1 Meeting Your Ex-Husband On The Operating Table

The atmosphere in the hospital in London looked very busy as usual, especially in the Emergency Room. Several nurses were running here and there, carrying the requested equipment, as well as the doctors who looked very busy taking care of the incessant patients.

At this time, two paramedics came pushing an ambulance stretcher with a man covered in wounds and looked unconscious. A paramedic was on top of him while continuing to pump the man's chest.

One of the nurses and the doctor immediately approached the paramedics and led them to one of the empty beds to transfer the patient.

"It was a traffic accident. The patient was initially conscious but he suddenly fainted and had a cardiac arrest when the ambulance arrived at the hospital," said one of the paramedics explaining when they were moving the patient.

One of the nurses immediately went to get the defibrillator when she heard this, and the doctor who was there immediately started giving the electric shot to revive the patient's heart.

"He is back!" said the doctor after looking at the ECG monitor which now showed and up and down line.

However, even though they had gotten his heart rate back, they knew that this was not over, the patient was still in his critical condition.

"It seems the patient has to be operated on. Who is the surgeon on duty at this time?" asked the doctor after examining the patient's condition. He was still a resident and didn't have much experience to perform surgery.

"Doctor Sarah."

"Prepare the operating room and call Doctor Sarah!"


A woman just came to the hospital wearing a jacket and carrying a cup of coffee in her hand. She smiled when several nurses and doctors greeted her with respect.

After being a resident for three years, she had finally become a surgeon in one of London's most renowned hospitals.

While heading to the place to change clothes, the woman saw a nurse running and seemed to be heading towards her.

"Doctor Sarah!" called the nurse while catching her breath from running.

"What is it?" Sarah asked worriedly. She could already imagine the reason the nurse was running towards her, but she still wanted to try to deny it. She had just arrived and hadn't even finished her coffee.

"Doctor, you are needed in operating room three! There is an emergency patient!" said the nurse.

Sarah sighed. It looked like again she had to finish her coffee later. Hurriedly, she headed straight for the changing room to change her clothes.


Not long after, Sarah finally ran to the operating room in a blue scrub, complete with a mask, and a head covering. Once inside, she washed her hands first to sterilize them, and went into the operating room.

A nurse immediately approached Sarah and helped her put on gloves and a surgical gown.

"Patient's condition?" Sarah asked as she was being helped.

"The patient is a man in his 30s, had a traffic accident, had a cardiac arrest and seemed to have internal bleeding," said the doctor who had examined the patient's condition.

Sarah nodded when she heard this and finally walked over to the patient to immediately operate on him.

However, when Sarah's gaze fell upon the patient's face, she was frozen in place. The face with its eyes closed looked familiar. She hadn't seen that man's face in a long time, but she would never forget that man's face.

'Michael? My patient is Michael?' Sarah thought, recognizing the man.

The man was her ex-husband. They were divorced three years ago. She thought she would never see that bastard again in her life. So how could she meet her ex-husband on the operating table?

'Is this the chance given to me so I can kill him? I still clearly remember that time I swore to kill him someday! Should I pretend to accidentally cut a vein and let him die of bleeding?' Sarah thought as she began to think about how to get Michael dead without jeopardizing her status as a surgeon.

"Doctor Sarah?"

The sound of the doctor calling her moved Sarah from her reverie.

"Sorry," Sarah cleared her throat, "We're about to start the operation. Scalpel!"


Sarah came out of the operating room and immediately threw away the mask she was wearing. Her face looked troubled.

'I should have killed him!' thought Sarah, regretting her decision to save Michael.

She did have the intention to kill her ex-husband, but on second thought, she was a doctor who had taken an oath to cure patients who came and she had to see them as patients, without prejudice.

Sarah sighed and walked straight out of the operating room. She had to go get her coffee.

"Doctor? How's my son doing?"

As soon as Sarah left, she was immediately approached by a husband and wife who seemed to have been waiting for someone to come out of the operating room.

Sarah was a little surprised. She was not expecting that someone was waiting for Michael's surgery. Wasn't he a patient who had a traffic accident? Had they managed to get his identity and contact his family?

"Sarah? Aren't you Sarah?" asked the old man who recognized Sarah first.

His wife, who had looked worried, immediately turned to look at Sarah closely when she heard her husband's words. Her face immediately changed as soon as she realized that in front of her was Sarah.

"You're right! This is Sarah. Wait a minute. Did you operate my son?!" cried the old woman who suddenly felt irritated.

"The operation went smoothly. Now the patient has been transferred to a ward for recovery. We just have to wait for the patient to wake up," replied Sarah with a professional smile.

"Look at her rude behavior! Are you pretending not to recognize us?" cried the old woman, pointing at Sarah.

"Ah! I am sorry! How could I not recognize you, Mrs. Collins? Your face has changed a lot since the last time we met. Should I give you a good Dermatologist contact? You can get a discount if you mentioned my name," Sarah replied with a sweet smile.

"W-What? Look at you! You start talking back to me! Did you mean I have grown old?!" the woman screamed again.

This time, Sarah didn't care anymore. She just looked at the old man who was standing beside his wife and nodded her head before she quickly left the place.

Sarah held her hand which was unconsciously shaking.

'You are a different person now, Sarah. You are already a surgeon!' Sarah thought to brace herself. She didn't expect that she would still be afraid when she saw her ex-mother-in-law.

Sarah, who was heading to the changing room to get her coffee, immediately changed her direction to look for the resident doctor who joined her in the operation earlier.

She had tried not to be afraid, but she had better stay away. She couldn't see Michael's family again when he woke up. So she told the doctor to do it.

Sarah immediately smiled as soon as Alex, the doctor nodded, in understanding. She thought Alex would be the one dealing with Michael from now on and she could wash her hands off of her ex-husband's case.

However, Sarah had no idea that in the next few hours, she would see Michael and his family again.

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