203 Breakthrough, Meeting

After training for one and a half-day, Aren was just short of 32,600 spirit energy to saturate Spirit Exceed Orb.

But before he could do it, he got a call from Kurumi from Comm crystal.

Kurumi--, "come to the mountain that is right beside Moonlit mountain. We are waiting at the peak of that mountain. If you have the map, then you can easily find us."

Aren--, "can you wait for a while? I am going to break through within two hours. Once I am done, I will come there as soon as possible."

Kurumi--, "fine, we are waiting. Do it fast."


Afterward, Aren continued training before he finally reached saturation in his Spirit Exceed Orb.

Without waiting for a second, he triggered the breakthrough.

Inside the inner space, Aren saw the Spirit Exceed Orb suddenly bursting into a stream of energy as it started traveling in his body without leaving a single fiber off.

His soul was also washed with this energy as Aren got a boost in his body and soul.


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