198 Complete!, Onward to the Next Quest...

Aren didn't loot the bodies of the people here but let Logan and Kurumi loot them while he refined the crystal core by slowly infusing his spirit energy in it.

"What do I do?" the Devil man asked.

"Just stay here and remember what story to tell others when they ask about events that occurred here," Aren said while refining the crystal core.

"Alright," the devil man nodded, "my name is Gez, by the way."

"Alright, we've finished looting their bodies, Aren," Kurumi and Logan said as they walked towards Aren.

"do you have comm crystal? If not, then I can give you one with my and Logan's contact in them. Inform us when you receive your next quest, and we will also move accordingly," Kurumi said as she took out a comm crystal device and gave it to Aren.

Aren's one palm was touching the crystal, so he stretched his other hand and took the comm crystal before putting it inside his inventory.

"Let's initiate trade. I will give you gold coins first," Aren said as he initiated the trade.


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