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Things go wrong after Jerry hooks up with a stranger at an all freshers party. * * * Bro, you gotta see the way your eyes were on her." He laughed, but less loudly this time." I won't lie, I've done it before, every guy does, she's beautiful, you gotta give it to her." "Well she's cute." She is! "She's beautiful, you know it, that's why you had a one night stand with her." I almost choked on my burger. I had to take a drink before I talked again. "What the hell man?!" I whispered loudly. "What?" "Why did you have to say that out loud like that?" "Oh. Chill, these people are too busy enjoying their burgers to listen to our Convo." He said really chilling about it. I remembered the main thing I was worrying about when I saw her earlier this morning. I didn't use a condom when we were grinding our bodies against each other that night! 'What was I thinking?!' That's what I would ask myself if I didn't have a chance to use one because I did. When I was carrying her, her legs wrapped around my waist tightly, into the room, through rough kisses, I had stopped our liplock, and had told her I didn't have a condom. She said she had some; both male's and female's actually but she didn't want us to interrupt what we were having at that particular moment. I would ask why she had both male and female condoms but she was right, it was too hot, too pleasurable, a moment to interrupt. "I can just take a pill after." She had said.


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