Creating Happiness with Heart in Honkai

After Transmigrating into another universe and becoming Haxxor Bunny, she came to Honkai Impact 3rd world. In order to wait for the Astral Train that will lead to the universe that has many Aeons, Bronie decided to make games that will bring people smiles to their faces. Miss Pink Elf: "When can this cutie make more touching games like "Undertale"~" Metal Gear Bronya: "Next time, I will definitely beat you in this fighting game "Guilty Gear" damn it!" Man who hops In-and-out of the coffin: "The game "Civilization" made me feel the weight of civilization and the meaning of our world, but I must delete this game otherwise my company will drag me down because of me. I cant pay off the debt without finishing the manuscript." 'Polite' man with blazing fists: "Please, dont make games like "Undertale" and "Getting Over it with Haxxor Bunny" again!!!!" Seeing this nostalgic and familiar comments, Haxxor Bunny could only smile and say one thing; "Haxxor Bunny can hack not only the world but also people's hearts!!! Bronie will use games to quietly hack into other peoples lives!!!" -XXXXX- Not suprsing im showing this not going to lie. Same with the first one, this fic also has good pacing and heart warming story as well as comedy and its an instant recommend for every Honkai Enthusiaths. Disclaimer: I aint own anything, and a mere 'translator' or 'editor' to show gems. Original CN name: 写作食物读作迪奥哒

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Chapter 35: Guidance Class from the Elysian Realm

Siegfried finally emerged from the anguish of losing his family, and life gradually returned to normal. Bronie knew that, for the short term, there wouldn't be many troubles on Earth, aside from the accidents involving Bronya and Seele's experiments.

No, perhaps there wasn't much connection with the main storyline after all?

Actually, none of this mattered.

What mattered was the issue regarding Teaching Kiana.

Siegfried's appearance was indeed very eye-catching. If they were to hire a teacher online, sooner or later their location would be exposed to the World Serpent.

Actually, exposing Kiana and Siegfried's location to the World Serpent wasn't a big deal, but it would be very inconvenient for Cioara and Bronie's actions.

After all, Cioara could be considered a legendary mercenary. Wherever there was tracws of her existence, there would be traces left behind. And if Otto spent a lot of money to investigate Cioara's identity, she would definitely not be able to hide it from him.

And if they followed this trail, it would definitely alarm the World Serpent. Then the Gray Serpent would come and perform a wave of righteous cutting on Cioara, which wouldn't be good.

But was Bronie the kind of person to give up when faced with difficulties?

No, of course not.

Was it difficult to find a teacher?

She could even find a doctor herself!

Then Bronie opened her computer and clicked on the chat group connected to the Elysian Realm.

"Hi! Bronie, it's been so long since we've talked. Have you forgotten about me?"

Elysia's face suddenly filled the entire screen. Fortunately, there was a screen in between; otherwise, Bronie's heart would have started pounding wildly again.

"Sorry, Elysia. I've been busy lately. I'm making a new game, you know. It's a very energy-consuming task to integrate the development process of the current era into a game. I got so immersed in my work that I forgot about the time. It's just unavoidable!"

The communication method based on the Quantum signal was not detectable by the World Serpent or Anti Entropy, so this communication line could be said to be unprecedentedly secure!

"Well, have you been eating well lately? Have you bought more new clothes? When are you planning to come back? Mobius said she really misses you~"

Because there were no Stigmata, Mobius's reincarnation plan for the Elysian Realm based on the Stigmata plan was the least likely to be experimented on Bronie. So she wanted to exper-, ahem, she really just wanted to study Bronie's body. As for taking over or anything like that, she really didn't have that idea.

"Where is she thinking about me? She's thinking about dissecting me!"

"No, no, how could that be? Bronie is so cute, how could she bear to do that!"

"Cough cough, okay, let's get back to the point. The game is indeed in progress. I just wanted to ask everyone in the Elysian Realm if they're interested in being a teacher for a new Herrscher?"

"A Herrscher? A new Herrscher! Mobius! Eden! Vill-V! Come over here!"

After hearing this news, Elysia immediately grabbed her Elysian Realm megaphone and started calling people. Two of them were researchers, and one was her old friend. As a teacher, Eden should be able to handle this.

"Tell me about that Herrscher, what does she look like? Is she pretty? How old is she? What's her authority?"

