Court of Rebirth: The Conqueror (KnB)

He was a man who held immense passion for basketball but had faced deep frustration as his talent reached his limits due to starting the sport later than his peers. However, his life took an unexpected turn when a nuclear strike hit him after receiving a mysterious letter! He found himself being reborn in Kuroko's Basketball world, where he could have a fresh start from the beginning. ---------- Follow me on X (Twitter): mythoast Support me at: patreon.com/mythoast

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Chapter 262: Title At The End Of The Chapter!

A timeout was swiftly called for Seirin, prompting both teams to retreat to their benches.

Aida stood in contemplative silence, her eyes fixed on the scoreboard, where a grim expression seemed to be the collective mood.

The break was their only respite, a precious moment to figure out a solution, as their predicament showed no signs of improvement, even with Kagami entering the zone.

Kagami was frustrated as it was clearly etched his features as he furrowed his eyebrows. He wanted to discuss the mysterious door beyond the zone, but uncertainty held his words captive.

"...I might have an idea."

Unexpectedly, Kuroko spoke up, causing everyone on the Seirin team to sharply turn their attention to him.

Kuroko observed the eager expressions on their faces, a clear indication that they were hanging on to his every word. Continuing with a sense of purpose, he explained, "...I noticed they could still sense my presence even when I vanished from their sight."

Nods of agreement circled the group, a testament to the sharp senses possessed by the Fukuda Sogo players.

"However, I believe I've found a way around this..." Kuroko declared, determination gleaming in his gaze.

With unwavering focus, Kuroko surveyed each teammate's presence before opening his mouth to lay out his plan.

This was uncharted territory for him, but it was a gamble worth taking!

Their bond was robust, allowing them to place unwavering trust in Kuroko's judgment.

As Kuroko unveiled his plan, a spark of understanding lit up their expressions. Hyuga chimed in, "This might just work, yeah..."

A unanimous agreement rippled through the group. Aida took charge, declaring, "Then, let's proceed with Kuroko's approach."

"Kagami, you'll be sticking with Kuroko to mark Fukuda Sogo's Captain from now on..." she continued, earning a nod of acknowledgment from Kagami.

With all the details clarified and a unanimous decision made to follow Kuroko's strategy, their expressions solidified with determination as they rose from their seats and headed back to the court to resume the game.


Kuroko's voice rang out, drawing Kagami's attention.


"Let's tackle this together!"

A genuine smile graced Kuroko's face as he extended his hand for a fist bump with Kagami.

Yet, Kagami found himself taken aback by Kuroko's smile.

It wasn't merely because Kuroko rarely smiled; there was something more.

A shadow seemed to cast over the edges of Kuroko's expression, and as Kagami opened his mouth in disbelief, he couldn't shake the haunting image of the person guarding the door that lingered in the back of his mind.

A revelation lodged in Kagami's throat as he stared at Kuroko, a sudden realization dawning.

"...It was Kuroko's figure all along?"

"Why did you suddenly go silent like that?"

However, a swift smack on the head jolted him back to reality, and the ensuing pain made him hiss.

Turning to the culprit, Kagami found Hyuga shaking his head in annoyance, prompting him to mutter, "...Of course, it's the captain."


Hyuga grumbled angrily, leaving Kagami in awkward silence.

Amused chuckles erupted from everyone in Seirin, causing Kagami to widen his eyes in surprise. Observing their bright expressions, he could envision them walking together towards the gate.

Mumbling to himself, he said, "...I think I know how to open that door now."

"Kagami? You left my fist hanging..."

"Oh, right. My bad..."

Kuroko's voice injected a moment of awkwardness, prompting Kagami to turn and extend his fist.

They bumped fists, and in that brief physical connection, Kagami felt a subtle shift.

The frustration of not being strong enough to alter everything on his own completely dissipated. As he stepped onto the court, a genuine smile graced his face, a newfound resolve shining in his eyes.


Tsuna sharply pivoted toward Seirin, who were making their way to the court, his eyes widening in surprise.

He sensed an abrupt change in momentum just by observing them.

"Why? What happened?"

Nijimura inquired, noting the rarity of Tsuna's surprise.

Without directly answering, Tsuna shifted his gaze to the scoreboard and the timer. Recognizing that the third quarter was drawing to a close, he muttered, "...Seems like there's no other choice, huh?"


Nijimura found himself perplexed, tilting his head in confusion.

However, Tsuna simply shook his head and muttered, "Never mind, we'll see it later..."

Nijimura scratched his head in bewilderment before turning his attention to Seirin's players. Despite his heightened senses, he couldn't discern any unusual aura or strategy.

However, as the game pressed on, Fukuda Sogo started to feel an unexpected pressure. Their surprise was evident as they closely observed Seirin's players, noticing an enhanced synchronicity and unwavering focus that sent shivers down their spines.

The description of Seirin's predicament was simple, they fucked up. There was no glossing over the severity of their circumstances.

"...Their mental state is at an all-time high even in such a situation?" Haizaki couldn't believe what he was witnessing right before his eyes.

Suddenly, Izuki's dribble took on a new intensity.

His eyes changed as Kagami made his move, spinning around Tsuna's tight mark. Kagami accelerated towards the basket, and without hesitation, Izuki executed a sharp sidestep before threading the ball towards Hyuga.

However, amidst the swift exchange, Ogiwara's eyes widened once more.

His gaze darted as he realized Kuroko had vanished once again. His instincts screamed, and to his surprise, Kuroko materialized, intercepting his own teammate's pass.

"...What?" The unexpected turn left him genuinely surprised.

Yet, Kuroko's gaze seemed to grow radiant as his pupils brightly lit while remaining steadfast as he skillfully intercepted the pass, employing his Ignite Pass Kai with precision.

The ball sailed in a perfect trajectory towards the apex of the basket, where Kagami, having shifted strategically, seamlessly intercepted and thunderously slammed it down.


The crowd erupted in astonishment, their loud exclamations filling the air.

"Did the ball suddenly curve?"

"...I think the phantom was behind this."

Murmurs swept through the spectators as they tried to make sense of what was happening. All they could perceive was the ball abruptly altering its course, leaving them puzzled and intrigued.

Meanwhile, everyone from Fukuda Sogo couldn't help but fixate on Kuroko's figure with wide eyes. However, a subtle detail didn't escape their notice.

In unison, they exclaimed, "They're surprised by that interception too..."

Seirin's players, indeed, appeared taken aback by Kuroko's sudden intervention.

"...You've got a nifty trick up your sleeve, Kuroko."

Ogiwara observed Kuroko's departing figure, acknowledging the clever use of Kagami's commanding presence.

The flashy move caught their attention, and as Kagami's zone grazed Ogiwara's senses, a natural wariness set in facing such a threat.

Kuroko didn't let this slide as he seized the opportunity, expertly misdirected attention, and then completely vanished out of Ogiwara's distracted senses.

Title: Kuroko's Quasi-Emperor Eyes!