122 Circle of Punishment and Reward

Zeras's gaze searched around the room looking at the EIA officials who were seated so high up and were rendered speechless for some seconds.

'Um, why do they have to sit up so high?"

"This young one has seen the Officials, but I know very well, I've offended you all..." Zeras said as he automatically got one of his knees.

"Oh, in what way have you offended us?" The Man at the highest table and directly facing him asked with an interesting expression on his face.

"On the way to the mission, I was less careful and ended up crashing the spaceship..." Zeras said with a downcast expression.

"Oh, about that it wasn't your fault. Isn't it the fault of the Abyssal creature?..."

"No, it's my fault. I could have been more careful. Secondly, the officer asked me to stay put in the forest and not leave but I disobeyed, I broke an order from an official..." Zeras said causing the expressions of the officials to harden.


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