26 Kidnapped– Ray's anger

Then she thought of her career. Which agency would agree to take her now? Even if the doors are open, the so-called young Miss who's after her life wouldn't allow agencies to take her in and no agency would want to fight those people for a D-list singer like her.

And that husband of hers. He isn't even here to pick her up, which means she was right all along. He has forgotten about her. Anyways, why was she even adding him to her list of worries? Whenever she sees him, she'll just drag him to the civil affairs bureau to get a divorce. After all, what she needed the marriage for, she couldn't protect anyway.

"Young Miss, please get in the car," Spid said as he walked over with two cups of milk tea in his hands.

Hearing that, Jeslyn instantly remembered what Pink warned her about and she took a protective stance.

"W–what do you mean?"

Spid stretched the milk tea to her and said: "Now that you have won the case, you should take something. You haven't eaten since."


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