Cosmic Editor

[You are now the Editor] The administrator said in a proud tone "Okay... so what exactly are my duties as the Editor, I doubt I have to review people's work" [That's the simple part, you edit] "What?... I just edit, what does that even mean" [That is up to you to figure out] ... What do you do when you are given phenomenal power and authority over what is possibly, all of creation. Armed with a literal omniscient being as a servant. Facing an unknown event prophesized to possibly end all life. Follow as David uses his newfound power and authority to survive and also save as many people as he can. ==== Please do not forget to leave a review so I can improve my writing

king_frosh · Fantasy
Not enough ratings
72 Chs


  Even he couldn't find a good use for such a powerful device so Nous had naturally put down the idea. If he wanted to enter the phone industry, then he could simply create a phone with a much better and optimized processor.

  Even the current phone was already high end so there was really no need to top it instead he should focus on other things hence he came up with the holographic device.

It could be as small as a ring or a simple smartwatch etc and above all. Due to the holographic nature of said device, it would function as both a mobile phone and also a laptop or PC.

  He could also put in all the 'quantum' he wanted into the device. Yes, he was now obsessed with quantum technology.

  Well, in truth, he was just much more interested in it and wanted to see the idea come to fruition. Anyone who learnt more about them would behave exactly like he was.