Custom Made Archangel (Old, Will Be Rewritten)

Alexander was frustrated beyond belief, what the hell happened to the translations!? Did this shit not make enough money!? Faced with the terrifying notion of being potentially stalked. After which, he was jolted into the crazy multiverse that was Custom Made Demon King, but... Angel!? He was an Angel!?

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07 - Sea of Consciousness

Chapter 07 - Sea of Consciousness

Written By Dr Armstrong

~[Narrator POV]~


A type of pyrotechnic that produces an intense amount of heat and light without an explosion.

Amon took this concept to another level as he used it to prevent his laser blast from blowing him up into ashes.

Theoretically speaking, he was already very much capable of releasing such a blast by making use of his Radiocativity skill to kick off a nuclear reaction in his mouth...

But doing such a thing would have resulted in...yeah.

Kaboom, it would have been Kaboom.

Of course, he didn't want to kill himself for no reason, and doing so after the Principality's rescue would have just been plain ungrateful.

One had to understand that his body was still of flesh and blood, ethereal flesh and blood, but still flesh and blood nonetheless.

Flesh and blood that was very susceptible to Kabooms.

And as for Flare's low price...ironically, it came at a rather large price as he had to write a major weakness to that skill to justify his financial status at that moment.

'Temporarily drains all of the User's sense of self to redirect all mental power into controlling the rapid release of energy from a self-commenced nuclear reaction into the shape of a fine line.' That was the skill's description.

"Child!? What did you...were you hurt!?" The Principality instantly went through the 5 stages of parental concern as he realized that the little baby Angel had just tapped into a kind of power that could kill Demons with just one blast...

Such a power could not be so easily made use of by a fully grown Spark, let alone a hatchling. Something of value must have been sacrificed in exchange for that single attack...

And unfortunately, he was right on the mark. Amon only shuddered but didn't respond, only hugging the Principallity's shoulder more intensely.

"Child...?" The younger Angel still did not respond...

"Curses! Are you dead!?" Fortunately, he wasn't as the Principality did not see any Holy Souls flying out from the True-born Angel's still body.

The Principality glanced around the surroundings as his flight gradually slowed, the Demon tide long gone as they had been lost in the unfamiliar clouds of Heaven.

He looked down upon the crashing sea of consciousness below the islands...and then, the Principality developed a bright idea.

"Sea of Consciousness, huh..." He muttered as he picked up the little Angel from his shoulder.

The Sea of Consciousness wasn't indeed a sea but instead, the collective memories of all the mortal lifeforms who hadn't fallen.

This was the true meaning of going to Heaven after one dies. The Souls are recycled into magical energy whilst the useless minds are dumped into the Sea of Consciousness.

The eternal bliss and fulfilment weren't necessarily propaganda as those who end up in the Sea of Consciousness live an eternity of their deepest dreams.

If they had any useful information, the memories would get catalogued in Heaven's library. Although there were no such operations in this Outpost as they were stationed in a primaeval World that had yet to develop any sapient races.

Which makes the current Demon invasion all the more unexpected...

The unknown Demon King's eyes remained gazing from above, lacking any form of thought behind its terrifying stare.

"The Fall..." He muttered as he eyed the eyes.

The Principality decided to ignore the Demon King for now and focused on the much younger Angel.


The mental waters rippled as the little Angel was dipped into the Sea of Consciousness like a chicken nugget being dipped into BBQ sauce.

The Principality thought that Amon had sacrificed his ability to think in exchange for power. That wasn't wrong, but he knew not that the mind-numbing effects had been temporary.

The older Angel felt heartbroken seeing his younger kin sacrificing himself in the name of desperation. So he planned to rectify this problem by replacing what had been lost; Amon's mind.

The Sea of Consciousness held all sorts of minds within it, minds just waiting to be made use of.

Unfortunately, while bathing in these waters does give one incredible mental capabilities, such a thing would naturally come with a rather great price...


Imagine having an uncountable number of thoughts simultaneously appearing in one's head, all of them contradicting each other, yet made by the same person.

Amon's form continuously twitched as the entire matrix of reality came inside his juvenile form. It was like running a thousand, million digital programs all at the same time with an organic PC made of an infant's brain.

If he got a penny for every 100 thoughts that had overwhelmed his mind, Amon would have had enough money to single-handedly budget the creation of GTA 6 without adding in a single microtransaction and having Dwayne Johnson voice one of the protagonists.


Amon's form was lifted back from the water as the Principality held onto him with both arms, levitating in the air with wings outstretched.

As fast as it came, the millions upon millions of thoughts suddenly vanished without a trace, leaving Amon's mind burnt out from all the processing.

"Are you there, Child...?" In the Principality's mind, it was better to have a defective mind than none at all.

Of course, he wouldn't have done this had he known that the skill's effects were temporary. Yet he did, resurrecting Amon's mind in exchange for his sanity.

Well, that shit's overrated anyway.

"CHIRP." The younger Angel chirped in response...

Ah, that's right.

The World this Outpost had been implanted in was a world not yet populated by intelligent life—It was a world of Dinosaurs and other such prehistoric beasts.

So of course the Sea Of Consciousness would only contain primal and undiluted instinctual thoughts; KILL, CONSUME, CONQUER, MULTIPLY—Those kinds of thoughts.

"Oh, Fathers...I hope you hold on right until we get to a safer Heaven..." The Principality muttered as he looked at the now mentally disabled infant.

On the bright side, he now actually acted like one!


"For the first world, I'm torn between The Boys or Hellsing, so...

The Boys


Hellsing." -Remark

I'm sorry for the pair of word count chapters. At first, I did not know why you guys were so bothered by it, it was literally just a wall of text that you didn't have to read, after all.

But after looking back, it's indeed kind of scummy and I don't blame all those who had dropped this book for that reason. After all, there is a 15,000-word count limit for a reason.

And it just didn't sit right with my masculine spirit, so I've deleted the chapters but please do not delete those negative reviews. People make the same mistakes if they're not punished.