1 Heiress Grindelwald (I)

"F-Freak" a man grunted out with a lot of difficulties. A foot landed on the back of the man's head pushing the man's face into the mud. The man started to struggle and after a few seconds, the foot was finally lifted.

The man gasped for air as he looked up at the woman standing over him with hatred in his eyes. The woman had an indifferent look on her face… her crimson eyes were looking down at him with disdain and he hated it. The woman was no older than 20.

The woman's long crimson hair was flowing due to the gentle breeze. The woman was dressed in a black leather suit with metal plates and her crimson cape was majestically billowing behind her… long golden spikes could be seen extending from her cape.

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The woman was also carrying an extremely long katana. As a whole, the woman seemed to be extremely beautiful without any argument. The man felt sick for thinking something like that. The woman spat down at his face.

"Filthy mudblood" The woman muttered in disdain. The woman's voice was the most melodious voice the man had ever heard… he felt his whole being shudder at the thought. The woman was unnatural, a freak.

"Mudblood… quite an interesting term in this situation wouldn't you agree?" the woman asked and the man simply continued glaring at the woman.

The mud didn't form due to water… It has formed due to the blood of the citizens of this town. A man approached the woman and gave her a small bow. "My Lady, everything is ready" the woman nodded her head.

The woman finally turned around to face a huge crowd. To be exact there were 743 people consisting of both men and women. All of them were a part of an army called Crimson Knights.

This was only the ¼ part of the Crimson Knights. The crimson-haired woman had created the army from scratch when wizards and witches started to flock behind her because they believed in her and her cause.

The woman let out a satisfied hum as she inspected the stakes her soldiers had erected. A small smile made its way to her face as she noticed the horrified looks on the faces of the mudbloods her soldiers had pinned on the stakes.

The woman used wandless magic to lift up the man lying in the mud so that he could enjoy the show. "Let them go, demon!!" The man screamed when he saw his wife and his brother pinned on the stake.

The woman ignored the man as she looked towards her soldiers. "Today, we stand here because of filth like them. These people are the proof that what we are doing is right" the woman said and all the Crimson Knights agreed with her.

"Hail, Lady Grindelwald!!!" The Crimson Knights cheered as they lit up the stakes.

"No no no!!" The man held up by the woman started to scream and cry when the flames started to engulf his wife and brother.

The mudbloods kept screaming until they died… after that cheers broke out among the Crimson Knights and the woman known as Lady Grindelwald raised her hand to stop the celebration.

Only the sobs of the broken man could be heard right now. The woman moved away so the man could clearly see his wife's and brother's burning corpses.

"If you continue crying then you will be able to move on… the pain you feel at this moment will be gone and I can't have that. You can join them in the Afterlife" the woman said as she plunged the crying man into the flames.

"Nooo!" The man wailed loudly as he was burned alive in the flames. The woman gave the man one last look before she closed her eyes.

There was a magical family residing in this town. Unfortunately, they got ousted due to the accidental magic of their child. The man who was just burned alive was the chief of this small town.

He had immediately blamed the family and their kind for the World War which had ended 8 years ago… his family was also blamed for the crop and economic failure of their town.

The chief had sentenced the family to be stoned to death. The parents were able to put up a fight long enough to save their child, who was later saved by one of her Crimson Knights. Unfortunately, both of the parents were stoned to death.

After arriving here, they had found the bodies of the parents. The bodies were thrown into a gutter outside the town… the woman arranged a proper Burial for them before heading inside the town.

The woman prayed for the Magical couple as they deserved her respect. They had given their lives to save their child. If the parents were properly educated then they could have Apparated. Magical education was very costly, not everyone could afford that.

"Burn down everything. No survivors!" The woman commanded as a couple of her soldiers started to cast Fiendfyre. Only a handful of the woman's soldiers had the ability to cast and control Fiendfyre. All of them were personally trained by her.

After that, everyone Apparated out of the town returning to their base. The woman appeared inside the meeting room… three wizards and a witch were already present in the room when she appeared.

