197 Take over

'Hmmm...I really need to create a separate eye-type gear. An item that can let me see what it sees,' Aren thought, but he didn't know how to create such gear. Suppose he could create something like a surveillance drone but a bit different. Instead of looking at the feed in a display, he wanted to get what it observed directly in his brain.

"No problem, let's go," Aren said as he waved his hand, "I can kill one person instantly, and if two or three people are close together, then they will also die with my most powerful attack."

"Even if only one person dies, it will be three versus three, and we should be able to manage it," Aren said with narrowed eyes before he consumed 6000 spirit energy and used <Ward of Golden Bell> on himself, Kurumi, and Logan.

"This...," Kurumi and Logan were surprised.

"This is my defensive skill; it's very powerful," Aren said with a smile.

"Alright, let's hurry," Kurumi said as she started walking.


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