12 They Has Divorced

Jane and Mary's expressions looked surprised when they heard Anna's words. The two of them in unison covered their open mouths with their palms, then looked at each other.

The two of them seemed to be thinking the same thing when their eyes met.

"Have you gone mad?!"

"Anna! I didn't expect you to be like that!

They both know Anna very well. Even though she's changed boyfriends a few times and has played with several men. Anna has never done this with a married man.

Some of their professional friends have done this but they didn't expect Anna to do the same.

Anna is one of the highest paid supermodels. Not to mention she comes from a very wealthy family! There's no reason for Anna to go after a married man like everyone else does!

She has everything!

"They have separated! Divorced! Do you think I will date a married man?!" Anna said looking relaxed and then raised her glass to drink her drink.

Mary and Jane fell silent when they heard that and then looked at each other again. Once again both of them seemed to be thinking the same thing. They believed Anna's words.

Especially Jane, who at that time met Michael.

"Oh yeah, are you guys coming to Diana's wedding? I didn't think she would get married so soon!" said Anna choosing to discuss a new topic of conversation.

The topic that Anna chose seemed to attract Mary and Jane's attention, because now they were gossiping about Diana.


After a few hours of trying to look okay , Anna finally put on a confused expression as soon as she arrived at her apartment. Her feelings are uncertain right now.

Michael is married? He is someone else's husband?!

Anna didn't want to believe that at all. Even though Michael seemed a little cold to her, the man always pampered her. She is close with Mrs. Collins too!

However, Mary can't lie to her either! She has no reason to do it!

"What the hell happened!" said Anna in frustration and then sat down on the sofa.

Anna then took her bag which she had placed on the table and took out her cellphone. Her slender fingers seemed to be busy looking for someone's contact and immediately called it as soon as she found it.

[The number you called...]

"Why can't you be contacted at a time like this?!" Anna screamed in annoyance as the contact she gave the name [My Michael <3] could not be reached.< p>

Anna took another breath, trying to calm herself down. Michael is a busy man. Right now the man was probably meeting with his business partner.

"Yes, it must be!" muttered Anna who wanted to believe it.

She then looked back at her cellphone and sent a message to Michael, but Anna's face immediately changed when she realized that Michael had not read her message since four days ago.

"Are you really a married man and playing with me?" thought Anna while biting her lip.

If Michael and Mrs Collins were really playing with her, then she would make them pay!


Sarah came out of the operating room with a tired look on her face. She just had surgery for two people who were in traffic accidents. The operation was indeed easy, she had done it several times, but somehow today felt very tiring.

To be honest, Sarah knew very well why she was so tired today. She was not only tired physically, but mentally too.

It's all because of that bastard!

"Doctor Sarah!" called one of the doctors who had just come out of the operating room and ran over to Sarah.

"What's wrong? Do you still need my help? Hoam," Sarah asked then covered her mouth with her hand as she yawned.

"No. I just wanted to thank Doctor Sarah for coming!" said the man, smiling shyly.

Sarah laughed a little at the man's behavior.

"Of course I'll come! That's my job! That's why you should study hard so you can perform the operation alone and you don't have to call me at night," Sarah said jokingly.

"Then I'll go first! Don't call me again!" she continued then immediately left without waiting for an answer from the man.

The man looked at Sarah's back which was getting further away with a look of admiration. Sarah looks so cool!

A few minutes later, Sarah returned to her previous clothes. She then took out her cell phone to see the current time.

"It's two o'clock and tomorrow my shift starts at seven. Hah!" Sarah sighed. It seemed that today she couldn't rest well.

Sarah's footsteps then suddenly stopped when she realized something.

Where should she go now?

Does she have to go to her ex-husband's apartment? Or back to her apartment?

"Ahh... Why should I think about that? Have I gone mad? Of course I'm going back to my apartment!" Sarah thought then immediately stepped back.

It seems that there is something wrong in her head right now that she can even think of going back to her ex-husband's apartment!

Her apartment is only a few minutes from this hospital, why does she have to go to Michael's apartment which is so far away? Not to mention she had to wait for a taxi to arrive!

She could use that time to sleep!

"I'm just thinking of an excuse if that bastard asks why I didn't come home," Sarah thought then covered her yawning mouth once more.

As Sarah exited the hospital door, her footsteps stopped when her eyes caught someone standing against the wall.

The man folded his arms across his chest, his head looked down with his eyes closed, when he felt he was starting to fall asleep, he gasped in surprise, making his consciousness appear suddenly.

But he already looked tired, once again he tried to close his eyes, trying to be as relaxed as possible. However, the same thing happened again. Made him decide to look around him so he could get rid of his sleepiness.

"Wi… ah. Sarah!" called Michael who immediately smiled and walked over to Sarah as soon as he saw her.

"Are you done?" he continued and looked at the watch he was wearing.

"Was the operation difficult? Ah! You can tell me later. Let's go home!" continued Michael then immediately walked first.


Michael turned around when he didn't feel any footsteps following him. He looked at Sarah with raised eyebrows.

"Why are you here?" Sarah asked with an inexplicable expression on her face. She suddenly felt something strange in her chest when she saw Michael.

"What do you mean? Of course I came to pick you up," replied Michael who was still standing where he was, keeping his distance from Sarah.

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