Coming Down From Olympus

Author: Tsukasa0
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What is Coming Down From Olympus

Read ‘Coming Down From Olympus’ Online for Free, written by the author Tsukasa0, This book is a Fantasy Novel, covering ACTION Fiction, ROMANCE Light Novel, REINCARNATION Internet Novel, and the synopsis is: "Time erodes gratitude more quickly than it does beauty." -Vito Corleone "The Godfather"Discord: https://discord.gg/Bv5N...


"Time erodes gratitude more quickly than it does beauty." -Vito Corleone "The Godfather" Discord: https://discord.gg/Bv5NqaqNwp For character and god illustrations and to ask me anything and communicate!! Other Book: The Time I Got Reincarnated As An Extra ____________________________________ An orphan taken under the care of an organization and brutally trained to become the history's best assassin; their masterpiece. Yet when he retired, all that he loved was taken away from him by the same people who had taken him under his care. His family brutally murdered and then he was also no exception, erased along with his home and memories into the vast pages of time. The history's greatest assassin's life comes to an end but fate doesn't permit him to die. ______________________________________ Far up on the mountain of Olympus - the tallest mountain of Greece - an assembly of imposing figures were seated in a magnificent palace to witness the decision of a certain god. "We must get him, this is the last time" A god also banished from his domain and when gods set out to exterminate him he reincarnates to another world in the form of a boy. The same boy who was the vessel for Ray Vixen's soul reincarnation. As a mortal and god end up in the same body, they will have to face the threat on the gods in the near future, one that could certainly exterminate the world and its people. Their paths will conflict and they will come to face truths about the banishment and their reincarnations, and various obstacles will emerge on that path if they were to strive towards a peaceful future. Their individual tales were sad but with their combined fates, a new path awaits for them in a new world. A path filled with revenge, hate, sorrow, guilt, joy, envy, greed that would be way more life threatening than before. ______________________________________ IMPORTANT:[THIS NOVEL WILL USE ELEMENTS OF GREEK MYTHOLOGY AND OTHER MYTHOLOGIES, BUT THEY WILL BE EXPLAINED BY ME AND IF YOU STILL HAVE SOME QUESTIONS FEEL FREE TO ASK] _________________________________________________________________ Points for the Novel: 1.No Harem 2.Balanced MC 3.Only Greek Mythology will be used, with some reference to others that will be explained 4.Novel is well paced but if it slows down or gets fast it will be for a good reason 5. The first few chapters might have info dumps scooped up but please bear till the first 12 chapters and you would understand 6.MC isn't edgy or straight off evil like you may think because of villain tag, it will take in effect gradually 7.If you guys enjoy the novel any and all kind of support is welcome as this novel is competing in WSA 9.THERE IS A GOOD REASON FOR HIM HAVING ONLY 12 YEARS AND IT WILL BE EXPLAINED AND FIXED PLEASE DONT WORRY 10.Discord link: https://discord.gg/Bv5NqaqNwp 11.If you have read the novel a review about your thoughts and what I could improve on since I'm just a first-timer.

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Volume 0 :Auxiliary Volume
Volume 1 :Reincarnation and Banishment
Volume 2 :Blades' Exodus
Volume 3 :The Rise of a Forgotten Continent And A Fallen Heir


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I'm a hopeless geek when it comes to Greek mythology, it's always exciting to read a story in such a setting, keep up the great work author!


Great novel. It has a lot of potential and make sure you keep it up!


Great novel with a lot of potential keep up the good work


This novel is a refreshing read that deviates from the norm of cliche-laden landscape of web novels. The author delivers a bold narrative that delves into the realm of myth and fantasy that is as innovative(well, minus the reincarnation part, can't get rid of every cliche can we?) as it is engaging. In the world of web novels that is saturated with recycled plots and tired tropes(ahem, extra stuff, ahem), the author, a nice and innocent kid, has boldly decided to defy conventions, proudly flipping off all the authors who use the extra trope as bait to lure and deceive naive and innocent readers. F the extra trope, F reading a novel before reincarnating. Is there no other way for the MC to learn more about the world and its future? Of course there is. And the author, again, a nice and innocent kid, has done a splendid job with this. With a completely novel and innovative way. Any reader will most definitely find this an invigorating depart from the norm. Compared to other novels, the MC of this novel definitely stands out. He does not feel the need to hide his abilities for the random reason. He doesn't give a hoot about any one, and has the power to back up that arrogance. One thing to note is of course, his love for his family. His sister, especially. Any one, regardless of their status, who messes with his family will face the MC's wrath. Furthermore, the author has painstakingly crafted a world that is significantly different from what we generally see in novels of the sort. The difference may not be as glaring in the earlier chapters but becomes clearer in the later ones. All in all, this novel is a masterpiece of originality and creativity that makes one wonder how the author could come up with this using his pea-sized brain. Final Verdict: Highly Recommended


Overall a great novel. The pace is good. I'm liking how the author is developing the main character. At first it felt like the pace was going fast but everything makes sense now. I'm looking forward to seeing the academy arc. I also want to see more fighting. Like the MC because he sometimes feels like a crazy guy. I hope the author will give us a very nice romance and I'm mostly looking forward to seeing how you will use the darkness element. I hope you don't make MC depend on necromancy much.


seems cool.obviously good ,needs more refinement


Bro gave me a new book to read over my already big reading list! Love the idea, grammer is fine tooo, look forward the next chapters. . . .


Here I am, posting another 5* review after reading another 5* novel. the novel's a work of art, masterpiece in making. the mc , the side characters, the world - everything is so detailed and perfectly written that it never gives of the feeling of 2d stuff at all. everyone's goals, thoughts , personalities r much better than what I have seen in most of wn stories these days. author updates daily and also replies to readers questions and doubts (as long as they aren't tooo stupid to be explained) so that's a bigger plus keep it up author.


Concluding everything I have read, its a great novel. Both potential wise and executing wise, and I keep expecting author to grind out those chapters cause I'm really hooked on this novel!


It's quite good , but , all scooped up early on .


I rly like this story. Its a special novel for this kind of genre with greek gods and other story dev. Its not tooo crazy and u will love it, if u like mmmmh the typical genre stuff. For the first story of a new author its rly rly good. So i hope u try it. AND i hope the author keeps going and uploads more frequently. I know the upload thing is rly hard but i have to read this whole novel :) 😭😭


Writing style is really good, hoping for more chapters!


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