It seemed that she was very surprised by this news, and Bronie did mention finding a teacher.

In other words, such an Herrscher might really become an Herrscher on the side of humanity. Wasn't that a surprise!

Even though it was just on the screen, being able to see with her own eyes that the efforts she had made had finally paid off, wasn't that something to be happy about?

So Elysia was very excited.

"Wait, wait, she's the second Herrscher. After dying eight years ago, the Archbishop of Schicksal implanted the Herrscher core into a clone's body for resurrection experiments, so essentially she's still the second Herrscher, but with a new life."

"Although I know you have no reason to lie, what you said is really unbelievable..."

Elysia pondered for a moment.

The Herrscher had a tendency to destroy the world. Unexpectedly, with the Herrscher core still intact, there was still a possibility of resurrection.

New life?

It sounded a bit unreliable.

"It's probably because the Herrscher core of the Current Era is different from the Herrscher core of the Previous Eran, so this situation arises. But the Herrscher core is definitely a rare item. I definitely can't get it. If you want to study it, I'm afraid you have to go out of the Elysian Realm for research."

"You little rascal! Are you telling the truth!"

Mobius was even more excited than Elysia. Originally, she thought that something big had happened on Elysia's end, or maybe Bronie had brought a new game again. But she didn't expect Bronie to bring such big news.

"What benefit do I get from lying to you! Her name is Kiana, and her name contains the meaning of the Moonlight Goddess."

"If you're willing, I'll negotiate with them over there."

"Of course! If we could bring her to the Elysian Realm, that would be great!"

"It's impossible. Her identity is sensitive. Just being able to contact each other under the scrutiny of the two major organizations in the world is already quite remarkable. But if I were to take her away, I would be at odds with the entire world."

"I see... That's quite unfortunate..."

Elysia felt a bit regretful.

But since they can meet now, there will surely be opportunities in the future!

"Don't worry, there will be plenty of opportunities in the future. And after waiting for fifty thousand years, what's a few more years?"

"So this is Bronie's plan? Making the girl anxiously wait. You're really naughty~"

Damn, this charming little devil, she knows she looks good, so she uses these means to toy with my heartstrings, doesn't she!

Indeed, being cautious around the Elysian Realm is not groundless!

"Due to the nature of the Herrscher core, many common knowledge facts are hidden in her subconscious. When it comes to speaking and reading, it's more like recalling memories, but other aspects are like a blank slate. So I hope this little princess can have a better childhood."

Bronie explained these things in advance so that everyone could prepare teaching materials well.

Eden was in charge of arts, Elysia was in charge of literature, and Vill-V and Mobius were even simpler.

After all, in the field of science, knowledge has been in use for fifty thousand years, and there's no possibility of forgetting it.

As for combat teaching, that's Siegfried's responsibility.

In short, they aim for comprehensive development in morality, intelligence, physical fitness, and aesthetics.

Carrying her laptop, Bronie left the cozy cabin.

Facing the wind and snow, she knocked on Siegfried's door.

The weather wasn't great today, and Siegfried wasn't wandering outside but was at home playing with Kiana.

And this time, seeing Bronie coming over, he didn't have a sour face.

"Is there something wrong? The wind and snow outside are so strong, come in first."

"It's nothing. Didn't I talk to you about the education of your child before? How old is Kiana now?"

"Are there teachers on the internet? Are those teachers reliable?"

"Of course they're reliable. As the saying goes, money can move mountains. The people I invited are all highly accomplished in their specific fields. Let our little princess Kiana feel the growing pains~"

Upon hearing the word "growing pains," Siegfried couldn't help but laugh.

It's said that people from the Kaslana family always had a good pillow during class. Maybe Kiana would feel the same way.

"You're here! Big sister Bronie!"

Kiana put down the game controller in her hand and ran to Bronie.

Because of the height difference, Kiana looked up at her.

With watery eyes and chubby cheeks.

Damn it...

She's too cute, she'll definitely lure Elysia out!

"I'm here, Kiana. Is that your name? It's very nice!"

"Yes! My name is Kiana Kaslana! We're a knight family that has been protecting the people for generations!"

It seems Siegfried has told the child a lot about the glory of the Kaslana family.

And probably said the same thing every time they went out.

