Creating Happiness with Heart in Honkai

After Transmigrating into another universe and becoming Haxxor Bunny, she came to Honkai Impact 3rd world. In order to wait for the Astral Train that will lead to the universe that has many Aeons, Bronie decided to make games that will bring people smiles to their faces. Miss Pink Elf: "When can this cutie make more touching games like "Undertale"~" Metal Gear Bronya: "Next time, I will definitely beat you in this fighting game "Guilty Gear" damn it!" Man who hops In-and-out of the coffin: "The game "Civilization" made me feel the weight of civilization and the meaning of our world, but I must delete this game otherwise my company will drag me down because of me. I cant pay off the debt without finishing the manuscript." 'Polite' man with blazing fists: "Please, dont make games like "Undertale" and "Getting Over it with Haxxor Bunny" again!!!!" Seeing this nostalgic and familiar comments, Haxxor Bunny could only smile and say one thing; "Haxxor Bunny can hack not only the world but also people's hearts!!! Bronie will use games to quietly hack into other peoples lives!!!" -XXXXX- Not suprsing im showing this not going to lie. Same with the first one, this fic also has good pacing and heart warming story as well as comedy and its an instant recommend for every Honkai Enthusiaths. Disclaimer: I aint own anything, and a mere 'translator' or 'editor' to show gems. Original CN name: 写作食物读作迪奥哒

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Chapter 34: Siegfried's Awakening

Indeed, Spiritfarer can be played by two people. It's a split-screen game, with one person controlling Stella and the other controlling the little cat.

That's how Eden and Elysia played the game before. With exquisite graphics and catchy music, it's a pity that K423 still can't read, so Siegfried needs to narrate the plot.

It's a story about the afterlife, depicting Stella, her friends, and the family members they met before their deaths, along with their past stories.

The homey atmosphere, leisurely pace of the game, and entertaining platform jumping quickly immerse the two in the game world.

Siegfried temporarily forgot his troubles, sitting side by side with K423, striving to progress through the game.

Characters have minimal or no health bars, and there's no punishment for failure, so getting stuck is almost impossible.

Seeing the two immersed in the game world, Bronie doesn't intend to disturb their world. She lets them cultivate their relationship well, hoping that the next time they meet, she can hear the girl's own name from her mouth.

"Why did you come back so early today?" Cioara had rented a house, and until the bar was fully decorated, she and Bronie would live in this cottage. Fortunately, the cottage was fully equipped with a fireplace, heating, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom, providing everything they needed.

With Cioara having nothing to do at home for the time being, she tried to learn to cook. Hoping to diversify the menu in her bar and not rely solely on Bronie.

Today, Cioara was also making an effort to cook, but Bronie coming back early disrupted her rhythm.

"It's nothing, maybe the Herrscher Core has entered a dormant state recently, so the concentration of Honkai energy around has decreased, and Honkai beasts almost won't materialize anymore."

"So you were kicked out by Siegfried?"

"He wouldn't dare!" Bronie exclaimed.

"Oh? Then why did you come back so soon?"

"It's because of that child. She still doesn't have a name yet, and Siegfried's way of raising her is a bit too wild, so I scolded him to his face, and now they are at home playing the game I brought with me."

"Are you sure Spiritfarer won't reopen his wounds?"

Discussing the meaning of life, the perception of life and death, and others' ordinary lives, isn't this inappropriate?

"Good medicine tastes bitter but is good for the disease, and frank advice is good for action. With K423 around, she can heal Siegfried's soul well."

Who doesn't like a cute and harmless little cat? Bronie also likes it. Even if Siegfried gets angry and upset, he ends up watching the plot anyway. And the more he thinks, the more he realizes what he did wrong.

Focusing on the past will only make him blind to the present, and being blind to the present will gradually lead Siegfried into the wrong abyss. Although Spiritfarer's narrative is somewhat fragmented and requires players to find clues themselves, Bronie doesn't think Siegfried's intelligence is so low that he can't understand the plot inside, right?

It shouldn't be.

"Okay, whatever you say. Tonight it's minestrone soup. I can't guarantee the taste, but this time I took your advice and tasted it before adding seasoning."