The four of them were her most trusted aides… her lieutenants. Donovan Creed, Quinton Moor, Vladimir Sastikov, and finally Ambika Rajat. These four were her oldest followers, they were the ones who had laid down the foundations for the Crimson Knights.

Donovan Creed was a pureblood wizard from a small Pureblood Italian family. He was a middle-aged man who specialized in Magical and Mundane Laws. He wanted to become a lawyer, he was even able to get an apprenticeship.

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He wanted to work for the ICW but some time during his apprenticeship, he found out that the ICW is more worried about Muggles rather than the Magical Population.

He continued studying but he no longer held the ICW in high regard. Even now Donovan kept memorizing laws from various Magical Governments so that he could help his Lady in a time of need.

Quinton Moor was a muggle-born from Africa whose parents abandoned him on the streets after they found that their son was blessed by the gift of Magic. He lived on the streets after he was abandoned.

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He quickly found himself involved with the darker parts of the world. He needed to survive so he started to use his gift to steal. One incident went wrong and he had to kill, after that he decided to become an assassin.

Sometime during his time as an assassin, he finally found what he truly was, a wizard. He continued killing for money while learning magic at the same time… His routine continued for more than 30 years until he was found by Lady Grindelwald.

Vladimir Sastikov was an orphan from Russia… he never knew if he had any parents or not. He grew up in an orphanage being hated throughout his life. He was abused and bullied by everyone…

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One day when he was 10 years old, he snapped and accidentally killed someone. No one was able to prove anything so he wasn't punished. At the age of 11, he received a letter from Koldovstoretz, the matron was way too happy to send him away.

Throughout the next seven years, he received magical education in Koldovstoretz and after graduation, he went to become a duelist. He was one of the best duelists out there in the world.

Ambika Rajat was also a muggle-born Witch, she was from India. She was born with white hair and that is why her parents had left her in front of an orphanage when she was only 2 years old.

Only black hair was natural in India, having another type of hair is a sign of unnaturalness. Ambika grew up being bullied and hated, she started to hate and despise everyone around her.

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She herself knew that she wasn't normal, she had noticed odd things happening around her. Like books or toys flying into her hand if she really wanted it. At the age of 15, she was married off to an old bastard, the matron of the orphanage.

She killed the old bastard just after the ceremony and ran away… she was on the run when she was found by Lady Grindelwald. Ambika found out that she was a Witch and she found that she loved potions.

There was no discrimination among the Crimson Knights on the basis of family background or blood purity. Their motto was 'Magic is Might'. So as long as you have the gift of Magic you will be welcomed into the Crimson Knights.

There were a lot of muggle-born witches and wizards in the ranks of Crimson Knights and instead of muggle-borns they were referred to as First Generation Witches or Wizards.

"Lady Grindelwald" All of them bowed their heads when they noticed the woman's arrival. Even a fool could tell that the four of them held the utmost respect for Lady Grindelwald.

"At ease" the woman waved off as she sat down. Her lieutenants also sat down following her command.

"Did you find the parents?" Ambika asked and the crimson-haired woman shook her head.

"Yes, they were dead and we gave them a proper Burial" the crimson-haired woman said as she leaned back in her chair.

"You might want to see this" Donovan said, pulling out the latest edition of the New York Ghost. A frown appeared on the woman's face as she read the massive headline.

<The Terror of Gellert Grindelwald Comes to an End>

<Gellert Grindelwald Captured>

Apparently, Gellert Grindelwald has been captured by MACUSA. The President of MACUSA, Seraphina Picquery was making bold statements everywhere. They were genuinely thinking that the war was over before starting.

The woman burst out laughing. "Utter fools… that prison won't be able to hold him for long. He will escape one way or the other" the crimson-haired woman said with a snort.

'Gellert is stubborn and resilient if nothing else' the woman mused. A few months ago Gellert had decided to find an Obscurial. The crimson-haired woman knew about the vision Gellert had, though she kind of found it odd that simple Aurors were able to apprehend Gellert.

Gellert was the master of the Elder Wand, the Death Stick or, the Wand of Destiny and he was one of the best duelists out there. She found herself becoming curious so she decided to visit Gellert. She wanted the true story without any exaggeration.

