Chaos Devourer System

In a future timeline... Earth undergoes a heaven-defying transformation when an unknown forces shift the planet away from the Milky Way Galaxy to an entirely new and unimaginable galaxy. A cosmic energy known as Mana invades Earth, transforming its essence and shattering its regular norms. This Mana awakens new genes in humans, once thought mythical. The world’s rules change, placing paramount importance on strength and respect for those with powerful genes. As humanity grows stronger and more curious, they venture beyond Earth to explore the new universe, only to encounter advanced alien races, world-devouring entities, and boundless, unexplored worlds. The Universe is Simply Boundless and word "Impossible" Does Not Exist. The story follows Zeras Celestria, a young man from one of the Nine Families. Deemed trash for his inability to awaken the powerful A-grade Lightning Hammer Gene and instead awakening the F-grade Multi-colored Hair Gene, Zeras is sold to a dark force that experiments on humans. Left for dead among other experimental failures, Zeras’s life seeped away as he clenched his teeth tightly, a mad thirst for revenge flashing in his eyes with also a tint of helplessness. Untill... "Congratulations." "Host has been blessed by Chaos." "Host has successfully awakened the SSS-grade Chaos Devouring Gene." Armed with an SSS-grade Gene and an undying will for revenge. Zeras embarked on a path to becoming the strongest and dominating the limitless universe. A Path Many Has Embarked On But None Having Succeeded. **A Future Scene...** "Look into my eyes. What do you see?" A young man with hair as white as the purest snow, lips redder than blood, and a face of perfect beauty. Yet those eyes—no, they couldn't be called eyes. They were unending black holes of... "I see death, madness, pain, and..." "Yes, I am the last embodiment of Chaos..." -- -- -- Special Shout out to the one who made the cover for me for free! Forteller, author of The Raven Thief -- -- -- Update Schedule: Update daily. Minimum of two chapters per day. -- -- -- [Also Check out My New Book: My Bio-Nanotech System]

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Bonus Chapter

"PRINCIPLE BOOKS!!!" Quinn screamed out in shock. What were principle books? They were the most expensive books in all of the galaxy for a really simple reason, they're not for sale!

In the beginning stages of cultivation, with the first being the star rank stage. Mana is gathered in the dantian and its primary tool is using it as a means of energy. Like a battery to a piece of technology.

But as one moves from the Star rank to the Meteor rank stage, there's a noticeable difference, in that the color of Mana changes from blue to red. This doesn't just mean there's now an increase in the quality of Mana. It also means Mana can be much more than just an energy. It now has the capability for growth too. It now contains some things that could be unraveled.

Then begins slight changes. One becomes suddenly receptive to some things. Strange things. These things were later called principles. They were due to the mastery of a particle subject of Mana.