Protecting everyone under the claws of the evil Honkai beasts, and also protecting Bronie.

"Wow! That's amazing! But as a qualified knight, besides having the power to protect others, you also need to have strong wisdom. Knowledge can be a sharp weapon to help you carve out a new path in the thorny road ahead. Come, say hello to Aunt Elysia!"

"It's Elysia! Bronie, do you just like to make girls sad?"

"Aunt Elysia! Hello! My name is Kiana!"

"Wow! Such a cute girl~ Hello, hello~"

Elysia's eyes lit up when she saw Kiana in the video.

Now there's another reason for her to leave the Elysian Realm.

Whenever a cute beauty appears among the successors of the Elysian Realm, Elysia will definitely show up.

If it's a boy, then Elysia will hide in the depths of the Elysian Realm and stick with Aponia and Eden every day.

So when she sees a cute girl, it's really exciting.

"Is your teacher really serious? Look at her ears and eyes..."

With those mesmerizing colored lenses and elf-like ears, it's like playing cosplay.

"Don't worry, every girl loves beauty. Elysia just loves beauty more than others."

Bronie turned back to reassure Siegfried.

And the next few are different.

"This is Eden, proficient in music, painting, and art appreciation;

This is Mobius, a biologist, ahead of most researchers in exploring the world of life. And with the help of Miss Vill-V, a rare genius, her teaching in science will definitely satisfy you!"

He doesn't know any of them.

Eden is very elegant, not really looked like teacher.

Mobius looks like a child.

Vill-V is a little more mature, but her fancy dress makes Siegfried feel uneasy.

"But what kind of teacher can you find? Are they really reliable?"

"Hey! Can't you attend the class with Kiana? If you feel something is wrong, you can bring it up first!"

Elysia can understand Siegfried's worry about the child, a clone who doesn't understand anything, and a time bomb like the Herrscher core in her body.

Siegfried's performance, if compared to previous era, would definitely be labeled as anti-humanity.

When Elysia said this, Siegfried also temporarily let down his guard.

Although a few people looked a little strange.

Mobius does have the feeling of a genius scientist when he is serious. As for Vill-V, when it comes to seriousness, she is like an omnipotent expert. Each personality controls a talent. Siegfried has an inexplicable intuition about the other party.

Next is Eden. The temperament of Eden is not false, especially the clothes on her body, which are low-key but luxurious. The light reflected by some gems embellished on the clothes actually sets off Eden.

No, where did this Bronie find these strange people! ?


"Huh? What's wrong with Sister Bronie?"

"Learn well from Sister Elysia and the other sisters. Remember, knowledge changes destiny. It gives me a brand new destiny. The same. It can also give you a better future."

"Sister, are you ready to leave?"

"Yes, I still want to make games at home. The games I make for you cannot be made easily. Both the graphics and the music need to be made with care."

"It's amazing~"

"That's right! If you can use the game to bring smiles to everyone, it will be worth the hard work. I don't know how many people have been affected by this. Two games and changed."

"I have changed! I got the name of Kaslana's family, and my father loves me. Thank you for your games!"

Very satisfied!

Stretching out her hand, Bronie touched Kiana's head.

"This life is worth it!"

Looking at the interaction between Bronie and Kiana, Elysia felt envious. It's a pity that she really can't come out. But there is one thing Elysia is sure of. That is Kiana is really a good child. If she can be properly guided, she can really become a Herrscher who fights for mankind. It is very nice.

"But for the next game, I may actually need your help, Miss Eden, with the soundtrack.

At this time, Bronie changed the subject and focused on Eden on the computer.

"Oh? Do you want me to produce the soundtrack? I'm actually a little interested. Did you come prepared?"

"Yes, everything is ready. But it's difficult to find a symphony orchestra in Siberia for game music recording, and I don't want to travel far. So, I thought of you."

"Thank you for trusting my abilities. Are the scores and lyrics prepared? Weren't you also behind the music for 'Spiritfarer' and 'Undertale'?"


"Your talent surprises me. But for symphony music, I'm fully capable. Besides, this is a game made for me, right?"

"Yes, consider it a preview. But your hands will be the ones playing it. Isn't it more engaging?"

"If the score doesn't satisfy me, I'll think you're just making me do free work!"

"Don't worry, would I mess up? Definitely not!"

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