Cohabitation With My Ex-Husband

[COMPLETED NOVEL] Living together with my ex-husband? Sarah never thought she would one day meet Michael, her ex-husband, again in the operating room with his body full of wounds and needing treatment from her. They were already divorced for three years, and Sarah didn’t have a good memory of the man. If she could… she would have let him die. However, she was a doctor, and a doctor's job was to save patients. Sarah immediately regretted her decision to save the man because it turned out that Michael had amnesia and remembered that they just got married! To make matters worse, she stupidly accepted her ex-in-law's request to pretend to remain Michael's wife while taking care of him. Why did she do that? However… during the time she spent with her ex-husband, Michael's attitude was very different from what Sarah had last remembered. He was very gentle… and loving. It made the feelings she thought were gone, come up to the surface. Would Sarah be able to deal with her feelings? What would happen when Michael's memory suddenly returned? Would his attitude stay the same? ============= EXCERPT: "Wifey," Michael called, looking at Sarah who was lying beside him. “Hm,” Sarah answered curtly, not looking at Michael. "I think I'm healthy." Sarah's body stiffened when she heard that. Was Michael healthy? Did that mean he had remembered everything? Would he scold her for tricking him? "Wifey? Why are you silent? I think I'm healthy and I can do it," Michael said quietly. "What do you mean?" Sarah finally looked at Michael with raised eyebrows. “Do what?” "Making babies." ============= Ps: The cover does not belong to me, credit goes to the owner. You can tell me If you want it to be taken down. Pss: Check my other stories in English 1. Superstar Husband & Genius Wife 2. The Lady Vampire and Her Lover 3. Cohabitation With My Ex-Husband 4. My Beautiful Queen is Vampire

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Talk With The Twins

"Why did I suddenly become stupid? Of course it has to be like that!" said Michael shaking his head at such a stupid thought.

Was there any other way he and Sarah could have kids? Shouldn't they have sex?

Well ... there are other ways, such as IVF. However, Michael prefers to do the old fashioned way. By having sex.

Michael's heart skipped a beat at the thought, and his face turned a little red as his body suddenly felt hot.

That meant he and Sarah would be getting closer.

"I really am a pervert!" said Michael, shaking his head again, trying to dispel the naughty thoughts he was having.

It's still office hours. He had to calm down. Inhale… exhale… Those naughty thoughts must go away!

"But I don't know if Sarah wants another kid or not," thought Michael, putting on a serious face again.

What if Sarah doesn't want it?

"Well… I have to try to persuade her," Michael replied to the question that suddenly crossed his mind.