3 Mr. Collins's request

Sarah stretched her stiff body as she walked towards her room. Today was very tiring day for her. Besides being emotionally drained from meeting her ex-husband, she helped with the surgery in the emergency room because she didn't have an operation scheduled today.

As a result, she was really tired and wanted to go home even though it was still 3 pm.

"Mr. Collins?" Sarah's eyes widened when she saw the old man who was standing while leaning against the door of her room. She hurriedly approached him.

"Mr. Collins? Why are you here? Can I help you?" asked Sarah curiously.

She had already explained everything that had happened to Michael. Was there anything else Mr. Collins wanted to ask?

"Sarah… ah, Doctor Sarah," corrected Mr. Collins with a smile. "Are you busy? Can we talk for a bit?" he continued.

"You can call me Sarah," Sarah replied with a smile.

Sarah then looked at the watch on her wrist. At least she had 10-15 minutes to rest for a while.

"Okay. Shall we talk in the cafeteria? I'd like to get some food," Sarah asked.

"Sure," replied Mr Collins.

Soon, Mr. Collins and Sarah had taken their seats at one of the hospital cafeteria tables, and Sarah immediately excused herself to order her food.

"Here, Mr. Collins, black coffee, no sugar," Sarah said, handing the old man a cup of coffee and put her ice tea and a sandwich on the other side of the table.

"Ah… you don't have to bother," said Mr. Collins, but he was smiling. Black coffee without sugar was his favorite drink. Sarah seemed to still remember it.

Sarah just smiled when she saw the old man's expression.

"So, what do you want to talk about? Ah, is it okay if we talk while I'm eating?" Sarah asked, then took her sandwich and started eating it after Mr. Collins nodded his head.

"That… I want to ask for a favor."

Sarah raised her eyebrows when she heard that.

"A favor? What is it? If I can do it, I will do it," replied Sarah with a smile.

"That…" Mr. Collins looked a little hesitant. "Can you pretend to be Michael's wife again?"

Cough cough.

Sarah immediately choked after hearing that.She hurriedly took her tea and drank it.

"What?!" asked Sarah in surprise.

"Like you said, we can't force Michael to remember the things he didn't remember, and he still remembers that you're still his wife," explained Mr. Collins.

Sarah nodded slowly. She did say that, but that didn't mean she wanted to be that bastard's wife again. Even if it 's just to pretend, it was still a big no!

"You also said that there is no medicine that can help regain his memory, but I believe you know how to restore the memory of a patient with amnesia, right? So you can help him while you two live together again," continued Mr. Collins. Sarah nodded her head again. She did say that.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Collins. I can't seem to help you," Sarah replied firmly.

Her relationship with Michael had ended three years ago, and Sarah had absolutely no intention of dealing with her ex-husband again.

"Ah! Have you remarried?" asked Mr. Collins carefully. He had asked her to be with his son, but he forgot to ask if Sarah had remarried or not.

"No, I'm still single. But I will still refuse your request," said Sarah firmly.

After the divorce, Sarah focused on her career and never got into a romantic relationship, or thought about remarrying, although some men had chased after her.

"I'm begging you, Sarah. It's my fault that Michael got into an accident like this," said Mr. Collins weakly. His face looked sad.

Sarah raised an eyebrow, but she just kept quiet.

"Actually… I have a brain tumor, but I kept it a secret from my family because I didn't want to worry them."

Sarah's eyes widened and her mouth opened slightly when she heard that.

Mr. Collins just smiled faintly when he saw Sarah's reaction.

"Because I didn't want to do the treatment and kept ignoring the calls from my doctor, he ended up calling the company, thinking that I was still CEO. But Michael had taken my place. He took the call and finally found out about my condition." 

"He went straight to me to ask about it and we had a bit of a fight before he finally left. I think it was because of that he got into an accident."

Sarah fell silent when she heard this. She looked at Mr. Collins who now looked older than she had last remembered.

Different from Mrs. Collins who was always mean to her, Mr. Collins was always kind to her.

Sarah was very grateful to have him as father-in-law before. The man made her feel the father's love.

And now the person she had considered like her own father had a brain tumor?

"You have to do the surgery. Brain tumor is still curable," said Sarah, who unconsciously started to tear up.

Mr. Collins shook his head slowly.

"The risk is high. I want to spend the rest of my time with my family, rather than dying in the operating room," said Mr. Collins.

"Is the tumor in a difficult place? Ah, no, let's do a scan. I'll see for myself," Sarah said and was ready to stand up from her place.

"Sarah," said Mr. Collins softly while touching her hand.

It made Sarah sit back in her chair.

"I know I'm being selfish right now, but can you grant my request? I'm afraid Michael's memory won't come back and he needs to know my situation once again. He also has to lead the company," he said while looking at Sarah gently.

"I really don't know what had happened between you and Michael, but I really regret that you guys have to divorce. I even scolded him for letting you go. You know I really love you," said Mr Collins sincerely.

Hearing this, the tears that Sarah had been trying to hold back finally came out.

She knew that Mr. Collins truly loved her, like a father to his daughter. The only thing Sarah regretted when she divorced was that she could no longer feel the fatherly love she had from Mr Collins.

When Mrs. Collins always told her to come over to their house to make breakfast and clean up, even though Sarah had to go to work at that time, Mr. Collins always defended her and told her to go to work immediately. Thanks to Mr. Collins, Sarah didn't have to do that troublesome task anymore.

"I beg you, Sarah. Consider this as my last request. Please help Michael regain his memory by pretending to be his wife again," begged Mr. Collins.

After hearing the word 'last request' it made Sarah cry even more.

She really didn't want to get involved with that bastard ex-husband again, but she couldn't ignore the request from the person she was so grateful for and was like her own father.

What should Sarah do?

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