406 Crows!

New Climbing requirements? New otherworldly invaders? What was that about?! 

More importantly, there was Josh's new skill. 

[Unlocked S-Duck Summon] 

As he gazed at the tiny duck that looked incredibly cuddly, he could see a floating window above its head, but one that only brought more questions. 

[DD ?!?] 

DD? Was that its name? 

For some reason, the critter made him feel nostalgic, somehow reminding him of the little one. Was this why the rating of the skill was so high? Because of the strong emotions that had gone into the summoning?

He felt even more lost than before, yet none of that mattered. At that moment, the priority was taking care of D-23. Josh gazed at the now fleeing mutants, fury burning in his eyes. 

"Snort. Do you really think you can come and go as you please? What do you take this place to be?" He stated, as if a vengeful god, before catapulting the sleeping duck at them. 


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