34 Frank's feelings.

"F*ck! Where the hell are you, Jeslyn?!" Ray ruffled his hair in frustration. 

"What about that lawyer and her…" he paused. How can he call that stranger her husband? He refused to give that pauper that title. "...that stranger she contracted to marry her?" 

"Ehm… we couldn't find anything about them. They seem to never exist."

"That's not possible. Go and look into them! Don't come back here if you don't find anything about that contracted husband and lawyer!" 

"Yes, young master." The guard bowed and left with his people.

Ray narrowed his eyes as he thought of where Jeslyn was. "Jeslyn, I hope you are not with that contracted man–"

His eyes widened like he had gotten his answer and he threw the glass of wine in his hand against the TV that was reporting on the court case of two days ago. 

Yes, it had been two days already and Ray still couldn't find Jeslyn. 


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