51 Discussion With Quinn Voidspace

"I'm Quinn, Quinn Voidspace." Quinn said looking strangely disappointed.

"Oh, you're the second on the rankings" Zeras said with familiarity. He could remember the name Quinn Voidspace was just below his on the rankings.

"Yes, I am." Quinn replied in a prideful tone.

Seeing Quin's prideful expression as if he did something noteworthy by ranking second, Zeras couldn't help but ask

"What's the rankings all about anyway, does it really matter much."

"You bet. The rankings is very important in the EIA. In the EIA, everything is bought with points and the more points you have, the better off you're.

It never hurts to be rich does it. You have to buy resources like Mana cultivation manuals, Mana cores, access to different cultivation worlds etc It never ends." 


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