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[Based On the Manga By Takabe Kageshi Kayeshi] Ninomiya Hotaru, son of the wealthiest man on earth, has a device stuck to his chest. On a typical night, he had a dream. The dream was where he killed a man at the end of his journey; the dream had started a series of events revealing the truth of the world around him as soon as the device shattered into pieces after those long years. Time travelers, assassins, cyborgs and machines, people with almost god-like abilities and strengths, allies, and foes. But the gaping hole always calling him inside was an illusion, a woman who calls him into the abyss inside him. To solve the truth of his life. To be himself to remember 'EVERYTHING!' Note: The art is an extension of the Original Manga I drew back in 2015. If you want to understand the whole story from the start, you have to go to the chapter's directory and then read Volume 3 first and then Volume 1. Season 1 is HSK(completed)(HSK: Hajimeru Sekai Ka!) Season 2 is INS(Ongoing)(Isekai No Seikatsu) Season 3 is RST(Not Valid)(RST: Restart) Season 4 is RWTTHERST(Not Valid)(RWTTHERST: Rewrite the Restart) Season 5 is GOD GAMES Season 6 is END Each season will be around 24-40 chapters long, depending on the length of the two arcs that will go on in the story per season. I hope you will enjoy this story and have a nice day. -CB:ZERO-

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