197 Don't Seduce Mommy!

The atmosphere in Sarah's examination room became silent, Michael looked at the little boy who was staring at him with a fierce face, but it didn't look fierce at all. He's more like a puppy. It looked adorable.

Meanwhile Sarah also looked shocked that she couldn't say anything. This was the first time she had seen her son act like that.

The little dark brown haired boy standing in between Sarah and Michael was still looking at Michael, but seeing that the man didn't leave, he immediately turned his head back to look at his younger brother, as if giving a sign.

The little blond boy nodded, then immediately stood behind his older brother and opened his tiny arms wide, following his older brother.

"You have no chance, old man! Don't seduce my Mommy!" said the blond boy, his tone seemed a little quivering and not as loud as his brother.


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