"That's right! Minestrone soup isn't very difficult. The only thing to pay attention to is the amount of seasoning. If it's too little, just add a bit more, and trying a few times won't go wrong."

It's only in cartoons and anime that there are inexplicable settings of not being able to cook at all. Just follow the recipe and complete it mechanically. Even if there's no soul, it definitely won't taste bad.

"Right, Bronie's teaching is correct, but if these dishes are served in a restaurant, they wouldn't be considered qualified, right?"

Cioara actually wanted to open a restaurant. But unfortunately, because she couldn't cook, it turned into a bar. In terms of mixing drinks, Cioara should have no problem, after all, it's all about proportions, and every step is very precise.

"I can only say that there is still room for improvement, but if your restaurant goes bankrupt, I'll make games to support you!"

"It's not your turn to support me yet, hire."

Mercenary business, while dangerous, yields substantial earnings. World Serpent provides a basic monthly salary, with minimal overtime and ample paid vacation time.

"Darn it, I've always said that my company's system is much worse than World Serpent's. Maybe one day my company will collapse!"

"No, it won't. World Serpent is just lying low. The basic salary actually varies depending on the intensity of activities. Everything is decided by the Gray Serpent. Your company is actually more enviable."

"Oh? Is that so?"

"Seriously, why bother worrying about these things? Have you finished your game? Lately, I've noticed you going to Siegfried's house a lot, and you seem to have neglected your current game, haven't you?"

"No! I had someone send me a lot of books. These are all unavailable online. Next, I'll organize the information and improve the most important textual content in the game."

As Bronie spoke, she pulled out a huge cardboard box from outside the house. It was filled to the brim with books, mostly history-related.

"I always feel like you're up to something big."

"Of course, I am doing something incredible. I'm integrating the history of this civilization and turning it into an artform. Isn't that a great achievement?"

"Yes, you're right, but with too much text, it might affect the gameplay... Well, that's not my concern. I'll just look forward to your new game! But speaking of which, if you plan to make a game about the development of civilization, what about Schicksal?"

"Schicksal... Isn't it just an ancient religion?"

At least that's what Schicksal claims to be.


Cioara accepted this explanation. After all, it was a sensitive subject. If spoken of casually, it could attract unnecessary attention. However, in this game Civilization, there are many DLCs, one of which includes heroes. Bronie can incorporate Kallen as a hero unit.

The subsequent content will surely be discovered by Otto himself.

But in the end, all he can see is what is written in the official books.

After all, Bronie's texts are based on the books existing in the current era and won't include anything too far-fetched.

Once immersed in work, Bronie indeed tends to forget the time. Besides eating, she spends her time sorting and summarizing the texts behind various civilizations.

She tries to write those texts as objectively and fairly as possible, but they're all edited into the Civilization Encyclopedia to make it easier for players to search for when they're interested.


After over a week, Bronie stretched lazily, having completed most of her work. Next is the issue of visuals and music. But Siegfried barged into her studio as if something important needed to be said.

"Oh? Rare visitor, Mr. Siegfried, have you started missing me, so you came to see what I've been up to lately?"

Turning around, Bronie saw Siegfried, who looked a bit tired with dark circles under his eyes.

"Are those games really made by you?"

"Spiritfarer and Undertale, both of them are made by me. How do you like them?"

"Well, thank you for bringing us the games. They've given me a lot of inspiration... sigh... the despicable things I've done accidentally hurt Kiana. I'll take care of her in the future. I love her, but because of some special reasons, she's ill, and this illness might be contagious. For your safety, I suggest you try to have less contact with her, for your own sake and for Kiana's."

"Moon Goddess? That's a nice name. Keep the computer for yourself and teach her how to use it, how to use such tools to observe a broader world. Knowledge can often change fate. Don't you also hope that your child can be a little smarter?"

"How can I do that? This computer must be expensive!"

"Just consider it a keepsake. If you really emerge from the past sorrows, use this thing to remind yourself and be a qualified father!"

"You little brat, you talk like an adult. Alright, I somewhat believe now that you're the creator of those two games, especially Spiritfarer. A mundane yet somewhat unfortunate life always resonates with people, doesn't it?"

