly up her back and under the towel as they let the towel fall to the ground

Exposing her body to the air showed her hard nipples as David broke the kiss, leaning forward as he began to kiss along her chin, down the side of her jawline until he was kissing into her neck along the collarbone.

Rebecca groaned at the neck kisses, finding a new kink not even five minutes in as she kept one arm around David's shoulder, her hand resting on the back of his neck as her fingers tangled into his hair to pull his head further into her neck.

When his teeth barely brushed against her throat it caused her to shiver beneath him. Her free hand moved down to soak her fingers in her own juices as she began to pump her closed hand around the thick member. Still using her hips and now with the precision of her hand to really grind against him. Using David's dick to play with herself.

With one arm around Rebecca to keep her secured, the other moved from her ass as it came around to slide along her skin. All the way up to one of her small breasts.

Rebecca barely had enough to fill an a-cup bikini top, but the size of her personality and the size and shape of her ass more than made up for it, something she was now proud of since she knew David was an assman at heart, even if he did appreciate breasts.

She continued to grind against him, her breath hitching a bit as he began to play with her breast.

She shook against him in pleasure as after enough teasing, grinding, and soft pinches at her nipple she had a small orgasm. Releasing a heavy sigh of pleasure as David shifted forward to lift her onto the gun table.

As her ass slapped onto the table, she leaned back against it, using the crusher shotgun at her head to make sure she could still see David as he stepped forward, the table was at the perfect height, originally meant for cleaning, maintaining and customizing their irons, but it seemed to work very well as a sex table.

As once David stood over her, his cock laid across her stomach as his hands slid along her thighs and up to her waist, then her sides before they came around to slide over her breast, playing with her sensitive nipples as he leaned forward to once more kiss her, skipping the soft gentle kisses as he leaned forward to kiss her hard and full of passion, the aggression in their kiss, the soft bites and sucking only causing their lips to swell softly at the abuse.

David shifted his hips backward, letting his member grind down her clit until he lined himself up with the needy cunt below. Even just having his member rest between the lips he could feel the entrance pulsate against him, wanting to pull him in as her womanhood tried to pull him into her.

Rebecca groaned out his name as she slid her arms around his torso, her nails raking down his back before he suddenly thrust forward.

Her breath caught and she screamed into the kiss as David suddenly filled her up, his hips pressed into her own as her fingers dug into his back hard enough for her nails to pierce bits of his flesh. Blood slowly leaking onto her fingernails.

The warmth of his blood on her fingers only made her clench tightly around him as David at least let her get used to his size before he began to slowly move, grinding his hips to hers as he let his member rub the walls of her soaking cunt.

Lifting her hips up against his own as he began to grind as well as pull his hips away, rotating and rocking his hips to slowly fuck her. Releasing her lips from his own he began to kiss down over her collarbone, getting another soft shiver before his teeth dragged along her skin to her nipple as he bite it, giving it a soft tug which caused her to gush around his member as she moaned out hard.

Soon the thrust became faster, and harder, causing some of the tools on the table to rattle as he pumped into her.

Pulling him down she kissed him hard once more before she whispered out against his lips. ''Field strip a gun while you fuck me.''

David raised his brow, before he reached over and grab his nue, freshly cleaned as he began to field strip it, laying the pieces to her side as he let her witness him doing it, the way her cunt tightened around his dick meant she was enjoying it, even if he was just showing off a skill she had herself, finding someone like David... as hot as he was doing it made her love it.

By the time he had completely field-stripped the weapon, he placed the mag between her teeth. ''Be a good girl and hold that for me.''

Her back arched hard as she suddenly came around him again, another kink was discovered... How was David so good at finding them?

He began to put the weapon back together, never stopping in his rythme as he only continued to pick up his speed, moving to actually fuck her against the table, and into it since the way her hips continued to raise against him offered him to shift his hips and grind deeply into her.

Once he finished putting the weapon back together, he pulled the mouth from her, watching how her tongue looked so lonely once the mag was taken away. Nanites cleaned the drool from the mag as he loaded it into his Nue then racked it, as if he was chambering a round.

The sound alone brought another orgasm to Rebecca as she squeezed around his cock, her legs locking around his hips as he leaned forward. Despite the rest of the rough movement, his free left hand caressed her cheek slowly and softly, his thumb rubbing along her bottom lip as she pulled his thumb into her mouth.

Leaning forward to lock eyes with her as she sucked on his thumb he began to speak, his voice low and soft compared to her loud whimpers of pleasure, and the sound of him fucking her.

''You want to hear three words from me, I know you do... How your eyes look at me with want.''

He pressed the cold surface of the gun along the outside of her thigh, her breath hitching as her eyes clouded a bit, pulling him in closer as her hands gripped at his back.


David pulled the gun along her side, pulling it to slide the cold metal against her hardened sensitive nipples, causing her to squeeze around him as he began to pick up speed, the table despite being bolted to the ground groaning beneath them.


He brought the pistol to aim it at her heart, the barrel pressing into her nipple as it dug into her breast, his hips coming forward hard causing the table to grunt beneath the force.


He pulled the trigger, causing the hammer to click, but that was enough as she screamed from around his thumb. Her nails raked down his back while her cunt squeezed around his dick hard, her womb entrance opening up slightly around the tip of his member as he began to release thick ropes of cum directly into her womb, causing her to scream to go higher.


There David was, enjoying the breakfast he had made as he sat, as usual, naked at the dining room table, not doing anything to hide the fact it looked like he got attacked by an animal on his back.

It was when he was turning to take a sip of his orange juice that he stopped, looking up to Lucy who was standing beside him, watching down to him as she was also naked, sliding into his lap to make sure her ass pressed down onto his lap, her breast pressed up against his chest.

''So... I 'Heard' of your exploits last night... Rebecca easily broke under the pressure of me asking her, she said it was the best she's ever had by a long shot... Said that even after the explosive one in the armory, you did it twice more in the shower... You even field stripped a gun on her?'' Lucy asked, tilting her head to the side. Causing David to chuckle as he held her by the ass to keep her close to him while he sipped his orange juice.

''Yes, her request. Which isn't surprising since we all know how much she likes guns and watching big, strong men handle guns.''

Lucy leaned forward, pressing her lips to his cheek. ''Since you, a big, strong man is taking requests... Can I request my first time be more gentle? Preferably after a nice candle-lit dinner, maybe in a place where we can see the stars and the moon?''

David nodded without hesitation, stars, in night city? Doesn't matter, he'd find a place... Make one if he had to, turning to kiss her gently, his arm tightening around her slightly. ''Don't worry, not everyone likes to be fucked at gunpoint... Technically that was Rebecca's first, willing time, though she told me to never pull a gun on her while she couldn't see it.'' David admitted, which caused Lucy to nod in understanding as she tightened herself around him, snuggling into him as now he had to feed himself and her.

Rebecca refused to get out of bed for a while, the one time she had was to wobble to the bathroom, and she cursed David every step of the way.

(Lol, I made ya'll angry because you had to wait for smut.)

(Not my best smut chapter by far, and better ones will be coming... Kek.)

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