Court of Rebirth: The Conqueror (KnB)

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What is Court of Rebirth: The Conqueror (KnB)

Read Court of Rebirth: The Conqueror (KnB) fanfiction written by the author mythoast on WebNovel, This serial novel genre is Anime & Comics fanfic stories, covering action, adventure, reincarnation, superpowers, sliceoflife. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


He was a man who held immense passion for basketball but had faced deep frustration as his talent reached his limits due to starting the sport later than his peers. However, his life took an unexpected turn when a nuclear strike hit him after receiving a mysterious letter! He found himself being reborn in Kuroko's Basketball world, where he could have a fresh start from the beginning. ---------- Follow me on X (Twitter): mythoast Support me at: patreon.com/mythoast

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Alright! Let's go!!!


I have read all the chapters till now and I want to ask you something. Are you sure that the MC is conquerer like with the MC's attitude he won't be a conqueror at you have to make his attitude like akashi


Reveal spoiler


good like you last story you don't miss and keep dropping bangers


pretty much the best kuroko fan fiction but after the kise B. S i cannot concentrate on reading anymore and just skimmed through it , overall pretty good but the mc is getting needed again and again how can a tired kise make him go all out even without emperor eye that is ridiculous


smngt mas jangan di drop lgi hehehe[img=update][img=update][img=update]


an actually good knb story is hard to find but this one manages to impress me, and finding a knb fic that will finish is hard most get abandoned, but not this one and the end was good in my opinion.


Honestly boring, not much different from the previous novel...Guys, does anyone have any good Kuroko fanfic suggestions?


a clone akashi.. just created his own mc with akashis personality.. 😓


A very fun story that I'm in no way reviewing positively under duress. Nope. Isn't happening. I just think you should read this story.------


Reveal spoiler


Thank you for the great story. I will seriously miss waiting for a chapter everyday.


Lame Japaneseifaction of Basketball Only really works in anime. Try to take that s*** to the N.B. A. It just plain wouldn't work. That's why they're not gonna go to the NBA street balls gonna become the new N. B. A, which is not ever gonna actually happen. Like no ones saying the XFL's ever gonna replace the N. F. L.


Author can you please tell me if this fic would have any romance? Please tell me when you can (:


I really liked it I'm interested where story is going and I love characters interactions so far but r u sure MC Conqueror i mean Conqueror is about subdues or subjugates anyway i like story. [img=update]


The only book I've ever rated!! !! !!!!!


“I was born with something inside me that refused to settle for average and I’m grateful for it😤. I am a warrior, a destroyer, a force of pure violence and all that I desire is the sheer glory of victory😡. Mercy is for the weak, surrender for those who have no conviction🥺. I am coming for this world and all it has to offer. Nothing will stop me😈. I care for nothing more than to see my name carve in history, and for the world to bow before my greatness🥶. I am coming for it all.🤯” *play epic music* 😱 Search up ”I was born with something inside of me X molly my bean(guitar)” . Literally what I felt as I was reading the MC monologue as he was reading the mystery paper. 😎


After reading the chapters currently available, while I can't really make a comment about the quality of the plot already, I can try to comment on the other characteristics of the story. First, I'd say the vocabulary and sentence structures are on point, and I can definitely read the attention author-san has put into each of the words: that's the story's strength, but also its weakness: you could say it's somewhat too wordy. Author, if I had one major piece of advice I could give you as a fellow writer, it is not to write your words for the sake of the quality of your sentences but firstly to serve a purpose in the story. A lot of pointless words are added in most sentence, sometimes making them feel heavy to read. The second and last reproach I'd make is to work on the dialogues. They feel somewhat stiff, lacking in realism. Do try to analyze the dialogues of the original series and the dialogues of other written stories to gain some insights. Apart from that, the story is very solid, its quality being miles away from the usual sh*tty webnovel fanfic. Keep up the good work, Author!


Finally another good kuruko basket fanfic. .............................................................................................


Keep it going!


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