1 Ye Fan

The Dragontooth Grand Continent.

It is said that the 100 00 miles wide Dragontooth Grand Continent is encircled by lightning filled raging seas and no one has ever been outside this continent.

In here, there are numerous cultivation holy lands where numerous cultivators practice the martial arts in order to become an immortal cultivator one day.

It is also a dangerous place that are strife with numerous powerful beasts and other powerful monster races and humans are not unique.


In the Thousand Swords Tomb Valley of the Profound Cloud Sect.

An extremely beautiful maiden in white had raised her divine sword to chase down an enemy cultivator that had stolen a precious profound golden pill called the Golden Lotus Natal Pill that could increase the cultivation of a cultivator.

Under the blue moon of the night, the blue hues of her flowing hair looked extremely intoxicating and mesmerzing.

This extremely beautiful maiden was Fairy Xuan Xueqi from the Profound Cloud Sect where she was a core protégé; it could also be said that she was also an extreme cultivator in the True Origin cultivation realm.

This Golden Lotus Natal Pill was extremely precious, having taken the Profound Cloud Sect a century to concoct and it had also consumed plenty of precious cultivation resources to do so.

But today, a top enemy cultivator from the Myriad Swords Sect had actually dared to attack the Profound Cloud Sect to steal this Golden Lotus Natal Pill.

"6th level of the Profound Burning Heavens Swords!"

The extremely beautiful maiden had unleashed six blue sword energies that were aimed at this mysterious enemy intruder that was at the Gold Core cultivation, which was a cultivation realm lower than herself. 

2 of the blue sword energies had actually struck his back but he had also unleashed a powerful saber sword technique that collapsed flying rocks all over his pursuer.

Fairy Xuan Xueqing had no other choice to slow down her speed to evade from the falling rocks but in doing so, she had also lost her pursuit of this enemy cultivator.

She immediately hovered to her surroundings with her keen eyes and divine sense over the darkness of the mountains but she could not find her target anymore…




A young man Ye Fan was secretly cultivating in secret in the Thousand Swords Tomb Valley.

3 years ago, he used to be the most outstanding new protégé of the Thousand Swords Divine Sect when it was suddenly destroyed by the Profound Cloud Sect. Needless to say, he had also become the last outstanding protégé of the Thousand Swords Divine Sect.

As the new most outstanding new protégé, he was supposed to join as a new inner protégé of the Thousand Swords Divine Sect and even had a hope of being a core protégé of one of the 7 sword elders of the Thousand Swords Divine Sect.

For the young Ye Fan at 20 year old, this was supposed to be his most outstanding period and this chance means a lot to him because he was also an orphan without a powerful cultivation background.

The day that he earned his most outstanding new protégé qualifications was also the day that the Profound Cloud Sect had suddenly attacked the Thousand Swords Divine Sect and had completely destroyed it.

Needless to say, his dream had vanished in a single day of infamy.

The Thousand Swords Divine Sect was then absorbed by the Profound Cloud Sect and many of its former elites had even joined the Profound Cloud Sect to oppress the former protégés of the Thousand Swords Divine Sect.

As for Ye Fan, he was re-delegated as an outer protégé that was assigned to sweep the tombs at the Thousand Swords Tomb Valley, not even having a chance to touch cultivation or the formidable sword arts of the Thousand Swords Divine Sect.

But luckily for him, during the chaos that ensured on that day, Ye Fan had found a basic cultivation slip from a dead senior protégé of the Thousand Swords Divine Sect and hence for the next 3 years, he had been secretly practicing the cultivation of the Thousand Swords Divine Sect in secret.

Progress had been slow for him and he was only at the Foundation stage or Body Strengthening Stage.

Each stage of cultivation is divided into the half-step, mortal step, earth-step and heaven-step.

For Ye Fan, he was finally at the heaven-step of the Foundation Stage where he could muster the profound strength of his meridians. But unfortunately for him, he was still unable to breakthrough to the Qi or Energy Nascent Stage, where a cultivation practitioner can be considered to be a true cultivator that can now muster their profound strength to the profound energy level.

Without this breakthrough, he was only a normal martial artist.

This was not the only fortuitous encounter that he had; in one of the tombs in the Thousand Swords Tomb Valley, he had found a mysterious tomb that left behind a sword stroke in the wall.

This sword expert was definitely left behind by an expert sword cultivator because he could gain plenty of insights from just this sword stroke alone and he was greatly enlightened; his swordplay had shown a remarkable improvement over the past 3 years just by following this weird stroke.

Moreover, that sword stroke was made against the dead remains of a golden skeleton; in order to kill a cultivator with a golden skeleton then that dead cultivator had to be a True Origin expert cultivator, the same cultivation realm as the Witch Xuan Xueqi.

