Court of Rebirth: The Conqueror (KnB)

He was a man who held immense passion for basketball but had faced deep frustration as his talent reached his limits due to starting the sport later than his peers. However, his life took an unexpected turn when a nuclear strike hit him after receiving a mysterious letter! He found himself being reborn in Kuroko's Basketball world, where he could have a fresh start from the beginning. ---------- Follow me on X (Twitter): mythoast Support me at: patreon.com/mythoast

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Chapter 220: Kise's Dance in the Zone


Seirin was rattled, exclaiming in disbelief.

"...Kise entered the zone?"

Kagami muttered, eyes widening as he observed Kise's figure, which now seemed incredibly imposing.

Koganei's throat tightened as he nervously swallowed, his eyes fixed on Kise. "Does that mean going up against him is like taking on the entire Generation of Miracles in the zone?"

Kise, bathed in the ethereal glow of Perfect Copy, seamlessly merged with the zone's aura, creating an overwhelming presence on the court.

Trying to mask his unease, Hyuga let out a dry laugh, fingers anxiously fidgeting with the frames of his glasses.

"Ridiculous is an understatement. This is like facing a basketball prodigy's fever dream."

Meanwhile, Kuroko's darkened expression lit up with a subtle brightness, the corners of his lips tugging into a relieved smile. His invisible presence seemed to shimmer with renewed hope.

"It seems Kise has found his rhythm. I'm glad..." he said, a hint of optimism in his soft voice.

On the court, Tsuna drew in a steadying breath, his eyes locked on the ball in his hand.

In a heartbeat, he executed a lightning-quick change of pace, the sphere becoming a mere blur. The players from Kaijo High couldn't contain their astonishment; his speed surpassed anything he had displayed before.

Kobori's eyes widened, and he couldn't restrain himself from blurting out, "He's freaking ridiculous!"

Despite the collective gasp from the spectators, Kise remained an oasis of calm amidst the storm.

His expression betrayed nothing, a serene facade that mirrored flowing bamboo water, unperturbed by the whirlwind unfolding on the court.

Tsuna closed in, swiftly ducking to the side and pulling a quick crossover to Kise's left. Kise adjusted his footing, trying to keep up with Tsuna's moves.

The Kaijo High guys clenched their teeth in frustration, muttering, "Is it really not enough even with the zone!?"

Unexpectedly, Tsuna didn't stop there. He spun around the other way, leaving Kise seemingly momentarily off-guard.

The Kaijo High players couldn't figure out the outcome.

To their surprise, after eluding Kise's defense, Tsuna quickly turned back just as Kise lunged forward. It hit them – Kise swiped the ball during the confusion, and the Kaijo High crew was left momentarily stunned.

Ogiwara observed with a hint of awe as Kise managed to strip the ball from the Captain's hand with astonishing speed during that spin.

A chill ran down his spine – this opponent was indeed something to be reckoned with. He shifted a bit closer, applying pressure to the Kaijo High players he marked, contemplating the impending challenge.

The rest of the team followed suit, adopting a basic one-to-man defense formation.

There was an air of confidence among them, a belief that Tsuna could catch up, even against Kise's speed, which matched Aomine's zone!


However, Tsuna couldn't help but feel a bit overwhelmed by their expectations.

He watched as his teammates exuded confidence in his abilities, assuming he could effortlessly bridge the gap with Kise. A sense of speechlessness overcame him.

How could they expect him to be omnipotent, excelling in every aspect of the game?

Yet, Haizaki broke from the norm as he stepped up to halt Kise in his tracks.


The members of Fukuda Sogo collectively held their breath, surprised by this sudden move.

Tsuna was equally caught off guard before he adjusted his path and headed towards the basket. The determined glint in Haizaki's eyes spoke volumes, conveying a purpose that Tsuna swiftly grasped.

There was an unspoken understanding between them, a silent agreement that transcended words, exchanged in a fleeting yet profound gaze!

On the court, Haizaki clenched his teeth, contemplating his unconventional choice. He noticed Kise's confident expression along with the glint of determination in his eyes.

Haizaki boldly asserted, "I know he won't pass the ball in such a state!"

How did he know? The answer was simple – because he was Haizaki!

Throughout his career at Teiko, coming across someone with skills akin to his unconsciously put Haizaki on edge. It made him subconsciously watch Kise, quietly sizing him up.

That's why he got a better read on him than anyone else at Fukuda Sogo.

However, even with Haizaki closing in, Kise stayed cool and collected.

Without wasting a beat, Kise instantly switched up the speed of his dribbling, turning it into a fast blur. It left everyone from Fukuda Sogo wide-eyed.

The way he moved and dribbled was just like Tsuna's – no one could believe how closely he matched Tsuna's style.

As expected, Kise closed in on Haizaki, their eyes locking in a tense exchange.

Haizaki couldn't hide his frustration as Kise seemed oddly at ease despite the proximity, almost as if he had an upper hand in Haizaki's defensive stance.

"...You're underestimating me, Ryota!" Haizaki's shout conveyed both anger and a hint of defiance as he subtly adjusted his footing, preparing to counter Kise's impending move.

"You're the one who's underestimating me." However, Kise's response was calm and collected. 

The unexpected retort widened Haizaki's eyes in disbelief.

Before he could grasp the situation, Kise's figure smoothly ducked to the right, executing a sharp crossover. Then, in a whirlwind of motion, Kise spun his body around with such speed that Haizaki, who had readied himself for the anticipated move, found himself unable to react.

All he could do was watch as Kise effortlessly broke past his defense, leaving Haizaki in the dust, his figure growing smaller in the distance.


Haizaki cursed under his breath.

He was well aware that he lagged behind Kise in terms of skill, but witnessing this new level that Kise had unveiled only served to widen the gap between them.

Nevertheless, Haizaki wasn't blind to the bigger picture. He spotted Tsuna's figure entering the fray, muttering, "...At least, I bought some time for him."

With Tsuna now in front, Kise accelerated, his speed seemingly incorporating Aomine's essence as he soared toward the basket.

"...Right in front of me?" Tsuna muttered, realizing the imminent threat. Without hesitation, he leaped to block Kise's dunk.


However, in the clash of hands and the forceful collision, Tsuna felt the unexpected strength.

As his hand met the ball in Kise's grip, he was taken aback by the sheer power behind it. To his surprise, Kagami's figure seemed to emerge within Kise's form, adding an unexpected force to the move.

Tsuna struggled to contain the power as the ball broke past his hand.

Kise seized the opportunity and slammed the ball down the basket powerfully.

The resounding sound echoed through the silent gymnasium while the spectators watched in awe.


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