"My Lady, when are we going to come out in the open?" Vladimir asked curiously. His thick Russian accent made it quite hard for anyone to understand his English.

"There is no need to hurry… Gellert can have the limelight. We are currently unknown to the world so they aren't coming after us. We will be using that to our advantage as long as possible" The woman said with a polite smile on her face.

"But we could gain more support if we came out in the open, right?" Quinton asked.

"Yes, you are right, Quinton, but the time isn't right. The Magical world is filled with traitors who care about muggles. My plans are progressing much faster than I had planned… no need to attract attention right now" the crimson-haired woman said and Vladimir nodded his head.

"Of course, My Lady" Vladimir said and the crimson-haired woman dismissed the meeting. The crimson-haired woman Apparated into her room and placed her katana on the table and unclasped her cape.

With that, the woman stripped out of her leather suit as she made her way towards the bath. With a wave of her hand, the bath started to get filled with water as she looked at herself in the mirror.

'12 years…' the woman mused as she ran her fingers through her beautiful crimson hair. It has been 12 years since the day she was named 'Destiny Grindelwald'. She was the heir of Gellert Grindelwald…

<Line Break>

~~13 Years Ago~~

A small bald kid could be seen running through the streets of a village in the Austro-Hungarian Empire. Fear and terror were etched on the kid's face. The kid was barely wearing anything, the kid was clearly weak and frail.

The kid bolted out of the village and ran into the nearby woods. The kid was breathing heavily but didn't stop, only after a couple of minutes, the kid reached a small shed. The kid crawled inside the shade and released a huge sigh.

The kid took out a few loaves of dirty bread and devoured them in an instant. The kid's stomach growled, the kid grimaced. The bread wasn't enough but there was no more food.

'Need some water' the kid thought but it was already dark and getting out in the dark is very dangerous. The kid stared outside towards the setting sun. 'Why me?' the kid questioned as tears started to fill the kid's crimson eyes.

"This way!! I know that the devil lives somewhere around here!!" The kid heard a loud shout and several footsteps.

The kid shuddered in fear. 'Did they find me?' the kid wondered as the kid kept staring outside, crimson eyes darting everywhere from the shed.

"There!! That's the shed!" a voice exclaimed and the kid immediately bolted out of the shed. The kid only made it a couple of meters before something collided against the back of the kid.

The kid started to bleed and the kid couldn't do anything due to the blow. The kid's body was really weak and frail. "Finally got the devil!" a woman among the group sneered.

"Yes! She must be the reason why we have to pay so much tax" another man said in a fearful tone and several agreements rang throughout the group.

"Enough!! It is getting dark, we must return before the sun sets" one man spoke out loudly and everyone agreed.

"But how are we going to carry 'her'?" one woman asked. "I am not going to touch her… she might curse me!" the woman wailed and several other people gulped in fear and agreement.

"Armac! It was your duty to watch the village entrance. She was still able to enter the village and steal food… it is your duty to take her back. We will be finally getting rid of her today" the supposed leader of the group ordered and a man groaned in displeasure.

The kid lay on the ground bleeding… she clearly heard everything and whimpered due to pain and the coldness she was feeling. 'Please… someone' the kid pleaded inside her mind because she knew that pleading out loud would earn her more pain.

"Fine… but I won't be touching her more than necessary. Now, give me the rope" the man known as Armac whined as he grabbed the rope. He leaned down and started to bind the legs and hands of the kid.

The kid was way too weak to put up a fight at this moment. "Let's go…" Armac called out and the whole group seemed to cheer. Armac also tied her mouth so the devil couldn't scream.

The girl silently wailed as she was being dragged through the woods. The child didn't know what her mistake was but it has always been like this since she was born. She was hated for simply existing in this world.

She never knew her parents, she didn't even know if she had any. She had heard from the villagers that she is the incarnation of the devil… that might have been the case. She had noticed odd things happening around her.

