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College Construction: My Principal System

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Fang Yuan traveled through a parallel world and inherited the private high school founded by his late grandfather, Yun Ding High School. Due to its consistent ranking as the worst high school in Jingcheng City throughout the year, its qualification to be allowed to run as a school would soon be canceled. Fortunately, for Fang Yuan, the universe activated the Strongest Principal System. As long as the school gained prestige, it could establish buildings, summon famous talents, and redeem various God-level rewards. From the founding of the main teaching building to improving the efficiency of learning; constructing a library, improving overall intelligence, constructing a well-equipped hospital as well as ensuring health and safety standards are followed...the Strongest Principal System made everything possible. In addition, the System provided a concert hall, art gallery, a lake garden, an observatory, a cafeteria with five-star cuisine as well. However, this was not all, the System even allowed Fang Yuan to summon world-famous talents from parallel worlds to teach his students. He could summon Shakespeare to teach Literature, Gauss to teach Mathematics, Einstein for Physics, Curie for Chemistry, Darwin for Biology, and Nightingale for medicine. He could also summon Beethoven to teach music, Van Gogh for art, Spielberg for film, and Messi for football! Thus, a formidable high school that would shock the world was born. Students would go forth to win Nobel Prizes, Olympic Medals and break world records in all the manner of categories. Countless Hollywood celebrities and Silicon Valley geniuses would be produced by the school. “Bitcoin? Oh, you mean our IT Department teacher, Satoshi Nakamoto’s little experiment?” Even students from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Cambridge, and Oxford would cry about wanting to attend Yun Ding High School.


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