Just how powerful was this one sword stroke, he could hardly able to imagine it!

There was also a door that was blocked by a celestium wall inside the same tomb that was made of pure celestium and it weighed at least 10 tons. However, he lacked the profound strength to break down this wall door and he had to wait until he could reach the Energy Nascent Stage first.

Just as Ye Fan was sighing to himself on his ill-fate that had occurred 3 years ago, a man had suddenly dropped from the cliff above, startling him.

"Who are you?!"

The injured man gasped aloud as he tried to stand up but could not, "I am from the Myriad Swords Sect… you are an outer protégé of the Profound Sword Sect?"

It was said that the Myriad Swords Sect was an ally of the Thousand Swords Divine Sect. And for the past 3 years, the Myriad Swords Sect had been continuously attacking the Profound Cloud Sect for what they had done to the Thousand Swords Divine Sect.

Therefore, Ye Fan was quite respectfully even though the Myriad Swords Sect was now an enemy celestial sect, "Indeed I am an outer protégé of the Profound Cloud Sect."

The injured man said almost breathlessly but loudly, "Good. I am Yang Kai! I have heard that all the former protégés of the Thousand Swords Divine Sect that have a back bone are all forced to be an outer protégé of the Profound Cloud Sect, not even giving them a chance to practice martial arts, much less cultivation arts!"

Ye Fan had a bitter look on his face as he answered, "Indeed."

Yang Kai sighed heavily, "This is such a woeful fate…"

Then he asked him, "What is your name and age, young man?"

Ye Fan answered respectfully, "I am Ye Fan. 23 year old."

Yang Kai nodded, "It is still not too late to begin cultivation yet…"

Then he said solemnly, "Today, I am afraid that I am dying and it is all thanks to that witch Xuan Xueqi! Ye Fan, do you want to learn cultivation?"

Ye Fan nodded eagerly, "Of course I do. This is my dream to pursue the cultivation of immortality."

Yang Kai looked pleased with his answer as he took out the golden pill that he had stolen from the Profound Cloud Sect, "Take this golden pill back to my Myriad Swords Sect and tell them that Elder Yang Kai has sent you. My Myriad Swords Sect will then make you an inner protégé. This will be better than the situation that you have here."

Ye Fan was startled, "I can be an inner protégé finally…"

Yang Kai smiled weakly, "Naturally you can. Hurry and bow 3 times in front of me… tonight, I am going to make you my direct protégé."

Ye Fan was delighted as he hastily went to his knees and bowed down to Yang Kai 3 times. "Disciple Ye Fan bows down to my master."

Yang Kai smiled weakly as his life began to seep away, "Finally I can accomplish my sect mission… Ye Fan, don't forget to take back this golden pill to the Myriads Sword Sect and… also don't forget to avenge for your master… kill this Witch Xuan Xueqi…"

With that he had finally passed peacefully away.

Ye Fan stood up and bowed once more with his hands, "Master, please rest in peace."

And then he took the golden pill from his master's hand and said softly, "This golden pill should be the Golden Lotus Natal Pill that the Profound Cloud Sect is guarding so heavily for the past several years."

As he took the golden pill, he began to open his mouth to swallow the golden pill, causing his first mission to his 'new master' to fail instantly.

He sighed softly after he had swallowed it into his soul sea, "Do you think that I am so dumb to believe you? You have only made me your disciple so as to convince me to bring this golden pill on your behalf to the Myriad Swords Sect and not because of any goodwill toward me. I am not a gullible young man anymore. Do you really think that I will believe that the Myriad Swords Sect will make me, a complete stranger into an inner protégé when even the Profound Cloud Sect did not even trust to make me into an inner protégé?"

This was actually true.

Yang Kai had thought that this Ye Fan looked like a simpleton and he had thought that he could trick him into delivering this Golden Lotus Natal Pill for him.

"Although I may have failed this first mission from you but rest assure that I will help you to kill this Witch Xuan Xueqi for you."

When he had just finished saying so, an extremely beautiful white figure had suddenly flashed down from the top of the cliff and she was Xuan Xueqi, "So, this evil cultivator is actually here?!"

And then she started to look at Ye Fan, "And the two of you are together?"

Ye Fan was startled by the sudden appearance of this extremely beautiful maiden and she was like a holistic fairy that had suddenly descended from the heavens.

He blinked his eyes to look at the dead Yang Kai and he stammered, "I don't know him at all!"


Author Note:

1. For this story, I want to write about something unique with a unique cultivation story setting; what if the MC wants to destroy his current cultivation sect? 

2. The first 70 chapters is a slow romance between Ye Fan and Fairy Xuan Xuefeng, covering his background into the cultivation world of powerful witch saintesses and great saints. 

3. This is a romance cultivation story but isn't a harem. Hope you like this story^^

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