Contract Marriage: The Replacement Groom Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

Contract Marriage: The Replacement Groom


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A few minutes before her wedding, Jeslyn found out her soon-to-be husband was only after the benefit he would get by marrying her.  Heartbroken and feeling betrayed, she opted for the only option available at that moment, which was to get into a contract marriage with whichever man she could find, or else her family's fortune would end up in the hands of her enemies.  … "Mister, please, will you marry me?" She asked him. A man she saw entering the restroom of the wedding venue. 'He must be one of the guests,' she thought. Maverick was taken aback by that proposal. He saw her flinch when he turned to look at her. It was apparent she got scared of him, yet she composed herself, ready to dive into the mystery before her. "It will be a marriage contract. We will get a divorce after one year," he heard her say. He also needed a woman for his brat, so he responded, "Deal." Unbeknownst to her, she just made a deal with the sweetest devil that could ever exist.  ... He is the nightmare of country M, a country where evil rules. She is the little bunny raised with love and affection. Hurt a fly? No, she had never done that before. However, forced to become the demon's wife, she had no choice but to shed her fake persona. What little bunny? Who said she could not step on a pianist's fingers with her heels and pretend like she didn't mean it? Ha, those celebrities want to play the pity card? Do they want to garner the sympathy of the public? Well, why again is she called a 'little bunny'? Isn't it because she was the best at acting cute? Did no one tell these white lotuses wanting to dive into her husband's bed that she stole his soul when she spanked his naughty son? .... Drop by my discord to have a one on one discussion with your author-- Hassy_101. Link below https://discord.gg/CswFCgc2