Collection of Tales

A collection of different stories in various different genres.

CultivatorReader · Urban
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7 Chs


Evan Williams was just an ordinary family doctor in a small private clinic.

One day his life turned completely upside down when he clicked on a mobile advertisement regarding a "game" called The Savior.

Right after he clicked on this ad, his body suddenly fell lifeless on his chair.

Everything went black, and the next moment Evan opened his eyes, he found himself in an entirely new body.

Through the memories of this new body, Evan was scared out of his mind.

He was reborn in the body of a man named Evan Williams, a genius boy who graduated from high school at the tender age of 14.

He had just enrolled in Harvard medical school when the new Evan occupied his body.

That was not the most shocking part of this experience but instead was the year. The year was 1900

Meaning Evan would face two world wars in his new life.

Evan immediately went into a panic. He started thinking of ways to prevent the war and theorizing like a lunatic.

Only a ringing sound woke him back up from this panic then a text came floating in front of his eyes.

[Medical Simulator Is Turned On]