Once she had thrown away an adult obese woman who was trying to beat her. She didn't even touch the woman, she simply flew away several meters. Odd things like that kept happening throughout the years. Her wounds would heal overnight.

She was very perceptive of her surroundings since she became conscious. She had to be if she wanted to avoid getting beaten… two years ago she had been tossed out of the village when their taxes were increased. She was blamed for their misery.

She had nowhere to go, she simply headed towards the woods. That wasn't a good idea as the woods were filled with various types of animals. So she made herself a small shed using a crevice on the ground. That has been her home for the last two years.

Before that, she lived on the streets of the village… scraping by with whatever she could get her hands on. She would sleep in whatever warm places she could find. Some days someone would find her and give her a few beatings before shooing her off.

While on some lucky days, no one found her and she was able to get a peaceful night's sleep. After getting thrown out of the village she started to steal food whenever she could… every time she would get noticed, she realized that it was due to her crimson hair.

So she shaved her head with the help of a stone. It hurt… she kept whimpering throughout the process but she had to get rid of her hair. After that, things improved for her quite a bit, but sometimes she still found herself staring at the moon while begging the devil to take her away.

The villagers called her the devil spawn, the incarnation of the devil so she must have some sort of connection with the devil, right? But even the devil never arrived to take her… she didn't know how to write, there was no one to teach her.

She could speak but that ability was pretty limited due to her lack of knowledge. But she could understand most of the things she heard… from the things she understood these people were going to cleanse her. They were going to banish her from the human world.

She had no idea how they were going to do that but she knew it wouldn't be anything good. The girl felt really weak due to all the blood she had lost… her whole body was hurting too. Against her wishes, her eyes closed up and she lost consciousness.

The girl's eyes snapped open when something sharp hit against her cheek… he felt stinging pain from her cheek. Tears pooled in her eyes but she knew crying would only earn her more beating. She had learned that early in her life.

"Good, you are finally awake, devil spawn" the man in front of her face snarled in disgust.

The girl's eyes danced around to see where she was. She found herself hanging on something… her hands, legs, and mouth were tied tightly. Her whole body was hurting… 'Please Devil…' once again she silently begged the devil to take her while looking towards the moon.

The girl's stomach grumbled and her throat was parched. 'Food… Water…' the girl thought as she kept looking around. She finally reached the conclusion that she was in the village square. She saw as the villagers came and dumped wood at the base of the pillar she was hanging on.

Were they going to burn her? These people wanted to cook her? She didn't know if she would taste good after getting cooked but she knew that she would die after getting cooked. She desperately wanted to scream at them.

She wanted to tell them not to cook her… she wanted to tell them they wouldn't enjoy eating her. She was so thin… Alas, her mouth was tied so she couldn't say anything. So, this was it… she was going to be burned alive.

After a few minutes, they finally finished dumping the wood. The guy who had hit her at the beginning came with a bucket filled with some sort of liquid and poured it over the wood. The girl sniffed the air and her eyes grew wide in fear.

She was right… These people were going to burn her alive. People started to gather around her, all the villagers were gathered here. Silent screams escaped her mouth but everyone kept glaring at her, their eyes burning with hatred.

"Is everything prepared?" a guy dressed in black clothes asked as he approached the center. The man was carrying a book in his hands and he was also wearing a cross outside his clothes. This was the first time the girl had seen a man dressed like this.

The man's features were pretty soft, his eyes and voice filled with care. All the villagers looked at him with awe and admiration in their eyes. She had never seen them acting like this.

"Yes father, everything is ready" the man who seemed to be the leader of the villagers spoke up with utmost respect in his voice.

"Good… then we can begin" the man wearing the cross said as he turned towards the girl. The kindness left his eyes in an instant as he stared at the small girl. His eyes burned with hatred.

"Today, you are going to pay for the sins you have committed, you devil spawn!!" The man exclaimed loudly. The little girl wanted to protest but she could only struggle with the ropes binding her. All the villagers cheered after hearing the statement.

"Today, we are going to cleanse this land. We will be sending you!" The man said as he pointed towards the little girl. "Back to the place you originated from" the man finished and the little girl was unable to hold back her tears anymore.

