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Chainsaw Man System


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A Yakuza pyscho with a dark past is transmigrated into the Chainsaw Man world as Denji with a System. Now Denji has a new crazy bloodthirsty mind and System. His devil bloodline is rare as well . Will he become good or evil? Will he change his destiny. This time he will become more than just Chainsaw Man. The bloody movement begins. Hype is real. Time to conquer the world of Devils. [WARNING]: Lots of gore and R-18 content [Follows Anime and Manga] [Spoilers are in this fic] [Other Tags]: Toyoko Ghoul, BDSM, Hardcore Gore, Hardcore R-18, Angels, Gods, Devils, Extreme Madness, Memes, Ruthless MC, Dark Content, [Spoilers], Face Slapping, Ecchi.