695 Ambush

Translator: CKtalon

Xu Jingming didn't see the harm in taking out one of the Abyss Thousand-Eyed Spider Demon's consciousness carriers. After all, it would be a joke if anything unexpected were to occur during an attack by an Eternal Realm clone of the Heart Realm lineage against a consciousness carrier.

How poor. Xu Jingming arrived at the lair where the consciousness carrier of the Abyss Thousand-Eyed Spider Demon was stationed permanently and looted it.

The arachnid had prepared various weapons, fruits, blood, scales, and high-dimensional plants for the low-dimensional lifeforms, but even all of these combined were not worth an Eternal weapon.

The low-dimensional lifeforms that are nurtured by the arachnid in this dominion are known as Magiplants. Xu Jingming, dressed in black robes, stood at a distance and surveyed the vast territory.

This dominion spanned across 51 cosmic sectors, making it much larger than the original human dominion.


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