"Don't be fooled by those tears… she is just trying to fool us. Look at those crimson eyes, if those aren't the sign of being a devil then I don't know what is" the man said while shaking his head as he signaled towards the leader of the villagers.

The leader nodded his head with a determined look on his face and lit the torch. The man wearing the cross grabbed the torch from the other man with a hard look on his face as he stared into the eyes of a little girl.

The little girl desperately fought but her body was too weak, but that is when something happened… The man holding the torch along with everyone in the front was pushed back by an invisible force. Horrified gasps were heard throughout the crowd as they started to call God's name.

That was the last bit of energy the girl had in her body… her eyes became droopy as she felt really tired due to the pain and energy exhaustion. She was hungry and thirsty too.

"Did all of you see her evil powers?!" The man holding the torch questioned loudly. Previously he barely managed to keep his clothes from catching fire when he was pushed back.

Voices of agreement rang throughout the crowd. The little girl was too tired to even struggle anymore. 'Please, devil… please…' she pleaded inside her mind even though in some corner of her mind she knew that no one was going to come to save her.

The villagers started to clamor, demanding the devil spawn to be burned. Everyone looked at the little girl with fear, hatred, and rage in their eyes. The little girl hated everyone within the crowd but now she loathed their very existence with her being.

"May God have mercy on you" the man wearing the cross threw the torch into the wood lying under the little girl's feet and loud cheers broke out through the crowd.

They started to celebrate and congratulate each other. The woods caught flames in an instant due to the oil… the little girl silently shrieked due to the searing pain she felt around her legs when the flames started to rise up.

Once again tears started to trickle down her cheeks as the girl's whole mind was filled with unbearable pain. All of a sudden everyone froze when a large stream of water was poured into the flames. The fire went off and huge amounts of steam was released.

The little girl didn't know what happened but from the corner of her eyes, she noticed a man in strange clothes approaching the crowd of villagers. He was twirling a stick in his hands.

Moments later, before anyone could say anything, the man pointed the stick towards the crowd and started to release strings of lights from the stick. Some were green while some were red… the people gathered around to watch the girl burn had started to drop like flies.

Everyone yelled in fear and started to run but there was something completely different going on inside the little girl's mind. 'He, devil? Finally came to save me' for the first time in her life the girl felt happiness…

For a moment all of her pain was gone but it has been a long day for the girl so she was unable to stop herself from closing her eyes. She wanted to stare at the devil, etch his being into her mind, as the devil has finally decided to save her.

The last thing the girl saw before her eyes closed was that the devil was approaching her… the girl knew no more after that…

<Line Break>

For the first time in several years, Gellert Grindelwald was happy… he still remembered the last time he was happy like this. He remembered the day just like yesterday, even though it has been nearly 14 years.

The day he made the blood pact with his best friend and lover, Albus Dumbledore. Both of them had similar ideas but it was something naught to be… Albus believed in subtle power plays while Gellert believed in force.

Both of them wanted to lead the Magical World for the Greater Good but one fateful day everything fell apart as an argument broke out between Gellert, Albus, and Albus's younger brother Aberforth Dumbledore.

The argument led to a three-way battle between the three of them which only ended with the unfortunate death of Ariana Dumbledore. She was only 14 years old when her life was snuffed out by one of them.

Gellert Grindelwald knew whose curse it was that snuffed Ariana's life but he couldn't reveal that. No matter how his relationship ended with Albus, he couldn't do it to him. It was Albus's curse that snuffed little Ariana's life.

He knew that Albus resented Ariana because, after their mother's death, it became Albus's responsibility to take care of Ariana. He hated her for that… he believed that if Ariana didn't exist or if her Magic wasn't crippled then he could be out there fulfilling his dreams and doing so much more.

Gellert knew that magic is mysterious and based on intent. Albus's magic had probably acted on his intent and took Ariana's life, in a small part of his mind, Gellert blamed himself too.

She was just a little girl, no older than six when three muggle boys attacked her when they had seen her performing a bout of accidental magic. The incident left her so traumatized that her own magic acted against her, killing her from the inside.

