4 The Patient Doctor Genre Exists Not Without A Reason

Sarah lowered her head while ruffling her brown hair. Her mind was so messed up right now. She didn't know what to do.

"Okay," said Sarah, who raised her head again and looked at Mr. Collins.

She knew that she would regret accepting this request. However, she would regret it even more if she didn't accept what might be Mr. Collins' last wish.

Sarah did not do this for Michael, but it was for Mr. Collins.

Mr. Collins immediately smiled upon hearing it.

"But ... I have one condition," said Sarah. Instantly, the smile on the face of Mr. Collins disappeared.

"What is it? Ahh ... are you talking about the pay? Of course I'll pay you," said Mr. Collins. He smiled again.

Sarah shook her head.

"No, it's not like that. I don't need the money. You don't have to pay me," she said.

"I'll take a look at the tumor on your brain first, and if it is possible to do the surgery, please do it," Sarah continued firmly.

She knew that Mr. Collins was doing this not only for Michael or out of affection for his son, but he also did this for the sake of his company.

Maybe Mr. Collins accidently mentioned that Michael should lead the company again, which was the main reason he had asked her to do this, and Sarah heard it clearly.

Sarah knew very well that Mr. Collins loved his company very much and would do anything for it, perhaps including lying to her about having a brain tumor. Sarah would not allow herself to be taken advantage of that way.

She wasn't the naive woman she used to be anymore.

"Ok. I will do it. I'm glad you've changed, Sarah," said Mr. Collins who seemed to realize what Sarah was thinking.

Sarah just smiled shyly when she heard that. Did she look that obvious?

Well… she didn't want to accuse Mr. Collins of lying to her, but there was a slight chance that the old man would do it so for the sake of his company.


"He really has a tumor in his brain," muttered Sarah, who was currently looking at the MRI scan results of Mr. Collins. Her eyes involuntarily became teary again when she saw the medium-sized tumor, and it was in a difficult place.

What Mr. Collins said was the truth. 

"It looks like I do have a brain tumor," said Mr. Collins who had just come over to Sarah and saw the woman's expression.

"Mr. Collins!" Sarah called softly, her tears finally falling when she saw the old man's face. Right now, her view of Mr. Collins had changed completely.

"It's all right, Sarah," said Mr. Collins gently.

Sarah shook her head.

"The location of the tumor is indeed in a difficult place, but it can still be cured. I will consult it with my professor first," said Sarah and then wiped her tears. She hadn't given up yet.

Sarah was sure that one of her professors who was also a doctor at this hospital could give input regarding for Mr. Collins' surgery.

"Okay. Then, when can you meet Michael? Can he go home?" asked Mr. Collins.

Sarah fell silent when she heard this. Ah, right. She had to pretend she was still Michael's wife.


"Wifey!" called Michael who looked cheerful when Sarah visit him again.

"How are you?" Sarah asked with a smile and walked over to Michael who was still lying in the hospital bed.

"I feel pretty good. When can I go home?" asked Michael who let Sarah examine  him.

"I'll check on you first," Sarah said and began to do some examination.

Throughout the examination, Michael was silent, but his gaze continued to stare at Sarah.

"Why did you look at me like that?" Sarah asked as her eyes met Michael's again.

"I just realized it, but you look sexy in this doctor's uniform," Michael said with a seductive smile.

It made Sarah roll her eyes and hit Michael's arm lightly.

"Patient, I'm your doctor, okay? Don't think anything weird,"  she said firmly.

How could the cold, jerk Michael change drastically and become like this?

"Well…. you know… the patient doctor genre exists not without a reason. We might be able to do it, Doc," Michael replied with a grin and started reaching out his hand to grab Sarah's ass.

"Are you crazy?" said Sarah who hit Michael's arm again. She immediately took a few steps back and glared at Michael.

Some patients had teased her before, but Sarah never thought she'd get that from her ex-husband.

Michael just smirked when Sarah hit him lightly. Seeing his wife's shy face made him even more excited.

However, before he could open his mouth to tease his wife again, the door to his room opened and his father and mother appeared.

Mrs. Collins, who had just returned from buying food, opened her eyes wide when she saw Sarah in her son's room.

She immediately approached the woman with long footsteps.

"Hey! What are you doing here?! Did you just check on my son?! Look at this shameless woman!! I already asked the hospital to change the doctor who takes care of my son, but how dare you still come here?!" cursed Mrs. Collins harshly.

She was about to slap and pull that lowly woman out of the room as if her husband or Michael weren't there.

"Mom! What are you doing? How can you say that to Sarah?!" said Michael who immediately tried to get out of bed and stand in front of Sarah, protecting her.

Mrs. Collins was surprised to hear her son yelled at her, and the same thing happened to Sarah.

She was also surprised when Michael defended her like this. All this time, Michael was always netral, not siding with either of them.

Did his amnesia change Michael's character as well?

Sarah immediately shook her head. This was not the time to think about that.

She then looked at Mrs. Collins and instantly changed her expression to one of fear.

"What do you mean… Mother?!" said Sarah quietly and timidly, making Mrs. Collins, who had been staring at Michael, looked at her with wide eyes.

"Of course I came here to check on my… husband. Have you forgotten that I am also a doctor, Mother?" Sarah asked, blinking her eyes.

Behind her, Mr. Collins smiled when he heard what Sarah had said. It seemed that the woman had no problem pretending to be his daughter-in-law anymore.

"What?!" cried Mrs. Collins, unable to contain hers annoyance any longer. She then approached Sarah and grabbed the woman's hair.

It looked like this lowly woman had really gone mad to say such nonsense!

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