36 Seven Colored Bloodline

"It's easy for her to say I could have defeated the rabbit," Alden muttered as he walked through the dark corridor leading to an elevator.

The only sounds in the corridor were Alden's steps and the scarce growls of the beasts in the cages.

"She can one-shot the rabbit, even if it is in its berserk state. But what about me?" Alden continued complaining. "I almost died from the rabbit in its normal state. Not to mention when it has entered the berserk state."

"In theory, it is easy to say If I destroyed the arena, I would have hindered its movements. But is it that easy to destroy it? I am not Owen or Chloe, who could probably destroy the arena with one large icicle."

As Alden complained, he soon arrived before the elevators. He entered an elevator, and after he chose the tenth floor, he was on his way to his classroom.


As all the students had classes, the hallway on the tenth floor was empty. But even if it was not, Alden did not care.


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