Gellert pitied Ariana, as it wasn't her fault. No one could control their magic at that age. Ariana was merely 14 when she threw a fit. Her favorite brother Aberforth wasn't there to calm her so due to a bout of her uncontrollable magic, an explosion happened, which lead to the death of Dumbledore matron.

Gellert had arrived at Godric's Hollow after that incident and both him and Albus quickly became friends due to their ideals which turned into something more in the following months. Both of them wanted to subjugate the muggles 'for the Greater Good'.

On a fateful night, both Gellert Grindelwald and Albus Dumbledore decided to make a blood pact stating that the two of them could never fight each other as long as the blood pact existed. After that, the two of them started to make plans for their eventual takeover.

But everything good must come to an end… It happened when Aberforth Dumbledore finally returned home from school and became aware of their plans. He was concerned and disgusted with the plans so he finally confronted the two of them.

Gellert insisted that if they subjugated muggles then Ariana wouldn't need to hide any longer and what happened to her wouldn't happen to anyone else. Gellert became enraged and used the Cruciatus Curse on Aberforth.

Albus immediately jumped into the fight to protect his brother and that is what led to the start of the three-way duel that would severely impact the Dumbledore brothers.

Ariana with her uncontrollable magic tried to stop the three but instead lost her life… Gellert promptly left Godric's Hollow after that incident as he couldn't stay any longer at Godric's Hollow. After the incident, he was even more determined and assured of his plans.

He knew that to realize his plans he needed power… that is what led him to delve into the research of the Deathly Hallows. A year ago he had finally found a trail…

There were some rumors circulating around. Apparently, the renowned wandmaker Mykew Gregorovitch was in possession of the Elder Wand… The fabled Death Stick, the Wand of Destiny and he was currently trying to duplicate it.

So, Gellert broke into Mykew Gregorovitch's workshop and decided to wait for the wandmaker to arrive. As soon as Mykew Gregorovitch entered his workshop Gellert stunned the man and stole the Wand.

This led Gellert to realize something… previously it was known that you can only gain the allegiance of the Elder Wand through murder but that conception was proven wrong by him. And that is why Gellert was happy.

It has been only a month since he had gained the allegiance of the Elder Wand and his Magic was so much stronger than before. Now his magic flowed through his body much faster and it was more potent too.

His Spells were stronger and his casting speed was much faster too. After getting the Wand, Gellert promptly left Germany. That is where Gregorovitch Zauberstäbe was located, it was the name of the workshop of Mykew Gregorovitch.

It has been a month since Gellert Grindelwald arrived in the Austro-Hungarian Empire and since his arrival, he has been traveling on foot. He had decided to take the scenic route as there was a lot to see and he wanted to stay away from Magical Settlements.

He didn't know if Mykew Gregorovitch had blown the whistle or not. If he had then Gellert would be getting a lot of attention… the type of attention he wanted to avoid at this moment as he was yet to start his movement.

It was almost dark when he saw a village, it was a small village but it was more than enough to spend just a night. He promptly made his way towards the village. It was already dark when he arrived at the gates.

He found it odd as the village seemed empty… After a quick Revealing spell, Gellert knew that everyone was gathered at the village's center. He shrugged and entered the village and that is when he started to hear people clamoring.

That piqued his interest as he quickly made his way to the center of the village and what he saw froze him in his tracks. A little bald child has been hoisted on a stake right in the middle of the street and people have gathered around the child.

Gellert Grindelwald knew what was going to happen… They were going to burn the girl. Gellert saw the tears trailing down from the crimson eyes of the child and he found himself in a dilemma.

That is when with a bout of desperate accidental magic the child pushed everyone away. That blew away all the doubts inside Gellert's mind as something snapped inside him.

Wasn't this why he was trying to change the world? Wasn't this why he hated muggles too… the little child reminded him of Ariana… wasn't this girl going through the same thing Ariana had gone through but on a bigger scale?

By this time, the muggles had already lit up the stake, he didn't even need to see the pain in the child's eyes. He immediately sprang into action and Transfigured the oil into Water and then he used the Aguamenti charm to put off the remaining fire. He could always take care of the filth after he had saved the child.