"By the way, leave this computer to Kiana as well. If she feels lonely, she can learn to use the computer to communicate with me. But as for reading and typing, it's up to you to teach her, or should I hire a teacher?"

"Didn't I say it before? Kiana can't spend too much time with others, or else she'll easily get sick."

Teaching can only be done slowly by himself. That's just the way it is. Siegfried has decided to start moving forward, so no matter what obstacles lie ahead, he will overcome them.

Seeing Siegfried's tired yet determined eyes, Bronie could only sigh helplessly.

"Poor child. Maybe I'll find some teachers for her online. How does that sound?"

"Yes! That works!"

Siegfried suddenly realized, and Bronie began to worry about Kiana's future.

Will this wild upbringing method really not turn her into a gorilla who doesn't think about anything?

"All right, all right, is there anything else? If not, then don't disturb me while I work. Making games consumes a lot of energy and time."

"I came to thank you."

Siegfried became serious again.

"To thank me?"

"Thank you"

"For taking care of Kiana. My wife's death hit me hard. If it weren't for you bringing the games and letting me play with that child, I might have had a hard time getting over it for a long time."

"In the end, it's all up to you, isn't it? The departed are gone, but they remain in our hearts. People always move forward, so focus on the present and the future. I wish you can achieve the good life you desire through your own efforts."

"By the way, how old are you?"

"Fifteen. Why?"

"You're fifteen and already want to quit studying, following your family's wishes to live in this remote town away from the hustle and bustle of the city. You're quite... What kind of weirdo have I encountered?"

From Cioara, Siegfried learned the reasons why the two came to live in this small town.

Cioara wanted to temporarily escape the hustle and bustle of the city and enjoy peace, so she chose to open a bar here.

And Bronie didn't want to study!

This may be genius. Making games, not intending to study, and even having a go-with-the-flow attitude toward life. It's really leisurely.

"You're the strange one. Bringing a daughter in this far off mountain, isn't your daughter almost ten? Yet you still haven't named her, she's like a clueless baby. She usually looks fierce, and her muscles must have been trained for a long time. Aren't you even more suspicious?"

"Hahaha, I'm just a bad father. Nothing suspicious about it!"

Siegfried felt that if he stayed any longer, she might have to disclose even the color of his underwear. To avoid getting involved in any bad situations, Siegfried left after leaving the thank-you gift at Cioara's house.

Of course, he used the excuse of wanting to cook for Kiana.

"I wonder what that guy is thinking. He named her Kiana, what about the real Kiana?"

After seeing Siegfried off, Cioara couldn't help but complain. Although she wanted to beat Siegfried up at the time, going to do so would expose her identity, wouldn't it?

"In his eyes, his daughter is already dead. Now that the core body of the Herrscher the Void is Kiana's clone, you know."

"What a fool."

"Most people from the Kaslana family are like this."

"Which means the Lord of the World Serpent..."

"Who knows, Elysia might know?"

Now Cioara felt even more tired. She felt like just knew some unnecessary secrets, and she felt like she might be torn to pieces by the people of World Serpent if they were exposed.

"How's the game coming along?"

"The text is almost sorted out. Next is composing. What do you think, should I compose with Da Vinci's 'Poem of the Flying Dream' to describe the magnificent scene of civilization stepping into the stars and oceans, or should I compose with Swahili religious prayers to express the importance of religion in enlightening human civilization?"

"Since you've described it so clearly, why not use both?"

"Because, in any case, there can only be one main theme song, expressing the core of the entire game, just like Undertale, just like Spiritfarer."

Looking at two sets of lyrics and different translations, Cioara glanced subtly at the other prayer.

"Sensory-wise, I actually prefer the Flying Dream a bit, but it seems quite appropriate to use religious prayers to praise the greatness of human civilization."

"I feel like you're not helping much with the game!"

"Well, I'm sorry about that! Next, you'll have to think about it yourself. Maybe you can include one song as the ending theme?"

"You're deciding all of this so effortlessly with just your mouth. Haven't you considered whether it will exhaust me?"

"Will you be exhausted?"

"No, I'll just delay the release of the game."

"Then you're not going to be exhausted?"

"No, just delayed."

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