4 Chapter-4 Sneaking around

Obeying his orders, Kasia sat on her seat which coincidentally was just in front of the boy. She noticed the boy looking at her for a second and then continued looking at his plate. 'Was he hungry?' Kasia thought.

Now, she looked carefully at him to see that the boy was very cute, but she wasn't able to see the cheerfulness of a kid in him as she does around Alivia. Alivia is a cute little girl but she isn't gloomy or as silent as the boy in front of her appeared to be. With only two words to describe him, a gloomy but still cute and silent kid. He wasn't a kid after all, he was just Kasia's age, even a year older than her maybe. But in Kasia's eyes he just appeared to be just a little cute kid.

She shifted towards her Mom, as she slowly whispered in her ear and asked who the boy was. She was closer to her Mom, much more than her Dad.

Her Mom just looked at her eyes and told her to sit properly. For her, it was an indecent thing to act like this. But still she smiled as she said, "Kasia, they are your father's friends, Meet Uncle Edward Wilson and his wife Chloe Wilson. She nodded her head towards them as her eyes went to the boy in front of her. As if she was asking about him. Her mother then said with guiltiness in her voice "This is their son, Damon Wilson. They are our new neighbors." Kasia nodded her head as if she understood but in her heart she was thinking 'how suddenly the girl changed into a boy? Did she have a transformation coming here?' She was utterly lost in her childish thoughts that she didn't realize that her father and all people had started eating and her eyes beside the food, was fixed continuously on the boy.

Because of her fixed stare at him for a long time, the boy was clenching his shirt end under the table, feeling nervous and awkward. He had noticed her as soon as she had come downstairs.

At first the girl was looking at his parents with a little recognition on her face, she first greeted her and his parents, she then looked towards him as if noticing that there was one more person. 'So, his presence was that low.' he thought. She looked towards him and he could clearly see a strange sparkle in her eyes. She was looking like she was controlling herself.

'Was she disgusted with him?' He felt a great sadness overshadowing him. His face, which was already very gloomy, looked more cold than ever. This is what he always does: to hide his nervousness, he makes his face look without any emotions, indifferent as he doesn't care about others' opinions at all. And in that try, his face always appears to be cold, even if he sometimes wants to be happy, as if he had face paralysis. The girl, I think her name was Kasia, sat in front of him, listening to her father's order. Her father appeared to be a strict man. As she sat in there, she moved a little towards her mother, whispering something in her ear. She was instantly disciplined by her mother. As she obediently sat properly, controlling the curiosity of whoever she was having. Then her mother introduced my parents as well as myself. The girl appeared to be lost in her wandering thoughts as she was constantly looking towards him, not even moving an inch of her eyes towards something else. He was just feeling very nervous that she finally retracted her gaze.

She looked at the food in front of her and started eating for now, leaving her thoughts. She would just have a good talk with her mother after this.

Then her father's friend, Edwin, directing a conversation with her, said "Little Kasia has grown up now, she was so little when we last met her."

Nodding her head, Aunt Chloe said in agreement, "It is natural, wim, she was a little baby then, just a newborn baby."

She then turned towards Damon and said "Do you remember Damon, then you were small too, and how much you fought to get a glimpse of her and hold her?"

Damon, who was suddenly into the topic, stiffened. He suddenly felt hot on his face as a blush crept out though he didn't remember anything. He doesn't even have an idea that they had met before. Kasia too on the other side, looked awkward, she stiffened a laugh at the sudden childhood memory they had said wondering if it was true. So, they had met before.

Uncle Edwin laughed out loud, as he said "True." As her mother nodded too. She hadn't told her that 'they had met before.' She thought.

After a lovely dinner and getting to know more about her neighbors, 'they really were sweet' and her childhood, they were now in the living room, eating ice cream as she had given an idea which was accepted by them though her father appeared to be reluctant as he wanted to have a chat with Uncle Edwin but in last, he accepted the idea too. Although, the boy wasn't the sister she had expected to have and she was still upset about it a little but because he was so cute and she really can't bear to be upset with cute things. She decided to befriend him, anyway it's just a tiny change. The one she wanted was a girl before and now she will assume him that she was the transformed version, anyway he doesn't look any less girl with the beautiful feathers he had, just lacking girl's dress and long hair, which will do by a wig. Suddenly, Kasia had a wicked idea of letting him wear girl's clothes. Of course, the idea was still with her until she managed to fully befriend and convince him. She giggled just thinking about the image that was forming in her mind and there, Damon felt a chill on himself as he shuddered. He looked towards Kasia to find her looking at him, giggling softly. He was having a bad feeling as she smiled at him sweetly. 'She gave him a sweet smile?' Not the disgusted one he always sees, people teasing him. He wanted to smile back, but he knew it would end up looking horrible and maybe even scare her, so he just remained indifferent. But in his heart, he was happy that she didn't despise him as much as he thought, even if she was faking it.

Not getting a response from him, Kasia was demotivated a little, but soon a new energy broke out as she remembered the chocolates she had prepared, but how would she give him? She looked towards her side and saw her Mom and Dad talking to his parents. A little plan formed in her mind as she sneakingly got out from there, moving towards the kitchen where she had put her gift, preventing them from melting.

The boy in front of her almost had a heart attack seeing her sneaking around under their parents noses.

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