With the fire put off Grindelwald started to approach the crowd of Mudbloods while twirling the Death Stick… before they could say anything he started attacking the crowd with Avada Kedavra and stunners.

He felt no pity for these pathetic filths… they deserved to die. The only reason he bothered to use Stunners was because he wanted to save some of them for the child. A grin appeared on his face, this child was going to learn an important lesson.

Within moments Gellert subdued the whole crowd, most of them were dead while some simply unconscious. Gellert turned around and started to approach the stake. With a jab of his Wand, the child was freed from the bounds as he gently levitated the child into a nearby house and laid down the child on the bed.

With some waves of his Wand, he bound all the unconscious villagers. Gellert entered the house and closed the door behind him. Gellert took another look at the child and reality dawned upon him.

'I am in no way fit to take care of a child' Gellert concluded. None of his plans included taking care of a child. For Morgana's sake, he didn't even know how to take care of a child. But now he just couldn't leave the child…

This child was the living proof of why his ambition was necessary. 'What would you do, Albus?' Gellert questioned himself but nobody answered.

First, he needed to see if the child was fine or not. So, Gellert quickly cast a diagnostic spell and the result made him grimace. The girl had lost a lot of blood that could be fixed with a Blood Replenishing Potion, a few bones were broken and wrongly healed.

He wasn't a healer but he knew that vanishing bones and then regrowing them with Skele-Gro Potion would work. Yes, the whole process will be painful but it was necessary if the girl wanted to avoid having disabilities in the future.

Yes, through the diagnostic Spell Gellert knew that the child was a girl. 'Burn Salve' Gellert mused as he noticed the burns on the girl's legs. 'Nutritional Potions and Growth Potions in bulk' Gellert grimaced as he didn't miss the severe case of malnutrition.

With a mental note Gellert Apparated into Askon Thoroughfare, it was the biggest Austro-Hungarian Magical market. He picked up a newspaper to see if there was anything new going on in the Magical World.

Apparently, no. There was nothing new going on in the Magical World. Gellert shoved the newspaper in his coat as he started to look for an apothecary. After a few minutes, he located an apothecary.

It took him a couple of minutes to buy everything. But then his eyes landed on a vial of potions he had never seen before. Well, there were a lot of potions he had never seen but most of them were classified as dark and no shop owner would sell them in the open.

These potions were right in front of the store. So, his curiosity got the better of him. "What type of potions are these?" Gellert questioned the shopkeeper and the shopkeeper simply grinned.

"These, my friend, are language potions. These are recently developed and in most of the countries, it is banned because it requires blood from a person who knows the language you want to learn" the shopkeeper pointed out.

Gellert was immediately interested. He knew English and German but he had no ideas about other languages and if he needed to fulfill his ambition then he needed to deal with people from various parts of the world.

"How many languages do you have in stock?" Gellert asked.

"Only four… English, German, Russian, and French" the shopkeeper said with a shrug.

'Pity' Gellert mused. "Give me one Russian and one for French and I need 20 blank ones" Gellert ordered and the shopkeeper pulled out 22 vials, two of them were marked while the rest weren't.

"Use these two in 24 hours, pulling them out of the crate takes off the special Stasis charm put on them and think about the language you want to imprint when adding blood to the blank ones" the shopkeeper instructed.

Gellert nodded his head and paid for the potions and left the shop. The blank potions had a mild silverish tint to them while the marked potions were muddy silverish, almost like Mercury in color.

After leaving the shop Gellert went to buy some food. After that, he quickly Apparated in the house and found that the girl was still sleeping. He put everything on the table and decided to wait. Gellert opened the Russian language vial and gulped it down.

Several memories appeared inside his head and Gellert found that he was pro-efficient in Russian. 'Marvellous' Gellert cheered inside his mind, even though he was feeling a mild headache. He decided to take the French language vial after a good night's sleep.

Gellert picked up the newspaper and started to skip through the contents. Gellert froze when he heard some shuffling from the bed. He lowered the newspapers to find the girl was up… she was looking at him with wide eyes.

