387 Epilog: Family Meeting (2)

"By the way, I sometimes forget that your twin's full names are like that. I'm used to calling you Ella and Elia," Sienna said suddenly when she realized that. 

She did know their full names, but sometimes she forgot about it.

"But wait a minute, isn't Ella the older one?" Sienna asked again, looking at the female twins, then at the male twins. "Raphael is the oldest among you, right?" ask her to be sure.

"Yes, Rapa is the oldest," Gabriel answered, nodding his head.

Raphael snorted when he saw his twin brother calling him Rapa again.

"So why…?" Sienna did not continue her words but it was clear from her expression she was asking why Gabriella was the eldest, and not Raphaelia.

"That's because of Riel," Raphael cut in when Gabriel had opened his mouth.


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