1 Yun Ding Middle School: The Principal System

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A Parallel World- Yun Ding High School in Jingcheng. 

Fang Yuan had just finished organizing his grandfather's funeral and returned to the principal's office. 

Yun Ding High School was a private school founded by his grandfather, Fang Ping. 

When his grandfather was alive, he was an excellent educator who spent half of his life doing educational work in the poor countryside. 

Later, with the help of wealthy businessmen, he founded this high school. 

Before his grandfather passed, he had held Fang Yuan's hand tightly and his eyes had been shining with fervent hope. 

He shared his last wish. 

He hoped that Yun Ding High School, which he had devoted his whole life to, would continue to develop. 

In the present time. 

Fang Yuan walked past the dilapidated teaching buildings and came to the office. 

There was only an old man with white hair accompanying him. He seemed to be approaching the age of retirement. 

He was the principal's assistant and the only remaining member of the Ministry of Education.

He was also his late grandfather's best friend. His name was Xu Zhiyu. 

Fang Yuan raised his tired gaze and looked at him. "Uncle Xu, please explain the current situation of the school." 

Xu Zhiyu, who was called uncle Xu, said, "My condolences." Then, he began to explain the situation. 

"Principal Fang, three years ago, the previous principal, your grandfather, Fang Ping, fell seriously ill and was hospitalized. 

All the teachers in the school could be said to have been without a master. 

A small group of restless people, led by the Dean of Education, He Yang, formed cliques everywhere and began to cheat one other. 

As a result, all kinds of evil practices gradually became prevalent on the school grounds. 

The school's infrastructure, food and retail conditions, accommodation conditions, teaching equipment, quality of teachers, quality of students, learning atmosphere, and overall campus safety along with other aspects began to gradually decline. 

In the past half year, these practices became more and more intense. 

This directly affected Yun Ding High School's enrollment rate's ranking, which plummeted to the lowest spot in the entirety of Jingcheng City. 

There were more than 200 middle schools in Jingcheng City. Originally, their ranking was firmly in the top 30, and it was designated by the government as a key middle school in the city. 

However, at present, the power dynamics of middle schools in the city changed dramatically, and it picked up the trend of "One superior school and many strong schools.". 

The "one superior school" referred to Jingcheng City Experimental High School. 

Their university enrollment rate was as high as 99%, and their university enrollment rate into the top ten universities in the country was above 90%. 

It held an unshakable position. 

If there were no hiccups, it was very likely to be promoted to a national key middle school. 

The "many strong schools" referred to several representative schools in the city, and each school had its own key development direction. 

The top school in this section, Jingcheng City No. 1 High School focuses on the admission rate of the city's top universities. 

Parents called it the cradle of Tsinghua University. 

In second place was Jingcheng Foreign Language School, which focused on the development of the demographic of students studying abroad. 

More than 80% of students, after graduation, would choose to go to the top universities in the United States, Japan, and other European countries to study abroad. 

In third, was the secondary school affiliated to Jingcheng University of the arts, which mainly trained art students who took the college entrance examination for art. 

Most of the students who graduated from this school went to art schools, music schools, film schools, drama schools, and so on. There were many future stars, so it also attracted many students with artistic talent and passion. 

And finally, in fourth place was Jingcheng Sports School, which, as its name implied, trained the future provincial and city-level, and sometimes even national-level athletes. 

Basketball, football, volleyball, table tennis, swimming, and other sports were all sporting categories that they were particularly good at. 

Under the guidance of the sports coach and the culture teacher, the students developed their sports skills and intercultural education in an all-rounded manner. 


Xu Zhiyu continued to explain the secondary education situation in Jingcheng. 

Fang Yuan patiently listened to his explanation for half an hour, but he did not hear the ranking of Yun Ding High School. 

Finally, he could not help but interrupt Xu Zhiyu and asked, "Then, where is Yun Ding High School?" 

"I'm ashamed. Yun Ding High School used to have a 50% enrollment rate." 

But this year, the enrollment rate was less than 5%. Their ranking... in the entirety of Jingcheng City... was last. 

On the Internet, the school's reputation was extremely bad. 

It was said that the school's buildings were old and that there was no air conditioning. Thus, winter made it too cold and summer made it too hot, which lead to the majority of students not having the mood to study. 

Some of the teachers were not doing their jobs and were treating students badly. 

The school's environment was smoggy and school discipline and even safety were big problems. 

Parents avoided the school, and now the students who come to the school were also those who were rejected by other high schools. Even if the student's academic performance was ranked first in Yun Ding High School, they were still only ranked last in other schools. 

"A few primary schools built near us even encouraged the students like this." 

"They said that if we don't work hard this year, we will have to leave the city." 

Fang Yuan sighed lightly with a solemn expression. 

No one would feel good knowing that their school's reputation was so bad. "I understand." 

"Also..." Xu Zhiyu looked up at Fang Yuan, wanting to say something but hesitating. "There's something I want to say. However, I don't know if I should say it." 

Fang Yuan regained his composure and said, "Uncle Xu, we're family. We can speak candidly behind closed doors. If there's anything, just say it." 

Before his grandfather left, he had told him that Xu Zhiyu was definitely someone he could trust. 

Uncle Xu was supposed to retire, but he was still busy working on the front lines for Yun Ding High School. 

Fang Yuan naturally trusted him. 

But unfortunately, facing such a terribly performing school rendered Xu Zhiyu was powerless to turn the situation around. 

"Yes, principal. According to the regulations of Jingcheng City's private schools, our school's enrollment rate has not reached the minimum standards set by the government for three consecutive years. If we still maintain this teaching quality and standards in June next year, I'm afraid that our school's qualification will be revoked and we'll be removed from the school board." 

Xu Zhiyu looked a little dejected. In his eyes, the issue of the delisting seemed to be a future set in stone. 

Fang Yuan fell silent. 

He knew what delisting meant. It meant that the school would declare bankruptcy and that would mean his grandfather's life's work would be wasted. 

This was not only an apology to his grandfather. 

It was also an apology to the students who studied here for whatever reason, and the parents behind these students. 

He also felt sorry for the hardworking staff of Yun Ding High School. 

"Principal Fang, you graduated from the Department of Education at Peking University, and then went on to study education management at Harvard, Oxford, and other world-famous universities. You have a bright future ahead of you. You will do well anywhere. What I mean is that the current situation of Yun Ding High School is not your fault. In fact, you really don't need to take over the mess of Yun Ding High School..." 

Fang Yuan knew that Uncle Xu was saying this for his own good. 

However, his grandfather's dying wish echoed in his ears. 

He looked up at the sky and then looked at Xu Zhiyu. With a determined gaze, he said seriously, "Uncle Xu, you don't have to persuade me anymore. I will definitely do what I promised to my grandfather. No matter what price I have to pay, I will restore the glory of Yun Ding High School." 

Fang Yuan was already managing a company on his own. 

Although it had not gone public yet, its cash flow and assets were sizeable and were attracting the attention of many investors. 

"I will use the company's assets as collateral to support Yun Ding High School's future expenses." He said seriously. 

Just as he said this, a robotic female voice sounded in his mind. 

[Ding! Host is detected. Congratulations on signing into the strongest principal system!] 

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