"You, devil?" the girl asked in an almost hopeful tone. Gellert noticed the hope and fear in the girl's eyes… fear of being wrong, Gellert concluded.

"No, I am a Wizard" Gellert said as he got up. The girl flinched and scooted away. Gellert saw that and paused.

"Wizard, no devil?" the girl questioned with a heartbroken look on her face.

"There are no such things as devils, even if there are I don't know about them. I am a Wizard and you are a Witch" Gellert pointed out.

The girl pointed at herself and gave him a questioning look. "I, Witch?" the girl questioned and Gellert uncorked a blank language vial and pricked his finger with his Wand. Thinking about English he added a couple of drops in it.

The Potion's color changed into a muddy silverish color. He noticed that the girl was watching his actions curiously. He picked up the vial and approached the girl. The girl scooted away, trying to make some distance but she had to stop due to the wall.

"I am not going to hurt you. You need to drink this. You will be able to speak nicely after that" Grindelwald said as the girl kept staring intently at the offered object.

After a minute, the girl finally grabbed the vial and gulped it down. She immediately grimaced and grabbed her head as she whimpered. Gellert walked back and sat down in his chair. Gellert patiently waited.

"A lot of things appeared inside my mind…" the girl trailed off and froze when she noticed how well she could speak now.

"Yes, I said that you will be able to speak nicely" Gellert drawled with slight annoyance but remembered that he was dealing with a child who knew nothing of this world.

"Why don't you have some food? It is warm…" Gellert pointed towards the food on the table. He clearly noticed that the girl simply wanted to lunge at the food but she was somewhat reluctant.

After a few minutes, the girl finally climbed down from the bed and flinched due to the burns on her legs as she approached the table. There was worry in her crimson eyes. The girl climbed up a chair and kept staring at him and the food while gulping from time to time. Gellert finally understood that the girl was probably waiting for permission.

"Yes, you may eat" As soon as Gellert finished speaking, the girl pounced on the food like a hungry wolf.

'Need to teach her manners too' Gellert thought but he didn't say anything. He kept watching the girl with a disturbed look on his face as she devoured the food like a barbarian. He knew that the girl was malnourished so he had brought food that would be light for her stomach.

It only took a few minutes for the girl to finish everything. Gellert opened his mouth to say something but closed his mouth and Conjured a bowl for her. Then he used the Aguamenti charm to fill the bowl with water.

The girl immediately gulped down the water and released a small burp. Once again the girl started to give him worried looks. Gellert wanted to rub his face in frustration. 'This must be a challenge given to me by either Fate or Destiny' Gellert thought.

"Why are you being so nice to me?" The girl asked in a worried tone. It was clear that the girl didn't trust him.

"Because you are a Witch, you are gifted with Magic. Wizards and Witches must band together. As a Wizard, it is my duty to help you and save you from those filthy Muggles" Gellert said with quite some venom in his voice.

"Muggle filth?" the girl questioned as she tilted her head in confusion.

"The ones who don't have magic… All of these villagers are Muggle filth, mudbloods. They are jealous of our gift and that is why they hate us…" Gellert paused as he saw raw hatred in those beautiful crimson eyes.

"Mudbloods… I hate mudbloods" the little girl spat out. Her whole body was shaking in rage… Gellert Grindelwald internally smirked. He didn't need to make her hate muggles, she already hated them with her very being.

All of a sudden a thought appeared in Gellert's mind. This little girl was probably the first person who was going to swear loyalty to him and he didn't even know her name yet. She would probably become his first follower but he wouldn't force her to swear loyalty to him.

This girl had already made a special place for herself in his heart and he would understand if she wanted to realize his… or her dream in her own way. Gellert was quite surprised with his train of thoughts and how quickly he had come to genuinely care about this girl.

"What is your name, girl?" Gellert asked softly and the little girl shrugged after hearing his question.

"I don't have one" the girl said in a dismissive tone. That won't do… if the girl didn't have a name then it was up to him to give her a fitting name…

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