The Dangerous Woman Book

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The Dangerous Woman


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This is a story of Bella Connors, at the age of 25 she is CEO of her own company Connors Property Development she is rich and powerful but she remains single she is outgoing and some will say over-confident but she doesn't care. Her life is about to become a whole lot more complicated when she meets two completely men, one of whom is rich and has a celebrity status much like herself and he seeks danger this man being Tyler Foley team captain of the Rangers hockey team and known ladies man after a rather unusual meeting Tyler craves Bella and will stop at nothing to get what he wants. A few days after meeting Tyler, Bella then meets Dale through her older brother Wayne. Dale is gorgeous and kind but he lives and breathes for his career which is cage fighting which where her brother met him, Dale also craves Bella he wants her and makes it known from the first meeting. Her life will never be the same after meeting the two men but who will she choose or will life throw her wild card?


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