Crossing Our Paths [BL] Book

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Crossing Our Paths [BL]


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STORY ONLY ON : https://tapas.io/series/Crossing-Our-Paths/info Ayden, son of Orchar, was just a Free Man of the Plains, a mercenary selling his sword to anyone who wanted to hire him and his friends. It was meant to be a quest like any other, even though it was based on an absurd legend: finding a dragon's egg. And when they found it - along with the dragons - who would have predicted such a turn of events? Why had he woken up in an unknown forest? These trees were strange, with long, round green trunks, and he could no longer recognize the sky above him. But most of all, how could these men fly on their swords? Cultivation? Ghouls? Demons? Ayden was going to have to find answers as he continued on his way through this whole new world. And if he couldn't take his eyes off this surprising cultivator sometimes, well ... Follow me on IG: https://www.instagram.com/edel.li_author/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/li_edel ~~~~~ Cover is mine. Original drawing.


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