Cultivation: To Kill the Witch Book

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Cultivation: To Kill the Witch


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This is Ye Fan cultivation journey to become the most powerful cultivator in the entire Dragontooth Grand Continent and numerous powerful Witches stood in Ye Fan's way. This is also a romantic cultivation between Ye Fan and the Witch Xuan Xueqi. The story takes place in the Celestial Realm and in the Dragontooth Continent where the MC Ye Fan is born. The Dragontooth Continent is a place where everyone is a cultivator and numerous cultivation sects formed into multiple alliances to oppose each other. It is also a dangerous place that are strife with numerous powerful beasts and other powerful monster races and humans are not unique. The first 70 chapters are just the story introduction on Ye Fan. Cultivation Realms: Foundation Stage, Energy Nascent Stage, Soul Nascent Stage, Golden Core, True Origin, Sage/ Supremacy Realm, Saint Realm, Empyrean Realm


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